Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Encounter with a handsome boy

Here is another shocker. Last Saturday, we went to Bangsar Village to do our grocery shopping (good for gourmet Cheese, and good European styled bread). While I was claiming for parking at the information centre, Zara suddenly let go my hand, and ran towards a boy shouting, "Handsome boy!". She stopped right in front of a startled little boy aged about 7yrs old, who was quite good looking. She grinned broadly, touched the boy's face, waved her hand and said, "Hi! Handsome korkor." The boy looked surprised, but politely waved back at her and walked on. Zara continued staring at his back profile. When he reached the exit and turned back to look at Zara, Zara waved back, "Bye! Handsome kor kor." And started giggling, like a love struck teenager. Daddy and I just looked at each other utterly shocked at her behaviour! Mind you, my little girl is only 18mths old.


L B said...

Waaaaa, see? see? Already starting!!!!! Dior, or Dolce Cabana?

sesame said...

Huh??? Really? This is really a shocker! She's less than 2 and she knows what is handsome? On top of sexy? Wow, amazing. Must be your breastmilk lah...

But seriously, this one must watch carefully next time hor. Er, a bit on the fast track liao...

Zara's Mama said...

Starting way too young.. For now.. it's still local brand. Can't afford these expensive European brands, even for myself.
Btw, I have been trying to get on to your site all day, but I get TCPIP error!! What's wrong with your server??

Yes. We were shocked too!
Knowing what handsome and pretty are is ok..
To her anything that bearing the shoulder is sexy, I'm still fine with that.
But seeing her behave like a love struck teenager was shocking.
We really have to keep a close watch on her. Yikes!

Jesslyn said...

wow, so small already know "fat hou" har! LOL....better watch out wor!
but she is cute lar, know the meaning of handsome! :P

geetha said...

Wow, I am impressed. Talking about mature little girl, now she very very mature lor!

Who teach how to define handsome? You ah? ;)

may said...

how come no guy come up to me to say "hello, pretty mui mui" wan?

ur girl's gonna be such a teaser! LOL!!

Potential Mom said...

wow wow wow....Zara really GENG!!!

er....er.....er.... i think he really get love struk lor...

speechless ler...

domestic rat said...

Perhaps a case of like mother, like daughter? Heehee...

Simple American said...


Zara knows what she wants and goes after it. What a big surprise! And touched the boy's face too. Stared at him.

I guess the killer would have beeh asking handsome kor kor for his phone number.

Jefferene said...

Wow! Must be inherited from mummy loh! :P

I can imagine she will be holding hand with handsome boys two years later.

Cocka Doodle said...

Must have taken after the hiao por mother's genes la!


Gene Lim said...

hahaha boy..she is such a cutie! u guys better watch out lor.. ;)

Ryan did that too..he loves all blondie young white gals! always say hi and let them carrie him. Other hair colour or old ladies he won't say hi or anything. ONly pretty gals!

j said...

Cute little girl :)

Samm said...

So cute..... next time, when Gordon and Zara meetup again, mebbe she'll call him the same thing too, hoh *winks*

mama bok said...

Hahahhahahhahaha!!! that's too too cute..!!

Vien said...

Wow! *jaw dropped* I'm speechless.. hahaha..and I'm sure you were too.

Willwolf said...

Habis la you. You need to start sex education a bit early liao. Lucky my girl belum develop so fast. Haha

voltboy said...

Real shocker!

Irene said...

Aiyo! Must have inherited that gene from the mother! Hahaha

Egghead said...

there goes my hope for a cool DIL :(

J said...

aah.. Zara's sweet first love??

Contented Mum said...

Wow, so young already know to go after handsome kor kor huh! :)

Sabrina said...

Wah.....This girl must be very daring next time..Hehe..He might just walk up to a guy and say "I love you"hehehe....So cute lar...

blurblur said...

I'm impressed by Zara! *salute* :P

mom2ashley said...

wow!!!! she has already an eye for good looking boys eh? better becareful when she gets older;) hehehe

Sue said...

Gosh... better keep a look out for her... lest she chase after boys when you're not looking and get lost... hehehe...

michelle said...

Now which of you gave her that gens. I really like to know. *Giggles*

Hey Zara hold your horses, wait till you meet Tim. :P

Zara's Mama said...

I think it’s quite innocent, she’s just attracted to that beautiful object. But yeah, must watch out.
Yeah, she knows the meaning of handsome, pretty and cute.

Sometimes it worries me what she’s capable of when she’s older.
She seems to be attracted to pretty things, so we taught her pretty is for girls, handsome is for boys. That’s how she learnt it I guess.

You should ask your mum if anyone did that to you when you were younger. Maybe there were a few ‘pursues’ back then.

Potential Mom,
For that moment only. After that, forgot about the handsome kor kor liao.

Domestic Rat,
Haha.. I wish I has her guts though.
I may like handsome guys, but don’t think I have her guts to go approach them like that. I guess they’ll learn to be more shy and reserve as they grow.

Simple American,
Aaah.. when she’s older, she may ask for their numbers or a date.
Too bad I’m not going to Houston, or else, I’ll ask you to bring me riffle shopping!

Mummy not as daring as her la, although like to look at handsome man.
I think when she goes to school, she’ll be ‘hiao hiao’ sticking to handsome little boys.

Cocka Doodle,
Aiya.. mother where got hiao. You so handsome I also never go & pinch your cheek wut.
*blech* *puke puke*

Wah, Ryan likes especially blond girls? Woooooo.
Yes, we really have to keep a close eyes on our little girl.


Yeah.. maybe she’ll call him that too. Long hair handsome kor kor. :)

Hee hee.

Exactly. Spotting a good looking kid is one thing, approaching him and touch him is another.

Yeah lor.. need early sex education. Btw, you humsup genes all went to your boy mah, so your girl is very sweet and innocent.


Not the guts though.. only the eyes for nice things. :)

Aisay.. too bad, cannot be chan-kar liao.

Haha.. and many more to come.

Contented Mum,
Yeah.. scarry hor?

My girl really has lots of guts. She’s very daring, and brave. I don’t know where she got that from. Daddy & I are very different.

Salute hor? So cheeky.

Yes, definitely must be careful.

Now still ok, innocent ‘attraction’. Just worried she may grow bolder as she grows older.

I would like to know too *whistle*.
Haha.. yes, she hasn’t met Tim yet.

angel said...

*wave wave @ z & zmm*

Thanks for the burpday wishes!

And my my... they really start so young nowadays?!

See Fei said...

lu zara minum apa susu ha! so geng!

domesticgoddess said...

LOL! there goes her 1st crush...

Simple American said...

I can send you a firearms catalog. :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

So cute your girl, good taste & such confidence. Way to go Zara!

ky said...

Hehehee..., I also think its influence by mommy's gene!

leecs said...

haha Xuan also the same...

that night, i was having the TV on with news (listening) and i was reading newspaper...while xuan was playing his toy car beside me...then suddenly i heard "wah, got liang nui!!!" (saw him pointed at the TV)

i was like HUH??!! then i looked at the tv, that moment, the news was showing one of the police raid on the KARAOKE, and those SEXY girls are in the scene!!!

my Xuan.. :)

Jason said...

Totally dumbfounded...