Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Negotiation Skill & Reasoning

Today is Zara's actual birthday, I'm supposed to write about her monthly development, but I'll do that later. I want to write about her negotiation skill and how good she's getting at it. Zara : Mummy, I want to watch TV. (she started using lots of "I" instead of Zara now) Me : No, bed time already, go and brush your teeth and change to your pajamas. Zara : Mummy, one time only. Me : No, it's bed time. Zara : Mummy, please. One time only. *puting out her pointer to show ONE* Me : Ok then. One time yeah. Zara : Ok. *happily sat down and wait for me to put on her program for her* After finishing Me : Ok, time to get ready for bed. Zara : Mummy, one more time. Me : No. Enough already. Zara : Please. Last time. Last time only. Me : No. Just now you said one time only. So, you already watched one time, so get ready for bed now. Zara : Last time please. *looked at me with Bambi eyes* Me : Ok ok.. one last time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ She had fever yesterday, and started recovering today. Zara : (for lunch) I want to eat nasi lemak (Malay : Coconut rice) with little fish. Me : No, you still have a bit of fever, cannot eat nasi lemak with little fish. Zara : I'm feeling better already. Me : No, not today. When you are all well ok? Zara : Little bit only. Please. Me : No. (not this time) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuyam got her a set of toy bathing set from Indonesia which came with hair dryer, shampoo, comb etc. After opening up Tuyam's present, she wanted to try it on Sam, and 'wash' Sam's hair. Sam oblidged, but after the N-th time, she wanted to stop. Zara : Sam jie-jie, I want to wash your hair. Sam : No thanks. Zara : You must wash your hair. *pulling strands of her own hair to show Sam* After sticky. Got cockroach in the hair. Got bugs. Got lizard. I wash for you, ok? Sam : ...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ When she asked for me, and I'm in a meeting, she would wail and cry for the whole duration of my meeting. So I asked her : Me : Why Zara always cry when mummy is in a meeting. Zara : Because Zara loves mummy. Me : *melted* Mummy loves you too, but why you cry? Zara : Because Zara don't (doesn't) like mummy to close the door (I always close the door to the study when I have a meeting just in case the people on the other side of the line can hear her) Me : Oh.. But mummy needs to close the door because mummy needs to talk to uncle and aunty on the phone. It doesn't mean mummy don't love you. Zara : *look at me like she understood* Me : Mummy will always love you ok? Even when mummy is upset or angry, mummy still love you. Mummy love you very much. But mummy just can't carry you or have you sit on mummy's lap when mummy have meeting ok? Zara : ok. (not sure if she understood though, but she loves being re-assured that I love her)


may said...

oooh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZARA!! again... LOL! at least this time, it's on the actual day!

she's a really good negotiator, from the sounds of it. ahhh, I think she'll have them boys wrapped around her little finger next time... *grin*

yl said...

Zara's definitely the diplomat/lawyer material... this kind, definitely top notch, not lawyer buruk

yl said...

Zara's definitely the diplomat/lawyer material... this kind, definitely top notch, not lawyer buruk

Simple American said...

Hope she can recover and get her nasi lamak soon. I wan sum too! :)

L B said...

So cute wan!! I also want some nasi lemak, can? *BAMBI ears* Actually, while I am at it, can I have some Lormaikai too, please? Little bit?... I am very well already.. Honest wan. *BAMBI lopsided legs*

1+2mom said...

Wah so young know to negotiate with mummy liao?? Luckily my gals still dunno yet but i need to handle my son also big head liao.

Gene Lim said...

ai sey, big gal liao..knows how to negotiate with mummy huh? ;) very cute!

Irene said...

you've got a little lawyer in your hands! :)

Egghead said...

zara's bf prefer the phrase "one time only mah!" and "little bit only mah!" :P

laundryamah said...

wah..lawyer memang is going to be her profession or negotiator! brilliant girl! muaks!!!!!!!

laYMing said...

Happy Birthday little Zara. She is really cute and smart. I like her birthdday cake too..

mott said...

how lor next time..she want to "pak-tor" with her boy-boy? "ONE TIME ONLY MUMMY...PWEEEEAAAAASSEEEEEEE!!!!!"

LOL! Better think of something QUICK!

I think lil mei-mei is also taking notes leh....hee hee hee!!

Shannon said...

wah sey.... everytime she leave me even more amazed.... so young oledi so geng... haha...

Anonymous said...

Wauuu..."one time only pleaseee"...
I like the part she offer 'hair wash' to Sam jeh jeh...so clever..

geetha said...

