Monday, August 15, 2005

Balls and Key Board

She seems to be facinated with balls, be it big or small. Karen's excercise ball is something we can use to pacify her when she's crying, and keeps her entertained and forget about whatever she was fretting about. Here she is trying to figure out what the big ball can do compare to the small one she was playing with (which she used it as a teether even though we kept telling her not to put it in her mouth). The other thing that excites her is the PC, when she sees someone at the PC, she would try to reach for the key board with all her might (use the human body as a ladder to climb near the key board). I opened up a photo in her blog and showed it to her, and she got very excited, drolling onto the key board at at the same time hitting the key board furiously. There's something about balls and little buttons that babies like.


Anonymous said...

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