Tuesday, November 28, 2006

2yrs old - Updates

After a week of celebrations (another birthday song singing just within the family, a trip to Kidzsports and Gymboree) and not being well (sore throat from all the nasi lemak and little fish, fever, cough, flu), finally the birthday season is over. :P Here is just for my record, her 2year old development. ~ Weight : 10.2kg (taken during her fever) ~ Height : 86.3cm Emotions and Character ~ I'm not sure if it's a two year old thing or it's because our 2nd one is coming, she's extremely clingy to me. She prefers me to tuck her to bed, even for her afternoon nap (she'll cry if I don't do it but I just ignored it), she only wants me to bath, she's always asking me to look after her instead of working, "Mummy look after Zara, don't want mummy to work" ~ She's expressing her love, by kissing us or by saying, "I love you Mummy" (almost every night before she goes to bed), "I love you Daddy" (occasionally). ~ She is becoming a handful especially when we go out shopping, and she goes wild running here and there, climbing this rack and that. ~ She loves going to the super markets (Giant is her favourite because of the free kiddy rides) ~ Very stubborn, especially if she has set her mind on something (e.g don't want to take bath, don't want to have her meal). However, my ultimate weapon, ignore her or send her to the naughty corner, or sometimes smacking (I'm really trying to avoid smacking her, but there are times when she's really unreasonable even after much coaxing, and I sometimes blame it on my raging hormones.. I know it's just an excuse). Language ~ She is doing very well in this respect ~ She's making up the lyrics of songs she knows spontaneously, e.g. when I can't find my car keys, she'll go "Where oh where is mummy's car keys, Oh where oh where can it be?" (singing to the tune Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog gone) ~ She started picking up Malay and Mandarin words; speaking to Tuyam using some Malay or to us using some Mandarin. E.g. "Kakak, this one very sedap (tasty)"; "Kakak, Zara tak mau (don't want)"; "Zara is mummy's 宝贝 (precious)"; "Mummy, Zara 不要 (don't want)." Toilet training - I wonder when she'll be potty/toilet trained ~ She's getting adversely affected by the smell of poo and urine. Especially her own. She vomited once when I got her to pee in the shower cubicle before her bath and she smelled her own urine; she also vomited when I got her to flush her stool away and refused to do it again (normally I flush her stool even when she did her business on the diaper) ~ She once said, "I don't want to poo poo already. Poo poo is so smelly." when trying to control her bowel movement ~ She knows to be a big jie-jie (Chinese : big big-sister), she has to stop wearing diaper, but she doesn't want to use the toilet bowl or her potty because she said, "Shu shu and poo poo is so smelly." (Tips anyone?) Food ~ Very fussy with what she eats and has very acute sense of taste. Just a speck of coriander on her steam fish, and she'll spit out that piece with the coriander mixed with it. ~ Doesn't eat a lot of things, and doesn't eat much, and it's making us worried. We're trying to psycho her into saying if she doesn't eat, she'll be very thin like her mama (Chinese : paternal grandma), and won't have muscle like daddy or have body shape like mummy, and it helps sometimes, saying she wants to have body like mine (Ha! Wait till she's older, but now, I'll just savour this). ~ Loves ice cream, sausages, chocolate, pop corn, cheese. For real meals, she likes rice or porridge with ikan bilis (Malay : little fish or anchovies); macaroni and cheese; garlic bread. ~ Have 3 or 4milk feeds : 6oz in the morning upon waking, 6oz in the afternoon before her nap, 4oz in the night before bed, and sometimes 6oz in the early mornings which started recently (she's preparing me for my night feed)


michelle said...

Clingy becoz she knows there is a competition coming her way. Tim was like that when I was about due.

Simple American said...

Zara looks so cute in that pic. What is she in? Some Gymboree plaything? Looks comfy with all that fur.

Really a demanding little lady. Be interested to see how Zara the jie-jie will act.

L B said...

What detailed records! Zara will be so proud of all this when she grows up! And/or maybe a little embarrased too? You've done such a great job! I wish I knew how bad my bad habits were at that age..

may said...

2 years old already, how fast she grows up!! you must be very proud of your girl. :)

Shannon said...

I heard lotsa kids gets clingy to the mom when there's a 2nd one... I think it's normal hoh?? must start making mental notes like this... hehehe

Zara's sense of taste really that geng???? so sensitive to smell and taste also huh.... hehehe.... smell own urine also she vomit???

What I like best is the making up lyrics with songs she know.... VERY VERY SMART!!!!

Annie said...

My girl, last time at this age without No.2 also clingy leh! Also don't like to eat. Have to psycho so much....now eating more liao. Can see that Zara is growing well & intelligent...plus she's so tall!! Kids, sure have something to make us worry one!! *sigh*

jazzmint said...

i like that pic u posted..very model look :)..

wahh she can make up her own lyrics somemore..bravo bravo

Allyfeel said...