I think she wanna eat more of the delicous birthdya nasi lemak!

Very good negotiation skills.. I like the way she said she loves you, that's why she looking for you. So sweet! :)

grasie_me said...

Happy birthday Zara!!!

jie jie teach u wat else to use besides *bambi eyes* ok? use *dumbo eyes* works on my boy-boy... hehe...

i'm looking forward to hearing more abt Zara's growth!

Sasha said...

aiyo...she can really melt ppl man...

michelle said...

A new found talent, can go a long way with that skills.

Samm said...

Haih, i'de rather be looking into her Bambi eyes than Gordon's screwed-up face. Arrrggghhhh..... i envy ur girl. I want 1 toooooo

domestic rat said...

At least she doesnt give u a hard time at the toys section. :-)

sesame said...

Too smart your girl! Cannot believe she's only two.

huisia said...

Haha, Zara so smart!
My Jo only started to negotiate with me when he was about 30 months old.

Zara's Mama said...

Err.. boys come later.. now.. Daddy and mummy are wrapped around her little fingers already.

Wow.. can go into politics liao hor?

Simple American,
Hey, maybe you can make some nasi lemak for Thanks giving.. That’ll be very very special.

This is too much already! *smack the bambi* So the not cute. :P

Haha.. soon it’ll be your son + your girls.

Yeah.. getting tougher to handle her.

For now lawyer buruk, but she’s getting good at it.

Wah, is this fate or what? A bit similar in the way the ‘negotiate’.

Both also don’t make much money in M’sia hor?

Thank you.

Aiyo.. then I’ll have bigger headache, if Mei-mei and her both also lawyer buruk.

Must be all the milk powder and breastfeeding hor?

Don’t know how she comes out with that. So creative. Err.. maybe I’d used that on her before.

The whole family is having bad throat because of the nasi lemak. We have been having left over for 3 days. :P

Dumbo eyes? Boys still like blond look? Hehe.. so long no need to use that kind of eyes already, I also forgot.

And I want to believe whatever she says is the truth, especially the melting part.

The more she practices, the better she’ll get, and I’m going to be giving in more. I have to learn how to be firm too.

Try one more! Maybe this time will get girl.

Domestic Rat,
Not yet.. but getting there already.

Thank you.. She’s going to be smarter than me soon.. I have to ‘upgrade’ my brain too.

Each child is different ma.

yl said...

if she is on the Malaysian negotiating team for Singapore affairs, i would be worried for my country!! :P

shiaulin said...

haha.. cute Zara, my Xuan long past negotiation period loh, now is insulting, can use tricks as well ! poor me...

when your second baby's arrive, she wants u to re-assure that u love her better than baby I tell u. hah..

Annie Q said...

Just amaze how zara can speak so much!And she is only 2 years old!My boys just 6 months younger than her,but not really a single word yet lei.:(

Helen said...

Wishing Zara a happy belated birthday! :-)

She's good a negotiating eh? And you were worried she's not talking enuff?? lol

mom2ashley said...

wow she can really talk yea. ashley prolly says 2 - 3 word sentences only e.g. no more fish....mommy down (to help her to get down the bed), mommy open..etc

See Fei said...

can see little zara is being very well mannered (asking SO politely for the tv time instead of throwing a temper). i think you had a lot to do with it with your patience and willingness to teach zara.

how we hope we men are as patient with our lil kids....

Allyfeel said...

Whao, she amazed me with her negotiation power and used of words approriately. *Thumbs up*

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. I have to take note of that.

Yeah, I know that will be coming! *sigh*

Annie Q,
But I heard boys do tend to speak later.. so don't worry.

Haha.. now I know.. she can talk like Auntie Helen liao.

But Ashley is very much younger.. Soon she'll be talking so much you'll get so amazed and amused.

See Fei,
Err.. you should see her say this, when we asked her what do Daddy and mummy do when she's naugthy "Daddy scold Zara. Mummy smack Zara."

Sometimes I'm amazed and amused myself too.. wonder how did she piece those phrases together.

Simple American said...

I don't have a recipe for nasi lemak.

Anonymous said...

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Twin said...

zara's really good in talking now ... i think that's the thing with girls .. they are good in negotiating for things. Same goes for my girl. She's really good in stressing the word '1/once'. Aiyaya! Zara is 1 month younger than Darien right? He's now talking 3-4 words .. not a full sentence like Denisha when she was 18 months .. aiya! Hmm .. sometimes I wonder .. maybe we don't talk to him much? Or maybe boys are slower?