Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Short Takes

Daddy installed the Ikea chest of drawers we bought for the girls' clothes in our room, and a new toy storage bench for Zara's toys, with lots of interruptions help from Zara. Now the girls will have proper place to store their clothes (I used to store Zara's clothes in Ikea bought boxes), and later, a proper play room (we planned to convert one of the rooms to a play room so that Zara can stop messing up playing in the living room). ~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have a big family dinner at Eat Work Shop on Saturday, in honour of my nephew, Nick, and niece, Ally, who got 5As each for their UPSR (Primary 5) exams. Zara was happily occupied by her favourite Sam jie-jie and Norman kor-kor (her 2 younger cousins), and I have Tuyam (who rarely goes out with us) to run after her. It means I could stuff my self silly with all the sumptuous food (And Eat Work Shop does serve very good western cuisine).
She kept sticking to Sam jiejie
Zara with her favourite 2 younger cousin, Sam and Norman; Sam with Tasha; The dinner table; The 2 As scorers with the dinner sponsor, my dad.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daddy insisted that we go visit an Ostrich Farm (he thinks I'm still super mobile in my 9th month pregnancy) on Sunday and decided to go to the one in Klang.

For RM15/adult, it was more of a 'mini zoo' than an Ostrich Farm. We saw some sickly ponies, bald ostriches, skinny horses, ugly pythons and other small unhealthy looking animals in a smelly and muddy environment. Zara wanted to leave the minute we stepped into the 'farm', claiming it was "So smelly!", and she refused to walk about, saying the ground is "So dirty.", and complaining the ostriches are "So ugly." In and out, it took us less than 30mins. Daddy said, "Give me another hour, and I'll bring you to the one in Semenyih, which is supposed to be bigger and better." But I said that's enough of Ostriches and smelly animal dung for a day. So we went home instead.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

For dinner, we went to Benkay Japanese Restaurant in Nikko Hotel, since I got a RM50/- off voucher.

Dinner was absolutely lovely. Zara ate some softshell crab maki, a whole prawn tempura, and a bowl of chawan-mushi. It always gives us a good feeling to see her enjoying her food (which is rather rare).

After dinner, we spent sometime enjoying the Christmas Deco (We forgot to bring the camera, what a waste). Daddy purposely drove passed the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang to look at the Deco put up by the malls and the hotels. However, the decorations were pretty lame.


King's wife said...

Wei! U think she got a bit of OCD or not ah?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Wah, so many makan makan. Enjoy enjoy, now's a good excuse to eat!

michelle said...

It is in my todo list to have a play room plus their bedroom for my children. Now Tim loves to display all his masak masak on my living table and no one can touch it. *shake head*

L B said...

I want a playroom too, with lots of chest drawers for all those toys! *grin* Aww... Zoos are smelly!

Vien said...

We've converted our formal dining area and now it's Belle's play area. Time flies..30 more days to go!

huisia said...

Tasha has grown up like a barbie doll, will celebrate her first birthday this month, is it?

Sloggi said...

Isabelle's daddy & yeh yeh always purposely drive past Sunway Pyramid. They've got beautiful lights & displays for every festival. Baby loves going there, even if it's just a drive thru.

may said...

nice photos of Zara with Sam, and all the rest! oooh, and new Ikea furniture for the girls too? how lucky! yea, decos are a bit lame this year. still another 2 or so weeks, hope they improve somewhat...

sesame said...

She and that Sam jie-jie kind of look a bit like hor? And I really kow tow to you, still can move around so much now.

shoppingmum said...

Your appetite seems to be well huh?
Oh, same thing Justin said when we went to Zoo Negara, SMELLY...but it's not dirty lah...

Simple American said...

Looks like a great dinner. You Dad is very genourous. Proud of his grandkids hor? haha.

*whispers* (Be glad when I am the grandparent so I don't have the kids in house all the time)

Sass said...

Such a coincidence. Eat Work Shop is owned by a family friend of mine. She was my bestfriend when I was only 4 :)

Shannon said...

wahaha... I stay in klang all this years and I don't remember seeing an ostrich farm leh... aiyo, i so 'sua ku'.... :D

all this makan makan u write about, makes me crave for food... ish... hahaha....

i salute u ler... my 9th month, all i want to do is stay at home and pig it out... hahaha.... u somemore can jalan here jalan there, come klang visit ostrich farm.... GENG

Zara's Mama said...

King’s Wife,
A little bit I guess.

Yeah.. one more month to pig out then it’ll be confinement food. Blech.

Yeah, better give them their own territory or else they’ll keep trying to ‘conquer’ ours.

Chest of Drawers for all the Mac toys!

