Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Free Rides

We just found out on Sunday that there are free kiddie rides in Giant Shah Alam. There are 3 units at the kids' play area, and another 3 near the check out counters. I like the ones at the check out counters. Giant cashiers are not known for their efficiency. From queing to having your items scanned to paying, you probably have to wait for at least 15mins. What a good idea to have some free kiddie rides for the kids while the parents do the paying (and waiting). The rides are old and they play Indonesian pop songs instead of nursery rhymes, but who cares, it's free! We got Zara on a few of them, waiting quite a while for our turn because some kids just refused to get down from the rides, and went on and on.
She probably likes the duck ride the most, because it was the first ride she has. The lion was found at the check out counter. She likes Lion, so she seemed to like this too. Hmm.. Now, she's a bit bored.. Too many free rides already.
Note: These photos are taken from Daddy's mobile, hence the grainy quality.


Egghead said...

yeah! we saw the same free rides in a Giant at JB! not bad huh!

Contented Mum said...

It seems like Giant is having free rides in quite a few of the store. There are also free rides in Giant Puchong near the second floor play ground area!

Jesslyn said...

how come Giant melaka not free rides? :(

Mother Superior said...

We don't have free rides in Giant Singpaore too. Not that my big kids need them now. Good to see Zara so happy.

Sabrina said...

Keith just love those rides.Hubby and I always have to keep 50 cents change so that Keith could have his rides. He goes crazy when he sees any of those machine. He'll make us put in coins again and again. Whenever the machine stops, he would make noise and start moving his bump like as thought the machine going to start again if he does that.haha...

MamaBoK said...

Some parents .. not "auto" one... let their children ride and ride.. and not do anything.. "sigh"

mom2ashley said...

that;s a really good idea to have free rides for the kids at the check out counters...

Robin said...

haha.. free rides can also be boring?

be careful, she will get addicted to it.

I have a recipe for u at my blog

geetha said...

Yeap, good idea. It also allows the parents to bring them back to the shopping complex, so can let kids have free ride.. very clever advertisement strategy hor ;)

Being bored is better than being hooked to it :)

Anonymous said...

Free rides, how nice :), wondering when to have it at Ipoh.
So I can put the 50cents coin inside my son's piggybank, now we cannot find 50cent coin on it bcos he use is for his rides *roll eyes*...

Btw, all the picture in my blog was taken by my mobile wor, not bad mah :p

L B said...

I like that KFC sign! I can almost smell it now.. almost, almost... almost!!

IMMomsDaughter said...

I also just heard about the free rides 2 weeks ago. So far, have not exposed my girl to these "money grabbing" machines yet! Scared to go bankrupt.

blurblur said...

Hmm..i'm abit 'sua ku' lah..but how does the free ride work? No need to insert any tokens or anything? or there is a switch somewhere? ;)

Haha..i like the last pic..she must be thinking: "Enough already lah!" :P

sesame said...

Free rides? Good deal leh! Wish we have something like that here. Lucky Zara!

Samm said...

Wei, dun complain oh, when its free. Gordon loves those rides too, but he tends to pull me onto the rides together with him, hmmmmmm

kwloong said...

I think all Giant nationwide is giving free rides to kids. Penang one too. Emily discovered this when we went to Giant Cheras and its free. Emily knows how to press the button to continue.


Zara's Mama said...

Clever marketing strategy.

Contented mum,
But sometimes it’s not easy to get to ride on one because the kids on it earlier just refuse to get down.

You sure or not.. check properly. Everybody also said got free rides who.

Mother Superior,
It’ll be weird to see those free rides in Giant Singapore, blasting Indonesian Pop away. Haha.

We normally tell Zara we don’t have money, and she believes us. But for the Giant ones, since it’s free, we just let her go one round on each rides.

Yeah. They will just let the kids go on and on and on.

But those free ones are all battered rides though.

Too much of a free thing becomes a bore, no more appreciation. We’ll always have to come out with creative reasons to tell her if she wanted to go on one and we don’t want her to.
Yeah.. I checked out the omelet recipe.. wonder if it’s any good. :P

Yup.. so when parents asked kids which supermarket to go, the kids will auto say Giant. Clever huh? Yes, definitely, bored is better than hooked and not wanting to dismount.

Adrian & Alvan,
They should have. Go check out.
Wah.. all your 50cents coins all went to rides already?

Aaaaah.. what a tease huh? That sign? Better than seeing a half naked sexy girl isn’t it?

They have a button for you to press. So when the rides stop, you press it, and it’ll start again. No tokens needed.
Yeah loh.. she looked really really bored, like we’re forcing her to take the rides.

Come to M’sia to enjoy the free rides. :)

Aaah.. no wonder you have to remain slim so that you can join him in his ride. : )

Clever Emily. Zara still thinks it requires money, so she kept asking us to put more money in the coin slot.

Simple American said...

Free rides are always good. So much fun get bored huh. Need to train the cashiers a little better.

Is Giant a grocery store?

shoppingmum said...

Too bad, my boy will only sit on them if they're not moving! It's really good to have free rides, save us parents some money. :)

Cocka Doodle said...

"The rides are old and they play Indonesian pop songs instead of nursery rhymes, "

Aren't you glad they are not playing Linpeh's songs featured on his blog? LOL

wHOisBaBy said...

love the last picture where zara is relaxing, look like a big boss waiting for the chauffeur!

Fannie said...

so good no free rides and it costs me $1 everytime for the barney ride...

chanelwong said...

Jeriel likes the ride but money not required. He imagine money...

Lin Peh said...

Any idea where can Lin Peh get free piaomei ride ? LOL~!

earthember said...

haha, too many free rides.. sit until "sian already".. That last pic tells it all.

Are you trying to grow her hair?

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Giant is like Walmart, or Target, but in a smaller scale.
Yes, too much of a free thing and you don't enjoy it any more. That reminds me of your baseball food again. Haha.

Zara too for some rides. The moveming is too vigurous and it makes her scared.

Aiyo.. if playing Linpeh's song, I won't let her go near it!

You must come to M'sia more often, it's RM1 here for a ride.. and you get free ones in Giant!

Wow, Jeriel has very good imaginatio huh? Haha.

Free Piao Mei ride? See Giant Shenzhen got or not.

Yeah.. sit until sien.
I think for now will trim it short, she's very sweaty, especially around the scalp, keep her hair short so that she becomes more cooling. :P

Sue said...

Giant Klang also got free rides.. and a Smarties playland, but kids there hog those rides like no one's biz.. the playland also so many big kids who play rough.. aigh..

irene said...

My Jing Jing also like to ride on those rides, and she likes to shake the rides..haha

irene said...

My Jing Jing also like to ride on those rides, and she likes to shake the rides..haha