Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mixing Too Much with Boys

Little Miss Engineer has been mixing too much with her cousin Norman and playing a lot of his toys when she's stationed there at my sis' place. She gets very excited as well when Daddy has to do some DIY stuff at home, she calls her Daddy, "Bob The Builder" (and other names, which I'll talk about it later); and herself, "Little Bob The Builder"; and starts singing the Bob The Builder Song when Daddy takes out his tool box. She knows the name of some of the tools used like hammer, screw driver, spanner, screw, saw; and always keen in lending a hand to Daddy when he has to work on something at home.
'Drilling' my dad's table; All geared up to be Bob The Builder; Working on her own 'project'; Helping Daddy to put up the storage box for her toys.
My sis' maid was so curious that I allow her to play with such toys and even thinking of getting a tool set for her for Christmas. This is an exploring stage for her, so I just let her play with whatever toys that interest her, be it boys' or girls'. That reminds me, I have to start doing some baking, to expose her to some of the girlish' activities.


domestic rat said...

Hohoho... dun worry about that. Girls will be girls. I was rather tomboyish as a kid but I grew up alright. A little boyish factor will make Zara more independant too!

sesame said...

It's the stereotyping that makes us think that our kids must be playing only with certain types of toys. I think you're open-minded and that's good. Let her pick up what she likes. Like you said, it's an exploring stage. (But then again, I'll probably freak out if my boy were to want to cuddle a barbie doll to sleep)

geetha said...

Don't worry. There's is not restriction to gender games nowadays. Sometimes my boys like to play 'masak-masak' while I cook in the kitchen.

These are just childhood interest of being inquisitive to new toys.. Anyway, there's learning in that too ;)

Tracy said...

A girl can play with boy's toys and dress up in shirt and pants but if a boy is to play with dolls and wears skirts? Wuah seh! As what Sesame mentioned, I might freak out too. I love girls, not to say I don't have a boy, girls do have more privileges.

I never restrict Des to play with boy's toys too , just let the girls explore and I'm sure they will prefer dolls and masak-masak sets to tools.

shoppingmum said...

Ha! My boy plays Barbie too, and I think it's only a phrase. But not to the extend of sleeping with out like Sesame said! Ha!

L B said...

Hey, that's so cool! Next up, Bill the Doctor! Or Pam the Sailor! Or even better, Susie the Stewardess!! Ya? Early career options!

babykhong said...

Wahh..she is really a handy girl! Bravo Zara the Builder! :-)

may said...

what a cute lil' Builder! actually hor, I'm always facinated with those "toys for boys" (and I mean tools, not the other stuff!). could go wandering around Ace Hardware looking at all their stuff equally as long as a trip to TopShop, or even longer... eeek!

beckysmum said...

I agree with you. Let them explore what ever that is interesting to them! Anne plays car with "wooo.. wooo.." sound too, just like BOY!! Dunno where she learned that!

Simple American said...

I think it is cool you do not limit Zara's toys. But definitely don't forget to expose her to some girly things too. My daughter never liked Barbies. Now she has no clue what to wear to a formal dance and is a little panicky when it is time to go shopping. Haiz!

Egghead said...

so I guess more IKEA furnitures must be on the way huh?

chanelwong said...

Jeriel like to act cooking for us too..may sound girlish but then boy/man also can cook ...

Zara is all rounder...can even do 'engineering tasks'...

Shannon said...

wah, zara going to be a well rounder lar then...
no worries ler, when her meimei comes along and knows how to play, they'd be going on and on about masak masak... :D

Irene said...

Good for her! :) I will have to do a blog post in Zara's honour - my mom is my Bob the Builder. She builds awesome things!

Sasha said...

good good..then no need to rely on guys next time to fix things!

cp1 said...

zara the lil builder .. i love those yellow-ish out fit .. is that from fisher price?

cp1 said...

opps oh ya, i had mine too when i was young a set of drill box from fisher price .. daddy bought for me :) when i was 4 years old

Fannie said... might not work the way u want...

Ethyl plays cars, kicks balls and loves jumping ard like a monkey...only decent activity she does is...reading. :p

1+2mom said...

She look so cute with those builder look :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Zara, the handy girl. Good wah, Independant next time!

laundryamah said...

ya lor so cute! aiya so young play only ma, i os buy cooking set & other housekeeping toys for kieran to play and he's still no where near to even gentle, don't talk about being like a girl!

huisia said...

Girl will be girl, don't worry!

Allyfeel said...

Wow!She is all geared up like a real Bob. :)

Next time sure is a "Lui kiong yan - Superwoman" one. Things that hubby cannot fix, she will fix. Hahaha! Wag to go Zara!

Twin said...

Hehe .. handy girl!! Its ok ... my boy plays his sisters dolls and soft toys too. I let him play .. its a learning stage ... and Denisha plays cars as well .. i let them play all kinds of toys as long as its safe.

See Fei said...

good you let her play with hand-on toys. should prolong the introduction of computer games as late as possible.

Zara's Mama said...

Domestic Rat,
I don’t mind her being a bit tomboyish, as long as she doesn’t err.. get attracted to women instead of men. :P

Yeah, at this stage, just let her play with whatever she fancies.

I think it’s quite common for boys to play masak masak nowadays huh?

Girls have an added advantage huh?

He likes to play with Barbie? Potential fashion designer?

She already has a Doctor set. Susie the Stewardess? Are we talking about blown up dolls here?

Yeah, maybe one day will help me to change light bulb when I’m old.

You like the tools in Ace Hardware? I never fancy them. :P

Zara plays with cars and robots, trucks, fighting, cow-boy make believe. That’s because she gets to play these toys belonging to her cousins.

Simple American,
You think Barbie err.. actually affects one’s fashion sense? Oh boy, I better get myself a set then.

Probably more, and she’s happy to be able to ‘help’.

Cooking I think it’s quite a universal interest for girls and boys.

After I have Big Bob The Builder(Daddy), Little Bob The Builder (Zara) and Baby Bob The Builder (meimei) at home. Aisay.

Wow, your mum? She likes to build things?

Yeah.. and hopefully can help me too when I’m old.

I’m not sure what brand it is, it belongs to my nephew. I can’t seem to find them now. You have a set too? You are soooo young?

Haha.. maybe it’s the ‘monkey’ character.

It looks quite scary to me actually, but she wants to dress up like that.


Hee hee.. you want to train him to be a sensitive husband huh? Good..

Yeah, am not worried…. Yet.

Aiyo.. don’t want her to be lui kiong yan lar.. But don’t mind her to be independent.. no need to depend and get bullied by mechanic, builders etc.

Aah.. you are opened minded too. That’s good.

See Fei,
Yeah, I wonder how long I can ‘prolong’ it. Now, she’s asking to be sitting on my lap every time she’s in the study, so she can see some of the websites like Barney, Bob The Builder etc.

Simple American said...

I really don't know. But my daughter has no clue how to dress and then she yells at her mom. Problems with raising a tom girl. hehe

Also have to be careful when she helps Dad build that she does not pick up any "interesting" vocabulary. keke

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Haha.. Yes.. I noticed she picks up the Shit and Stupid from all these 'building' sessions. Luckily she ignored the F word, probably it's not uttered often enough YET.

jazzmint said...

oo love the pic of her in yellow goggles haha...really look like serious drilling business :)

荦怡 said...

she is tough too...