Monday, November 20, 2006

Zara's 2nd Birthday Party

We have been planning for Zara's birthday party for a while, and when we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she recalled my friend's daughter's 1yr old birthday party in the hotel and she said, "Like mummy's friend, party in hotel. Got clown one. Got many balloons one." We were kiam siap (Chinese: Stingy). We did the finances, and thought it would have been better to keep the money saved (from having the party in a hotel or restaurant) in the bank for her. Instead, we have a small party at home, invited just our immediate family members. None the less, it was fun, and the food was good.
The guests : My friend's kids' Jensen and Yen Mae, who dropped by in the afternoon to drop off their presents for Zara. Eldest sis' daughter, Tasha. Youngest sis' son, the shy Norman.
We had Nasi Lemak for dinner, prepared by Tuyam and my sis' maid KC. Daddy said this can beat any best nasi lemak in town, I would have to agree with him. It's absolutely delicious. Zara loved it as well, although all she took was nasi lemak with ikan bilis (Malay : little fish or anchovies) and fried chicken. I ordered a cake from A Piece of Cake, with Zara specifying the design, "Want got cow girl one. Got pony one. Want dog dog" This is the cake that comes with a cow girl riding on her pony with her pet dog.
The beautiful and yummy-licious cake; The kids were all waiting to attack the cow girl and the pony while Zara munched away the candies on the cake; Zara busy stuffing herself with the sugar beads and stars on the cake; The cow girl and the pony after the kids' attack.
For the album : Our family; My dad with all his grand children; With my in-laws; Zara with her cousins
A very happy birthday girl: She loved the part where every body sang Happy Birthday to her; she was scared of the fire from the candle so she stood far away from them while trying to blow them out, and eventually just shouted for help.
She had a good time and slept only at 12am, 2hrs passed her bed time.


1+2mom said...

Zara look sooooo happy!!! HAppy Birthday Zara!!

The cake was so beautiful, izzit expensive?? I thought to get 1 for my gals 3 years old birthday :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZARA!!!Agree with 1+2mom your cake was so beutiful and u look so happy!!!!

Annie Q said...

Happy birthday Zara!!Can see from the picture,Zara had a fun time!Yeah,the cake look very special!

huisia said...

Happy Birthday Zara!
Her cake very special!

Sasha said...

i want to eat her CAKE!!!!

geetha said...

Happy birthdya to Zara. She really had fun, I can see :)

Nice cake.. is the cake costly? where is their shop ah?

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Zara! I like the cake, where did you order it?

may said...


that certainly is a lovely cowgirl cake! mmm... Zara looked so pretty in that white dress, almost princess-like... awww... *sniff sniff*... 2 years old liao!!

domestic rat said...

That cake is sooo pretty! You found a great baker. And about keeping the money, you are right! She has many more birthdays to go through. Can't imagine if each one were to be grander than the previous one.

sesame said...

Zara is finally 2! Ah, she looked really happy. And her cake is lovely!

I was looking at your family pic and thinking, wow, in another few months', yours would be a family of 4.

Zara's Mama said...

Mininum is RM150 for a 2kg cake. The decoration is really nice.

Thanks. I looked happy too? Hah. maybe I am.

Annie Q,
She was really happy.. she knows it's her day. :)

Hui Sia,
Thank you.

You want to bite the Cow girl and the pony as well? Haha.. the kids all took a bite and said, Eee-yew! It looks nice, but it's a bit bitter to bite on. The cake however is delicious though.

No shop, home baking.
If you are interested, can send you the details.
RM150 for the cake, guess not too bad.

It's from Piece Of Cake. No shop.

So fast hor? *sniff sniff*

Domestic Rat,
Yeah.. that's right. We are not that well off to be throwing fancy parties for her. :)

Oh yeah.. scarry huh? And for the past 3yrs, my father had been having a grand daugther being born every end of the year. :P

Vyvy said...

wow the cake is sooooo beautiful!!! HAppy b-day ZARA

Angeline said...

happy birthday zara... and wow, the cake looks fantastic. can give me the contact #? its so fun to have party at home...

shoppingmum said...

Happy Birthday to Zara!!! I agree with you, I think it's better to celebrate at home too, considering the $$$ factor. Ha!
Anyway, I like the cake, it's really nice.

荦怡 said...

i like the cake too, very special!
can't find in Singapore :(


grasie_me said...

happy birthday Zara! mummy & daughter both look so happy. of coz daddy also looks happy =)

laundryamah said...

wow! i like the cake! Happy Bday to Zara!!

Jolenesiah said...

woah.. the cake look great... yummy never seen anything like that b4...

Happy Bday Zara~~

shiaulin said...

Oops, I'm a bit too late to wish Zara, never mind,

Happy Belated Birthday Zara!!!

nice cake nice party nice pics, can see Zara was soooooo happy...

babykhong said...

Happy birthday, Zara! The cake is very nice! Any A Piece Of Cake contact? The price for the cake is quite reasonable.

Simple American said...