Haha.. so where is the dining area for you now?

Yeah. 3 more weeks and she’ll be one.

Next time I must try bringing Zara there.

If the decos are not up by now, I doubt they’ll be up. :(

I thought so too, just a wee bit. I would prefer to stay home and do nothing, but my hubby still thinks I’m some superwoman (that explains why he doesn’t help out much at home with caring for Zara too). *sigh*

Very well indeed. Can really eat ler. Scarry.
Zoo Negara is ok, because the place is big and the animals are wide apart. This place we went to all the cages are so close to each other, and the smell, yucks!

Simple American,
Yeah, my dad was very proud of his grandkids.
Haha.. well if I can afford it, I’ll be generous too, but I doubt after paying for their college fee, I’ll be able to afford anything.

Wow.. she must give you lots of discount when you eat there then?

It’s in Kampung Jawa. Go check it out.. but really not much to see lar.
My husband is the one who wants to jalan jalan. I prefer to lie on the sofa and vegetate.

cp1 said...

zara sure looks a lil like sam jie jie ..

Irene said...

What a fun outing! And zara is growing up man!

Nadia said...

Zara eats Japanese food already? Good for her! I think it's good to expose children to different variety of food. =)

1+2mom said...

Weekenf timetabble so full of 'makan' and 'jalan' :)Zara so close to Sam jie jie, they so look alike.

milkmaid said...

Wah - really adventurous hor you. I was like dat too, and my hubby had to hold me down, kept asking me to rest rest rest.

I didnt know that Glenmarie have nice restaurants? Must go check it out...

Allyfeel said...

Whao, all the cousins are top As scorers, I think zara is gonna be one too in future.

The restaurant in Shah Alam...a bit far for us. But if got chance, must try la

geetha said...

It's time for the playroom.. with two kids, you gonna have more stuff already!

Great treat for the achievers.. mitivation for further achivements ;)

chanelwong said...

wah...still can go jalan-jalan...stong lar you...

mott said...

wow! Samm jie-jie and Zara look like sisters!!! You're good sporting to your hub..if it were me..I say, "NO! GO HOME AND SLEEP!" HAHAHAHAHAH!

Cocka Doodle said...

When the ostriches saw you, did they go and hide ah? LOL

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, sam jie jie also very beautiful. NO wonder Zara like her.

I've been staying in Klang for 8 years and never heard of the ostrich farm. No wonder la. So smelly. Good thing I didn't know about it.

Samm said...

Zara is so pretty. And u, better go gi-gai sommore. Go everyday if u can. Once bb comes along, u wont get to do that often with 2 clingy bbs. 1 chau 2 lang.... aye yai, yai....

Now that Malcolm's bigger, i can at least start thinking of distance traveling again. Think oni....

Zara's Mama said...

Really huh? More and more people are saying there.

Yeah, she is definitely growing up.

Japanese food, but not so ‘Japanese’. :) She won’t touch the cold noodles or sushi rice, only go for the steam egg, tempura and grill fish.

Yeah.. makan makan, jalan jalan, until I pop loh. Haha.

It’s not me who wants to be adventurous, it’s hubby who drags me to all these places. I would prefer to hang about in shopping mall, shopping for baby’s things and sipping herbal tea..
You must go check out the restaurant, one of the better one around that area.

Lots of pressure huh from the cousins?
It’s Glenmarie, not that far lar.. if you can go to Bangsar Village, Glenmarie not that far. :P

That’s what we thought too.. More things, bigger mess!

Err.. what to do, some more sometimes must carry Zara to walk about some more.

I want to say the same thing to him too.. but sometimes give him a bit of face lar.

Cocka Doodle,
No, they didn’t. But if they saw you, they probably would have look between their legs, then yours, and laugh till they faint.

I don’t believe it’s just the looks that attract Zara. Sam is very sweet too.
Yeah.. you are not missing anything, so you don’t have to know about the farm.

Now you remind me to go shopping this w/end.
I think that’s what my hubby thinks too, try to do more outing for Zara, because it’s going to be difficult for us in future.

Twin said...

its always nice to see our kids enjoying their food ... :) Yeah its good to have a playroom where the kids can play. More organise yeah. The kids playroom is scattered with toys and even the living room is scattered with toys ... LOL. We are planning to move the kids to another room to sleep. In the process of planning. Its about time cos Denisha is already 3. Still trying to get her to accept the idea.

See Fei said...

it is always great to have family gathering where the olds and youngs can bond. it looked like a very good party for zara and her cousins!!

hei your dad looks very regal with that silver hair of his.

jazzmint said...

wahh...congrats to the 2 big achievers :).