Thursday, June 08, 2006


Every thing looks nice but tastes yucky. ~ That's how my appetite is nowadays. I'm always hungry, and always want to munch on something. However, everything that I put into my mouth, tastes awful, it gets worse later part of the day. Morning sickness? Mine is evening sickness. Nice things smell awful. ~ I bought the Anaku body shampoo for Zara to use because I loved the baby scent. Now, I can't stand it. If I had to bath Zara, I'll change it to soap. If Tuyam used this to bath Zara, I can't even stand the smell of it on Zara. Work work and work ~ My boss changed me to another project team. It means more work, more morning and night conferences with the US folks, and the start of traveling. I'd turned down a trip to Houston and a chance to meet Simple American (excuse, "medical reasons"), but I believe there'll be some traveling within Asia which is quite difficult to refuse. I'm tired ~ My work day sometimes start at 7:30am (meeting), and I continue working till about 7pm. On the same day, sometimes I get a 9pm or a later call. ~ Zara would be crying when I have to leave her at 9pm. I have to pacify her and then pass the crying child to Tuyam (Daddy is pretty hopeless when Zara starts crying) ~ Zara will stay up until I lay next to her. Normally I'm too tired and just doze off with her. ~ At 6am, she'll be waking me up to make her "bottle milk", like a zombie, I do just that, see that she finishes her milk, and try to get both of us back to sleep, even though it's just for another 1hr or 1.5hr. Yesterday ~ She cried when I have to attend my call at 9pm. Nobody was able to pacify her, she was wailing, "mummy, mummy". So I had to carry her in the study, hooked on my headset, listened to the conversation at the other end of the line (and hoped they won't call my name), and pacified the crying girl. ~ When she stopped crying, she started yakking away, about this wooden man figurine that I have in the study, here is part of what she said (She was repeating the same thing over and over for 30mins about the 'boy' being broken, because she bang it on the floor). I was really worried about her, chanting away like that. (If you can't see the player, the wav file can be found here)


Simple American said...

And I'm still kicking the cat over you not visiting. (I don't have a cat, no animals have been hurt in preparing this comment)

That has to be tough doing all of those teleconfereneces. My missus has a new project and does not have to travel (as of yet). But she has to call Bangalore some days. The hours she has to work are crazy sometimes.

Actually hope they send her to Bangalore. I will go with her. I ain't stopping in India though. ;)

Has to be tough making those calls when you are ready to go to bed. And then throw in being sick too. Hoo boy.

L B said...

I am impressed that despite all that, you still find time to blog for us, and then have extra time to leave comments too! Thank you, Zara's Mama.. I appreciate your notes even more now..

Vien said...

I know how you feel when comes to "evening" sickness. I had that too when I was preggie with Belle. I always joked that she was a Msian fetus 'cos it was "morning" sickness at Msia. I guess yours is an "american" fetus. :) Hang in there woman!

eve said...

ohhhhhh...i can soooo relate to tat..i m feeling exactly like u..oni mine is all day round sickness...all my fave food has turned soo yucky..lucky thing i m not hungry all the time...the oni thing i can eat now is tuna sandwich..n nothing is soo frustrating...the crave is there , but once i have a bite of it , tat's'll make me wan to puke...i have banned my hubby fr eating onions n garlic..cos i just kenot stand the after breath..i'll get him to sleep on the floor if he as much as forget tat he is not suppose to eat garlic n onion...cruel , but..kenot help it...hehe..

may said...

*grumble mumble blogger down maintenance grumble*

ok, now that's over and done with...


Mama, you have us to cheer you on! steady now, steady...

Jesslyn said...

cannot stand body shampoo smell?? then change other brand and see!
One of my friend dislike Colgate toothpaste smell during preggie, although all the time she been using it, end up change to other brand!
eh, u got to find TIME to rest lar!

blurblur said...

*hugs hugs* yeah, i agreed with lb, despite all these discomfort you still made an effort to update your blog regularly and leave comments on all our posts!! Thanks, Agnes! :)

Take good care and have plenty of rest, ok? yeah, we're all here to hear your ranting and grumbling...don't feel shy hor, keep them coming..hehe..;)

geetha said...

Hang in there dear. Having a baby with one in the hand wanting attention is tough. On top of that, you have to deal with evening sickness.. I understand.

My, my, you're busy and tired, but you can still blog. Hats off to you :P

Take good rest, whenever possible ;)

Egghead said...

I think you don't have to be too worried about her "chanting" lah... is their way of make-believe play gua... and keeping their active mind entertained :)

momm said...

ahh... dejavu for me...

i'm already in my 7th month and i really have a low threshold for patience these days.

natalie would want attention at anytime, anyday. and would usually be the time when you wanna rest, speak to clients etc etc.

be patient...

nat's mom

rachel said...

