Monday, July 25, 2005

Am I too late

Our little one is already 8month old, too late to start a journal for her? Filling up pages in a 'paper' journal after she's gone too bed was just too tiring, hand writing was getting really bad, sometimes I can't even make out what I wrote. With an electronic one, I won't have this problem. Let's see how discipline I will be


Xman said...

never too late

Abigail Schteinman said...

Dear Zara's Mama,

It is never too late for great ideas like these!! And little Zara is the cutest baby ever, she has got a smile that is going to break many boys hearts, only she will need to consider about the diapers then ;-) not so sexy.

Cheers, Abigail (from London)

mom2ashley said...

its never too least you started one. I'm sure zara will appreciate it when she's old enough to read all this!