Friday, June 16, 2006

Zara at Play

She likes the flower making set that Samantha has given her, and she could play with it for a long time, making 'umbrellas' and 'vege', as she calls it. I was working from home, and when I went down for a drink, here was what she's made. And here is another way she spends her days at home, playing with her balls. She says she's playing badminton, using her toy masak-masak (Malay: cooking set) spatula as the racquet. She's muttering "Oh-Dear Oh-Dear" when her ball got kicked away from her sight, and she's saying "What to do? What to do?".
It's really fun to see her play, as she talks and laughs and sings to herself a lot. That's the thing about working from home, if I hear some gigling downstairs, I can always go check out to see what she was up to.


L B said...

ok, ok, i will not pay too much attention to the toilet, and work on my bedroom skills.. ya?

aVieo0o said...

Hi hi! I see you stumbled upon my blog! I just started this one with a couple of frens cos there was a huge controversy at my old one, so its undergoing some work.

=) I read abt Zara every day!

MamaBoK said...

Wow..!! Zara got "ang moh" slang..!!

Simple American said...

She has such a sweet disposition. For this short film at least, huh. And she really is artistic. Be interesting to watch how she develops artistically.

Samm said...

Good to see her enjoying herself. If u r upstairs, can install wireless cam so that u can monitor her thru pc mah. Then nonid to run up and down lorrr, unless its an emergency.

mom2ashley said...

i wish i could work from home more often!!! lucky you!

1+2mom said...

She very creative and good imagination ler :)
Very happy to see them playing happily by their own ler.

sesame said...

Yup, it's nice to be able to see her whenever you can. But it takes a lot of discipline to stay focus on work as well.

She's cute, muttering "oh dear, oh dear, oh dear". I wonder if she know what it means?

Jesslyn said...

Oh dear, noticed zara's toys also lying here & there hor! Just like my house now! :P
The flower set very nice ler!

Greenapple said...

can i ask what is your career? will love to have a job like yours should i have kid(s) ...

i like the way you bring Zara up ... she is such an elegant, and seemingly literate, and smart girl ...

all these are the qualities i admire. =)

Twinsmom said...

Eh, did you notice? the kid seems pay better and more imaginative without us around, don't you think so?

See Fei said...

my father day wish...have my own Zara! glad can share ur joy and happiness here!!

geetha said...

I sish I can work from home too. So nice.. can watch them play, sleep, eat... everything.

She's creative.. good start ;)

blurblur said...

I agreed with twinsmom, kids seemed to be more imaginative and creative when we're not around to play with them.

I like the way she says 'oh dear, oh dear'...very demure..;)

So nice hor, can work from home. But like that got maternity leave or not? ;)

IMMomsDaughter said...

The perks of working from home...sigh...let me know if got vacancy ;)

Zara's Mama said...

*ahem*.. good luck yeah.

Quite a few of you are contributing to the blog huh?..

Huh? Is there one? Must be Barney’s influence.

Simple American,
She’s like that most of the time, jovial, funny, fun. There are moments though that she’s whiney, wheepy, clingy, and guess who has to handle this side of her.. Me!
Too early to know how she’ll grow up but it’ll be interesting to see.

Wah.. wireless cam?? No need la.. I’ll pop down. If I have a wireless cam, I will never be able to work. :P

Talk to your boss. : )

Yes, absolutely fun to watch them play.

Yes, it’s tough to stay focus.. but it’s the same in the office, as there are other attractions too..
I don’t know if she knows what some of these words mean, but she use it so appropriately.

Yeah loh. We call her hurricane Zara.. Every where she goes.. toys and books will be scattered.

I’m doing support, which means, I can work from anywhere as long as I have a phone line and internet connection. :P
Hey, thanks for the praises.. *blush*

I think Zara still not at that self-concious stage yet, at least not with me. But she’s shy to dance around when my maid is looking after her, with me, she’ll be jumping and prancing as though I’m not there.. Maybe she’s very comfortable with me kua. :P

See Fei,
Ahem, must spend more time in the bed room now huh? :P

That’s the only perk I get with my job. Nothing else. :(

Of course got maternity la.. but even on days when you are sick, sometimes you still have to work.

Haha.. I don’t think we’re hiring.. with staff like us who never want to leave the job because of the flexibility.

chanelwong said...

yalor, soo nice your company got vacancy must let us know..
Zara can play by herself, very good

jazzmint said...

hehe that's so cute...she can entertain herself at home

aVieo0o said...

yup. at the moment got 3 ppl lo.

Zara's Mama said...

Wait ah.. let me get my package to leave then you can have my position.

She entertains herself and us. haha.

Aaah..any reason why not just have your own blog?