Friday, December 08, 2006

On Zara's Speech Again

Zara has been calling Daddy other names other than just Daddy. When we are going home from my sis' place, she would announce, "I'm going home already, to see my Old Man, Bob The Builder." When she has shouted for Daddy many times and got no response from him, she'll start using his name (first and last name together), "XXXXX LOW! XXXXX LOW!" Just like I would address him when I don't get any response from him. ~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~ She started to have some sense of time, and started using words to describe the past. However, she's still confuse with the usage, and it's cute to see her attempts. E.g. "Just now we went to Cowboy town, the pony kick kick Zara right?" (although it wasn't just now but some time back.) "Last time Zara saw reindeer in Ikea, and point(ed) to Mummy and Daddy." (although it was something that happened the day before) Me : "Zara you shu-shu (Chinese : Pee) is it?" Zara : "No, I didn't. I (am) lying down only" (she was on the bed trying to get herself to sleep). Me : "How are you today? Do you still have runny nose?" Zara : "No I didn't (don't). I'm feeling better already." ~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~ She likes to help Tuyam with her pronunciation or us when we can't find the right word to use. Me : "Remember in Phuket, you saw the lobster in the restaurant, hmm.. what are those things on the lobster's head? *using my pointer to make the 'horn' on the head* antenna?" Zara : "Mummy, it's fillers mummy! It's fillers." *grinning happily* (Is it really called fillers? I actually don't know, but that's what Daddy told her during the trip and she remembers.) Tuyam : *Pointing to a bee picture on her book* "See this 'beh' flying flying." Zara : "Bees lah. Kakak, Bees" ~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday, she was crying so much for me before her nap. Wanted me to give her milk and nap with her. After her nap, when she was in a better mood : Me : "Why did Zara cry just now? Kept asking for mummy?" Zara : "........" (she always doesn't like to talk about embarrassing stuff, and crying is one) Me : "Tell mummy, why did Zara cry just now?" Zara : "Because mummy pregnant (I started wondering what has this got to do with her crying) . *She paused then continued* (obviously trying to find the right words) Zara wants to sayang sayang (Malay: TLC) mummy." ~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~ On a loving day, Zara : "Zara is mummy's 宝贝 (precious). And mummy is Zara's 宝贝."


Egghead said...

I love the part where she call her father by name!
my son just use the word "Oooi!" LOL!

may said...

cute little chatterbox, hehehe! one day I'd like to have a tea-party with your little Zara, and let her do all the sweet-talking!

Simple American said...

That's pretty cute.

I guess it is all okay as long as she does not call the neighbor Daddy. 0_o

I think it is antennas on lobster. Right?

Shannon said...

haha... Zara, zara... fast learner... But must have been darn cute, she calling zarapapa by his full name... and also OLD MAN somemore... hhahaha
how's zarapapa's reaction to all this?

her memory for language skills VERY good hoh....

shoppingmum said...

Does she bother you with too much "why" "how" or not? :P
Wait until she's curious about everything, then you'll be talking more. LOL!

huisia said...

Even call her papa as OLD MAN..haha, she is so cute. Papa not sad meh?

Allyfeel said...

Wonder if she is jealous? She can say "mommy is pregnant" haha....:D

mott said... cute..old man, bob the builder!!! She really picks up language fast!

Annie said...

Daddy "OLD MAN" - cute lar she!...I never use this before on my father. In our time, sure will kena kow-kow.

Zaramama...when are u going to pop? Got ready the name?????

Vien said...

I'm still amazed at her vocab and she's only 2! Just wondering, how many languages do Zara know? I was told if the kid listening too many languages, she will be confused; hence will delay her speech.

L B said...

LOLOL!!! old man!! Waaaaaa!!!!!

Your hubby may be right... Feelers, but not 'fillers' as Zara pronounces it.

cp1 said...

old man!!! LOLOL

geetha said...

old man? SO funny lah. She is immitating you? :P

Her talk is real cute! :)

sesame said...

Her daddy not angry when she call his name? And I really like the way she correct Tuyam. Sounds like an adult!

Zara's Mama said...

For now it’s still cute.. wait till she’s older and calls her dad that in public. :P

If she’s comfortable with you, she’ll be chatting non-stop.

Simple American,
Beat me if it’s antennas or feelers or fillers. :I
Oh.. she knows who her daddy is.. won’t call wrongly. :)

Her Daddy think it’s cute.. for now. :P

She hasn’t started with the why and how yet. Yes, I know… That’ll probably come when she’s 3?

Papa not sad. Old man is quite common to address your father for ang moh I guess. And my husband very the ang moh.

Not sure if she’s jealous, but I think she was justifying her actions or looking for excuse.

Yes, she does, we have to be very careful with what we say in front of her.

Popping soon. Name still undecided. See the baby then only decide.

She only speak English right now, but picking up some Malay from my maid (words only), and very little Mandarin from me (objects only).
Yes, if a child is multi-lingual I heard they’ll speech development will be slower, but once they sort that out, it’ll be developing fast and furious, and they’ll know more languages.

Feelers… to feel around? :P
Old man is very proud to be addressed as old man.

Yes.. Old man!

I don’t call my father old man or call Daddy old man. I think she’s imitating Daddy, since he calls his dad Old man. :P

Daddy thinks she’s cute for calling him those names.. for now that is.
I think we’ll see more of this when she gets to correct her meimei.

wHOisBaBy said...

amazingly she has a wide range of vocabs for her age. zara is a very smart little girl!

laundryamah said...

amazing zara!!!!

Bernard said...

Those are feelers on the lobsters' heads; to feel with.

My Joseph also used to say "last time" for all past events. Haha.

Jason said...

Deng, her speech amazes me. Why kids are so smart nowadays compare to our time?

jazzmint said...

aiyoo...she calls daddy old man...i'm sure daddy very sad liao

KittyCat said...

Ha ha ha I love the part where she cried because you're pregnant! I think she's smart to foresee that she will have to share Mummy lor...poor Mummy. Must sayang her a lot now ya!

Oscar's Mommy said...

hehe... oscar too, calls daddy by the name if he dont get the response from daddy. yes, oscar's the other day expression can mean today or yesterday...

Zara's Mama said...

Hey thanks. She picks up words we tell her pretty quickly, I think she has very good memory.


Ok, so it’s feelers. Thanks.
Cute yeah, how they relate everything to the past as ‘last time’ or ‘just now’. :P

Nowadays got DHA booster mah.

Daddy not sad, daddy thinks it’s cute.

I think she was just trying to find a ‘creative’ excuse.. but I think she’s of course aware that something is going to change and she’ll need to share her mummy soon.

Oscar’s mommy,
Kids are now so smart yah, calling parents by their names. :P

Joelle's mmy said...

Zara is such a sentimental girl and the way she talk is very mature too.
I like the way she talk.

Tracy said...

Looks like Zara's another good entertainer. She's very good with her speeches too. So, Zara's mama no need to worry about silence wherever she goes.

Kids of today really are amazing - the way they think, talk, react .... we won't know what's in their minds and what they will be up to next hor?

Twin said...

Hehe she called her Daddy old man? That's really funny. Its really cute when they talk ... they say lots of lovey dovey stuffs. Really cute.

Jesy said...

How many children do you have?I see these photos and see some children-Zara, her coming sisiter(actually I don't see her,but I know she is) and a other little cute children.
I wish you that Zara never disappointed you when growing old. wish you that she be very smart and bring you just happy moments.