No worry abt they chanting, my son also the same when I bz with my work, he will only stop until I answer him.
Rest more, and cheer up :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Though I am sure most of us enjoy your posts, do take time to rest, especially since your schedule is so packed! Blogging is addictive & sharing is fun but it's one of those things that we can set aside if given no choice. Do take care, ya?

Cocka Doodle said...

Based on the symtons that you've described, congratulation! You have another baby girl!!

Pass the baby-sitting of Zara to your maid la....don't everything 1 leg kick.

michelle said...

Poor you. Must teach Zara to be more independent over you. Where is daddy? Train daddy to take over.

Fortunately my telecon is after 11pm. Hehehe..I trained my children to sleep by 9:30pm.

ky said...

Ahh.., the morning sickness (mine is whole day long), the worst of all things in child bearing. And yes, the sensitivity to smell. I been through that for both my kids, and after I had my second, I told daddy to remind me hard on these things if I ever think of a third. :P

sesame said...

Sounds very stressful...I hope your work volume will slow down somewhat later. I can just imagine your pressure cos I hate it when I've to prepare stuff for my work in the evening at the expense of time with Gavin too. *sigh* just part of life. Take care though. Your sickness is quite bad. For some women, it maybe just a few months so hope yours is just that...

chanelwong said...

Poor Zara and mummy...
I also hated the nice smell of Softlan until I have to ask my hubby to get rid of the things which has Softlan smell...
I hope that your sickness will be over and job will be less stressful. Take care

Anonymous said...

It's at times like these that u realise having your child so attached to you is not such a good idea after all...In the end, you suffer, she suffers.

See Fei said...

take my hats off to u...mother,blogger,dedi staff,wife 4-in-1!

Samm said...

My heart goes out to you. Being so busy during the day for work till late at night; just when you really do need the extra rest for the pregnancy. The cravings and aversions to particular smells are all so common, sigh. I have neither. Actually, it's your body reacting to the all those chemical formulations you're using on Zara. You can try switching to Organic ones which does not contain any chemicals. Try Paul Pender's Better for both you and Zara now.

At least you no longer have to breastfeed Zara. That's a relief. But then you still have to wake up so early to feed her. It'll be easier if she can sleep through the night. Take things easy now. Workload cannot be lightened meh? So sad you have to give up your Houston trip, awwww. But, do take extra care during your 1st trimester, k. Hugs.

jazzmint said...

wahh..ur life sounds like me for the pass few months!!! Take care dear.

hehe zara so cute talking repeatedly the same thing. Faythe will always come next to me and take one side of my handsfree to listen, she gets excited when she hears someone talking. Next she will start to sit on my lap and ransacking the laptop keyboard :(.

don't you just hate working with US counterparts..all the late night meeting is making us having lesser tim e to spend with our family :(

Lin Peh said...

Aiyo....why complain complian. Lin Peh sure you are the one who is making her so attchach to you so this is the price u have to pay lor!! Just like if Lin Peh mia piaomei everyday attached (physically) Lin Peh also kenot tahan even tho Lin Peh like. If you let go a little, your life will be much easier. Don't complain's your choice! Right ?

Sue said...

Guess now is just the starting point coz I really belive the kids can "smell" a sibling on the way (old folks tale?)... Ivan was also like that starting from me being a few months pregnant till now. Anyway, sometimes it's great that they prefer me to anyone else, other times I yearn for some time for myself and wish someone else would attend to them (nicely). Either way, I just have no heart to leave him be when he starts calling for mummy :P

Helen said...

It's always a hard having to juggle between career and home. I think you're already doing a great job! lol

You'll be travelling around soon? I understand it'll be hard leaving Zara and hubby... but, if there is no other choice, hope you'll get to make the best of it!

Your sense of smell and taste changed already? Does that mean you'll get turned on by short ugly guys?? :-P

khongfamily said... are a 'Superwoman' leh. Work non-stop and have to endure with whining Zara and demanding job. And not forgetting you are pregnant too. Do take care of yourself, ya!

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
I do visit wut.. but not so fast.. Esp your longer posts. Have to find the right time to read them.
Those teleconferences are tough and boring.. That’s a good time to go blog hopping!

When I’m caught in a boring call, blog hopping is therapeutic! The speed of me reading blogs very much depends on how many boring calls I have in a day. Haha.

Aaah.. American fetus.. that’s a good analogy.

I think your case is worse than mine.. Luckily I can still eat, but food just doesn’t taste as good as it used to.
Poor you.. and poor hubby, for having to sleep on the floor.
When I get bigger, I may want him to sleep on the floor though, just like what I did when I have Zara. 8months onwards, he slept on the floor, because there’s really no room in our queen size bed.

