Sunday, August 21, 2005

Eww! Poo in her tub

Every time when I need to shower in the morning, and nobody is around to take care of Zara, I'll put her in her tub at one corner of the bathroom, so I can keep an eye on her while I shower. These few days, to save some time, I placed her naked in the tub, and when I'm done with my shower, I'll carry her and do a quick rinse for her (instead of filling up her tub and bathing her when we have more time). To make things interesting for her, I tell her she will wait in her 'boat'. I don't believe she understands what boat is yet, but having a few toys to play with in the tub, and the occasional splattering of water on her, while I sing Row Row Row Your Boat in the shower, does keep her occupied and happy. This time, she froze after playing with her stacking cups for a while, and her face turned red. "Zara are you poo-poo-ing?" I asked while rinsing the shampoo off my hair. Too late, I could see her done with her business, and continued banging her stacking cups like nothing happened. She did it, she pooed in her tub. This is the first time she did her business without her diaper on. I must say it's easier to clean than a soil diaper.


Fannie said...

SO cute...Hubby and I just love to see Ethyl poo-ing...the face goes red and so funny!!!

general contractor said...
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Anonymous said...

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