Happy Brithday Zara! Such a big pretty girl.

You looking good too ZM. Pregnant woman always take all those vitamins and glow like a teenager. I recall the missus and SIL did the same.

Now you can relax a bit before the Christmas baby arrives. Except ofr all that work stuff. Eekss!

jazzmint said...

happy birthday zara!!! She looks so so happy. Hey love the cake, very nice. Must get the contact from you. I'm also scratching head what cake to get

beckysmum said...

Happy birthday to Zara!! Big girl already!! What a nice cake. Can gimme the contact also ah?

L B said...

Happy BIRTHDAY ZARA!!! I also spy KW!!!!

Egghead said...

Happy Birthday to the little cow-girl!

mumsgather said...

Happy Birthday Zara. Time flies!

seekwai said...

hi,i like the cake as well, can you send me the contact to ? 10q in advance.

Cocka Doodle said...

happy belated birthday, Zara!!! Next birthday, ask for the real pony ah!

Fannie said...

a very pretty cake!

Happy Birthday, Zara!

13th Panda said...


mott said...

here another aunty saying HAPPY BURPDAY!!!! U LOOK SOO CUTE and HAPPY! I can see that you r sooo loved!

chanelwong said...

Happy Birthday Zara.....the cake is soooo nice...

Allyfeel said...

Wah...the cake looks so nice. Let me guess, it must be from Lilian?

Happy Birthday Zara! She has lots of cousin eh? I hv yet to update bb's birthday. :)

mom2ashley said...

happy birthday zara! time flies! was the cake from lilian?

Shannon said...

happy birthday ZARA!!!!
SO FAST wor.... 2 years old liao.... :)
She looks really happy while clapping (i'm guessing it's the singing song part)...

blurblur said...

What a lovely cake!! And a lovely Zara, she look very very happy!

Happy birthday, Zara!! :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

I do agree that it's better to hold a party at home except for the cleaning up :)

Happy Belated Birthday to Zara and beautiful choice of cake!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to You, Zara!

Julian said...

Happy Birthday Zara, wah such a nice cake!!

Vien said...

Happy belated Birthday, Zara!

Samm said...

Eppi Birdday ah, Zara Girl. Aunty Samm, Gordon korkor & Malcolm didi give u hugs and kisses, ahhh. Big girl loh, go to school loh, be good girl ahh.

Zara's Mama said...

Thank you.. :)

Give me your email, I’ll mail her number to you.

Yeah, especially number 2 is coming, better watch how we spend the money. :P

I’m sure soon, some one will start something like this in Singapore.

Of course happy.. her birthday mah.


Thanks. This lady specializes in cake deco, that’s why the cake looks great.

Not too late. Today is the actual day. :)

I’ll send you the details.

Simple American,
Err, so I have to continue with the vitamins huh even after I’d given birth. :P
Oh no.. not so soon, there’s still the Christmas shopping to do.. gee!

She really enjoyed her party, and the cake bit.

Want to give me your email? I send to you?

Ahh.. I thought only the Cock has the sharp eye.. you too huh?

Where’s FIL’s angpow?

Yes, so soon.. 2yrs old already.

Will do.

Uncle Cocka,
Thank you in advance for buying me the pony.

Thanks. So fast so fast both our girls are 2!

13th panda, Chanel,

Aunty Mott,
Thank you. :P

Yes, the famous Lilian.
Will wait for your BB’s birthday pix.

Yes, the cake is from Lilian, thanks for the contact.

Yeah, she liked the sing song bit the most.

Hey, how are you? So long no update from you. Anyway, thanks for the wishes.

Yes, the cleaning up sucks. That’s why we went for paper plates. :P

Jean, Julian, Vien

Aunty Samm,
Nobody send me to school, so mummy is going to keep me at home for another year. :(

Simple American said...

I mean born on Christmas day lah.

Gene Lim said...

Happy belated birthday ZARA! big gal now :)
Nasi lemak..yum yyum drooling...i miss nasi lemak....

Dancing Queen said...

Happy 2nd birthday, lil Zara! She's looking cuter and prettier everyday! And the cake, it's so inviting! Yet I think I won't be able to eat it, too sayang! :-)

milkmaid said...

Happy Birthday Zara!!!! I lurve the cake... can I have the contact too??

See Fei said...

it is not only financially more prudent but i think you inculcate good value in lovely zara to have the party in your home.

sorry for the late wishes. look like a very lively and wonderful party.

cp1 said...

happy birthday zara!!!

HMom said...

Happy BElated Bday Zara. Sorry I mised it. Have been a blogger slacker lately.

Your cake looks beautiful and yummy. I cant believe Zara is 2. It seems like u just blogged about her 1st bday

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday zara!

The cake's gorgeous!! Mind leaving the contact the details here so that the rest of us can order too?:) Thank you.

Twin said...

Happy birthday Zara!!Wah 2 yo oredi .. time flies. I saw that cake after Darien's birthday .. they have a booth in Ikano ... too bad .. next time. Its very nicely decorated!