Thank you thank you.. Time for me to move to my new server hor?

Yeah loh. Must change body shampoo for her already.

Blogging is an escape for me mah.
Sure.. will try to sleep early. In fact, I’m sleeping earlier than I used to.. But still never feel very rested, don’t know why.

Yes, I think first pregnancy is easier because you don’t have an attention seeking child to deal with.

I haven’t heard her talking non stop like that mah.. so a bit worried. As though it’s not her real self talking.

Gee.. I hope it’ll get better but not worse. I heard though that the child would normally get even more attached and wants more attention later part b’cos they can sense that something is happening. Yikes.

Haha.. I’ll remember that.

Thanks. Will do.
I won’t really stress myself too much. That’s why I don’t blog during w/ends. It’s rest day for me from the PC!

Another girl will be great! I love girls!
Ahem, you ‘pakat’ with my hubby? Why you never said pass the baby sitting to Daddy? By right he should help out. Maid has other chores to do mah during the night.

Daddy very hopeless one la when Zara starts crying. Can’t depend on him. Zara is independent most of the time, but at night when she wants to sleep, it’ll always have to be me. No me, no talk.
Actually I don’t know how you cope ler. 2 kids, and no maid! Gosh! I salute you.

I’ll tell myself that too.. No more No.3!!

I hope it’ll also be gone by 2nd trimester.
But I think I’m getting old.. really feeling very tired all the time, and I think it won’t go until after the delivery, then again, I’ll get more tired with all the night feeds and all start. Never ending eh?

Channel Wong,
Strange things happened during pregnancy huh? Yes, I hope my job will get less stressful too.

It’s better that the child is attached to me than the maid, although it’s an easier job for the mother, not my cup of tea.

See Fei,
Thank you.. haha.. it’s only difficult now.. because everything is happening at the same time. It wasn’t so bad earlier.

Aigh.. if it’s my own business, or course I’ll lessen the work load. Unfortunately it’s not like that when you work from someone. And people don’t sympathized with you when you are pregnant, they expect you to work harder because you’ll soon be taking a few months off.
Thanks for the hugs.. needed that.

Yeah loh.. hate working with the US folks! Aigh.. what to do when you are in a regional role!
But Faythe is good huh? Kwai kwai sit with you.

Aiyo.. how can you compare piao mei with a kid.. Wait la.. next time you have your own baby.. see you want the kid to stick to you like your piao mei do or not.

Yes.. see you can emphasized with me. Some people think I should just make her less attached to me to make my life easier. But really, I would prefer her to stick to me than the maid. It’s the sacrifices we have to make being a mother.

Leaving hubby is easy la.. He’s so big. Leaving Zara will be tough I think. I wonder if she’ll cope w/out me. But we shall see.
Haha.. turned on by short ugly guys.. I just get turned off by the smell of men. Soon, have to ask hubby to sleep on the floor liao.

Zara's Mama said...

Only now.. it wasn't that bad earlier.. This time, everything just came together.

shoppingmum said...

Poor mommy, you must be really tired lately. Get more rest during weekends ok?
Well, sometimes kids "see" things which can't be seen by us, as told by my mum. But it sounds scary to me...

Simple American said...

I meant you visiting Houston ZM. I have no blogging complaints. You are one of my lost loyal and regular commenters and I appreciate that. Sorry I was obscure. I seem to do that a lot lately.

Contented Mum said...

I can relate to your experience regarding the taste and smell but it will get better after the first trimester not immediately maybe but after the fourth month, I feel much better now. Do try to rest whenever u can. I try to nap if I can during lunch time because when I get home, Qi Ning will hang on to me like a sticky tape!

Contented Mum said...

I can relate to your experience regarding the taste and smell but it will get better after the first trimester not immediately maybe but after the fourth month, I feel much better now. Do try to rest whenever u can. I try to nap if I can during lunch time because when I get home, Qi Ning will hang on to me like a sticky tape!

Contented Mum said...

I can relate to your experience regarding the taste and smell but it will get better after the first trimester not immediately maybe but after the fourth month, I feel much better now. Do try to rest whenever u can. I try to nap if I can during lunch time because when I get home, Qi Ning will hang on to me like a sticky tape!

mom2ashley said...

oh...finally we get to hear some updates on how you're doing with regards to your pregnancy eh?
looks like you are getting busier!!! don't overstress yourself!

earthember said...

I had whole day "morning" sickness for the initial period. It was better after the second trimester. See it positively, it prevents un-necessary weight-gain. :)

Simple American said...

I meant most loyal not lost loyal. Haiz...