Monday, September 04, 2006

Fun Fun Fun Weekend

The weekend was all fun for Zara. Saturday, my sis came over with her daughter Tasha for a while to collect Zara's walker. Zara was so protective over her toys, worried we'll be giving away her toys to Tasha.
See how much Tasha has grown.
Later that evening, we went to Elisa's 1st birthday party in Temptations, New World Hotel. It was a good buffet spread. Zara had lots of cheese and some bread sticks for dinner, had some fun running around the place, collected some balloons from the clown. Mummy ate from 7pm to 9pm non-stop. Oh boy, I was stuffed! When one of the guests breast fed her little baby in a corner, Zara was just staring at the two of them, probably reminding herself how it used to be. I had to drag her out of the corner and left the mother with some privacy.
Zara playing with a balloon the clown made her; the birthday girl and her family; the beautiful cake (but I didn't dare to eat any of the icing); Zara and daddy in the crowd.

Thanks to Allyfeel, we had a free trial session in Gymboree. I dragged daddy out of bed early morning to send us there.

Zara enjoyed the session, although she wasn't participating as a group (I guess it's common for kids this age), she drifted out of the group, and played with the other things, and I kept having to drag her back. I was really exhausted at the end of it.

After breakfast, Daddy suggested to bring Zara to Lake Gardens to feed the ducks and monkeys. So we bought some peanuts and bread and headed to Lake Garden. It was 35degree at that time, and it was 12noon. I don't know why I let Daddy talk me into going.

We were lucky we spotted some monkeys on the way. Zara threw peanuts to the group of monkeys to feed them. After the monkey feeding, we walked about in Lake Gardens, trying to spot the ducks to feed. Imagine before Zara, I could run the whole garden (about 4Km) together with Daddy. That day, to walk just from the car park to the lakes, I was panting and had to stop a few times to rest. We didn't see any ducks, but Zara still have a great time.

See how similar the 2 of them look like in the 1st two photos. Zara was exhausted after spending an hour in the park. I wish I could take her place in the pram too. What a workout for all of us


carcar said...

helloo zara's mama! what a nice and fun outing ya...

i wonder if peanut to feed moneky and what to feed the duck leh? :P

so cute your ger fell asleep in the pram :)

may said...

tasha has very very cute chubby cheeks! *pinch pinch*
I feel like zara at the last picture, at the end of the day too... zzzzZZZZzzZz...

domestic rat said...

Tasha and zara look so alike!

L B said...

Wheeeeee, lets have a Pram Race!!

Zara's Mama said...

Hello, welcome.
Daddy bought a loaf of Guardinia for the ducks.. luckily we didn't find any ducks, I didn't think Guardinia was suitable.

Harhar.. if only we all have a pram to lie in at the end of the day, and someone will send us home.

Domestic Rat,
Tasha has very big eyes.. Zara's smaller. :P

Wheeeeeee.. I won I won.

13th Panda said...

Like father like daughter ma..hee

荦怡 said...


sesame said...

Wow, so much activities! Zara must be really happy...and mummy must also be very tired.

Tasha, the baby with big eyes? Grown so big already? I thought she was born not too long ago right? Zara seems quite affectionate to her leh...

Flowsnow said...

Lake garden is beautiful. Yes there used to be lots of ducks and geese there..maybe they migrated elsewhere due to the intensive renovation. I take my kids there almost everyday and it's like our second home. I can tell you even where are the great spots! you can still find some miserable ducks near the `castle playground' where the a small lake is stands. There are just so much to see there if you only took time to walk and enjoy every bit of the trees, flowers and it's natural surroundings. can teach your child so many things there. I did and still am..:D

beckysmum said...

Nice outing, just a little bit too HOOOT! :-) But most importantly is everyone enjoy it!
Lake garden got so many monkey one ah...

mom2ashley said...

lake garden sounds good (minus the heat!)...will plan to bring ashley there one day..

blurblur said...

Really lotsa fun indeed! :)

Lake Garden seems like a nice place...but i wouldn't dare go near the monkeys..hehe..

Jesslyn said...

So much outing for Zara, sure she happy lor!