Aiyoo, she can't stand her own urine smell? Usually I let bb spray water or flush while he pees and will tell him if the pee smelly that's because he never drink enough water. Then he will happily drink lotsa water.

Sasha said...

wah abit susah la like this..dun like to poo on toilet bowl also?

IMMomsDaughter said...

I like that pix too, so clever of Zara to post like that. Was the pix taken by yourself or professionally done?

My girl is a fussy eater too and she hardly eats except for porridge, milk and biscuits.

IMMomsDaughter said...

I like that pix too, so clever of Zara to pose like that. Was the pix taken by yourself or professionally done?

My girl is a fussy eater too and she hardly eats except for porridge, milk and biscuits.

sesame said...

I think the clingy part is quite normal. It'll probably last for awhile too. Food-wise, I think unfortunately some of our kids are fussy. Also, taste of coriander is probably something that is acquired, so give her some time.

But the part about her poo and urine is erm, a bit too extreme. Sounds like one of the other blogger, CrazyMummy whose daughter and hub also have this problem.

shoppingmum said...

Wah, knows how to change the lyrics of a nursery rhyme? Good girl!
I don't bother too much too if Justin doesn't want to eat sometimes. There're days when he eats like a horse, and there're days when he doesn't feel like it. As long as he's healthy, it's ok to me.

mott said...

I think let her decide when she wants to use the toilet la. I find you force, cajole and scream yourself blue ..no usela..kids have the uncanny ability to wear us big ppl down.

Maybe she drink too much milk..that's why she's not eating more? I think at her age..1 feed each morning n night..shud be ok?

Jean said...

wow.. zara is very advance in term of language. Even know how to make up lyrics.

no worries abt her eating. she is growing very well.. so tall... at least taller than my gal even she is 3mths younger.

take care of yourself.

milkmaid said...

hey - cant provide advise as I am actually learning from you mummies here - but I must say Zara looks very pretty in the picture.

huisia said...

Wow, she is really pandai lol! I think maybe girl is more manja, so always wants to tag along you.

My Jo loves sausages too, but i just wonder is it good for health?

Zara's Mama said...

I guess as much too.

Simple American,
She was in Gymboree .. :P
I’m anxious to know how she’ll react as well when she meets with no. 2.

I hope there’ll be more pride than shame. :P

Am really proud, except the toilet training part.

I guess it’s normal when no. 2 comes. Getting ready for no. 2 too for you? Hee hee.

Eh, you girl and Ah Di what’s the age gap liao?
She’s tall? I thought normal?

It was a candid shot..
Yeah.. I make up lyrics a lot, so she also follow me. :P

Next time let me tell her the same thing.. see she buys it or not.

No.. poo in toilet bowl the poo come out only she’ll be making vomit sound.

Taken by me.. we were in Gymboree, a last shot just before we left.
You think all toddlers eat little?

I’m very worried she’ll never be toilet trained if she keep having this mindset that they are so smelly.

Maybe I should stop bothering as well, but I think Zara is really underweight..

True also, but just worried she’ll never want to use the toilet.
Actually she’s not eating a lot that’s why she gets hungry and wants milk so often. If she has enough for her meals, she’ll normally skip her milk.

I do that a lot with her.. singing silly songs with lyrics changed according to what we do, so she picks that up too.

Thank you. ;P

I used to give her Heinz chicken sausage.. low in salt.
Now, I give her those fresh ones, where you buy from expensive delis, I tried it myself, it’s very tasty and less salty than the frozen ones.

Annie Q said...

i just love zara this picture,she look so cute and also got model look..:)

geetha said...

Aaah, the food and nutients problem. I try to mix the vege in their food. I can somehow make No.1 eat it, but No.2 will spit it out.

When she is pooing, have to distract her.. tell her story, let her read a book, or she tell you a story :)

See Fei said...

must change you avatar already. zara looks very different now.

her stubbornness could indicate a strong character. hope you can temper it with compassion or some lesson in EQ. this type of character is suitable for career that need persistence, delayed instant gratification, require long training

eg pianist, research scientist, entrepreneur, lawyer - my 2 cents worth

momm said...

you might wanna try educating her by saying pees and poos are naturally smelly. it removes the unwanted stuff out of the body, so that i can bring in new food! yumm..

honestly, she would automatically be toilet trained when she's ready. she'd start to feel awkward that she's still wearing a diaper.

ever thought of putting her in a play school? this can help to build up her conscience quite a bit...

also, when #2 comes, she'd start to feel very left out. this would be a good time to put her in school, as it would take away her attention to her new found friends.

natalie was in school since 15 months. no doubt she's still rather clingy, but her 3hrs in school gave me more time to handle my #2.

Joelle's mmy said...

I like this pix too. she look like very comfortable.
Joelle also fussy eater, now she eat onlty meat & egg left only the rice!