Stand so near to monkey, not scare they attack u ah? :P

kwloong said...

Looks like Zara had a fun and tiring weekend.


KittyCat said...

I really salute you - sit on horse and feed monkeys during pregnancy! I'd be so sked-sked of the monkeys...
Maybe that's why Zara loves animals so much coz mummy is not afraid of them =) I must learn from u

Allyfeel said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend. Gosh! Tasha has grown so much and she is so adorable.

Glad to hear that zara enjoyed the play. I think it would be a lil taxing for you to run around like that at this stage eh?

mumsgather said...

Zara definitely has daddy's look. 'lei mo fun' (You no share.) Just like my girl and her daddy, I got no share. Haha.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Sounds like you all had a very good family weekend. The photo of Zara dozing off in the pram is so sweet.

Contented Mum said...

Is fun for Zara but tiring for mummy! Zara not afraid of the clown kah? The last time Qi Ning saw Santa Clause, she is afraid, not sure if she is afraid of the clown

yl said...

"It was 35degree at that time, and it was 12noon. I don't know why I let Daddy talk me into going." ----> love is blind and goes hand in hand with madness... :P

Zara's Mama said...

13th panda,
Yeah, I thought those 2 photos really make them look very much alike.

Yeah.. she was very happy!!

She cried on Monday when I told her I had to work.. She said, “mummy don’t work work”.. must be too much actions during the w/end. :P
Tasha was born in Dec last year.. time really really flies.

Lake Garden is beautiful, but I live in Shah Alam, it’s a pain to drive all the way there. When we used to live in KL, we went there almost every w/end, for our jogs. That was before Zara.
I think most of the ducks and geese have gone already. So sad.. we saw a miserable few on Thursday when we went there.

Yes, Sunday was a really really hote day.
The monkeys are around the gardens, have to hunt a bit.

I’m sure she’ll love it. Go early morning or evening. Don’t be like my hubby.. going there at 12noon.

This mummy so scared of monkey one ah?

We had daddy carried her first, scared if they attacked, Daddy can run away with her. But they monkeys were quite good, that’s why after a while, we put her down to feed them.

And very tiring for mummy.

Aisay, nothing to be worried mah.. Horse wasn’t really galloping, monkeys were quite well behaved.. so it was ok.
I think so too, Zara loves animals and quite brave with them because of our conditioning. :P

Yeah, Tasha has grown very much.
It was very exhausting for me, I told Daddy he should have been the one running about, but he was shy lar, all mummies there.

Zara and daddy are ‘peng yan’ (biscuit mold).

I wish I was her in the pram. :P

Contented mum,
She was a bit afraid, but for the balloon sake, she still went to say hi to the clown and asked for a balloon. :P

I’m really in love with my daughter mah. :P

Simple American said...

Tasha is a cutie. :)

So Zara dun like the clown. My son would have never approached under any condition. He would expect his sister to help him out in this regard. haha

That cake looks pretty impressive. All of that is frosting?

I remember Gymboree. My daughter went there at two. One of the girls she met there joined her when she moved to Montesori school later on. Good chums for those early years.

The park looks nice. Can you pet the monkeys or do they bite? You need a double stroller. Then your hubby can push you and Zara round the park and mall. hehe

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Your son is good huh? Learnt how to 'outsource' at such a young age. :P
Yeah, the pix on the cake is made from printing on an edible 'paper' with some eadible ink.. but I dare not eat it. :P
Gymboree started so long ago in the US? Wow..
The monkeys are wild, not for petting. They are not aggressive though, so no snatching.
Ahh.. then I'll need a tripple stroller, 1 for Zara, 1 for new baby, and 1 for me..

Simple American said...

Get hubby to fabricating your new wheels. hahaha

immomsdaughter said...

Hey, looks like a fun & busy weekend. Don't worry about the icinglah, nowadays fresh cream are less fattening. Tasha looks cute. Btw, tried to leave comment yesterday but couldn't. Seems blogger beta account cannot leave comments in old blogs :(

Gene Lim said...

lovely photos...daddy and zara soo sweet..should send for some kinda of look a like competition :)