Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zara's Talk

On Sunday, I prepared her for bed, and told her she'll be going to King's Wife's place on Monday. Me : Zara likes our house more or Ah Kim's house more? Zara : Ah Kim's house. Me : Why? Zara : Ah Kim's house got Mr Bean (we don't subscribe to Astro and hence no Mr Bean cartoon at home). ... Later in our conversation. Me : Tomorrow Zara bring dinasaur sweet (just bought her some gummies in the shape of dinasaur) to Ah Kim's house, must share with jiejie yeah? Zara : Give Sam jiejie dinasaur sweet. Give jiejie Alicia dinasaur sweet. Me : Yes. Clever. Must share share ok. Zara : Ok. Me : Can share with Navisha jiejie (King's Wife's neighbour who likes to hang around with her girls) or not? Zara : *tears started flowing down so suddenly* Don't want. Don't want give Navisha jiejie. Zara don't want. Aiks.. it was time to pacify her and end of conversation. We had string beans sprouts (Kuai Dao Miu) for dinner yesterday, while Zara had her own dish. After dinner, my niece Samantha took a bowl of string beans and started eating in the living room. Zara saw what Sam was eating, so she asked for some, "Sam jiejie, give Zara beans please" I took some from Sam and started feeding Zara, "Zara likes the beans?" Zara said, "Like!" Then she added, "Jack bean stalk!" and laughed at her own joke. (Tuyam told me this happened just now) Zara was messing around her box of VCDs/DVDs, trying to take out some of the title sleeves. Tuyam : You don't do that. After mummy scold you. Zara ignored Tuyam, so Tuyam repeated herself. Zara stopped what she was doing and stared at Tuyam, "Zara angry!" (She's very good in bullying the maid, but with me, she will never use such tone and said such things.) I was trying to test the water to check if Zara was ready for my upcoming business trip. Me : Zara, can mummy sit airplane and go work work? (That's what we say when Daddy is away for his business trip). Zara : Cannot. Daddy go only. Me : Why cannot? Zara : Mummy stay you. Me : *don't understand* Huh? Mummy don't understand Zara. Can mummy sit airplane and go work work or not? Zara : Cannot. Mummy stay you. Me : *still don't understand* Why cannot, Zara sleep with kakak, ok or not. Zara : Cannot. Mummy stay Zara. (oh.. I finally got it. She meant "Mummy stay with me" when she said "Mummy stay you".)


King's wife said...

Dun worry lah, when she has no choice, she will just sleep. With or without you.

blurblur said...

Err, why she don't want to share with Navisha jiejie?

Wah! So young already so fierce, know how to bully Tuyam...i sked sked again.:P

When is your trip btw?

L B said...

ok, all this is beginning to remind me of myself ... a little bit...

Jesslyn said...

sure like ah kim house lor since got 2 jie jie can play with! Later she would prefer to stay home, got partner already mah!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

She so 'guai' know to use the word 'please' when requesting.
I agreed with King's wife, my eldest son also vy clingy too, but during my labour time (2nd son) he absolutely different vy 'guai' and independant. They just want to manja mummy.
Btw, why she cry when mention Navisha jie jie?

sesame said...

That's what her big eyes are for! For tears to flow down suddenly...she's quite sentimental huh, even to her things.

She's like my boy, knowing who to bully. But it could become a problem when you really travel. Must really start to prep her now.

Robin said...

as usual, mummy is the dearest..

MamaBoK said...

She tickles me all the time.. just by being so smart.. ;)

mom2ashley said...

that's very sweet. you had better prepare her for the arrival of her sibling....

Simple American said...

So are you coming to Houston? Or is this just a local trips.

I love the Jack and the Beanstalk. She is so funny. And bright.

Samm said...

Zara's a smart learner. All i know now is that Gordon's gonna pine for me for the 3 days i'll be away from him when i go to the hospital to have Malcolm. Awww, i'm so gonna miss him then.

may said...

one thing's for sure, she sure isn't shy in voicing out what she wants, hor?

Vien said...

wow, this litte one can be quite feisty (to ppl she can bully)..hehe. Ashley's mom is right, have to start prep her for the arrival of the 2nd one.

Gene Lim said...

cute...she really can talk alot now her age...
kesian tuyam... she knows who the boss huh at such young gal!

YL said...

aiyoh... so tute!!! :P 甜得让人受不了!!!! if she sits besides me and say,"auntie yl, give Zara money please"... sure give one!!! :P

Twinsmom said...

good girl, know how to say "please", mommy teach well huh :).

domestic rat said...

Ah Kim? Does the King's wife like being called that? I hate to be called that. Sounds so old. :(

Zara's Mama said...

King’s Wife,
Yeah.. sure will still sleep eventually.

I also don’t know why she doesn’t want to share with Navisha.
Yeah loh.. they know who they can bully who they can’t, very smart kids nowadays.
My trip.. soon (I don’t want to mention here, just in case anybody will ill intention read this knows when I’ll be away).

Must be the maid part huh?

Besides the jiejies, she really likes Ah Kim’s Astro.. on always all day long one.

Adrian and Alvan,
Aaah.. only sometimes she uses the please, or sometimes needs lots of reminding.
I don’t know why she cries when we asked her to share with Navisha. Sometimes she just cry for no reason.

Yes.. she shed tears so suddenly sometimes we don’t know what can make her cry. She’s like me, over developed tear glands. :P
Kids nowadays are very smart they know who they can get away with things. Yes, trying to prep her, I hope she’ll be ok.

The feeling is mutual..

She tickles us too.. with some of her silly comments.

Yes.. that’s making me a bit worried..

Simple American,
No, no Houston. Local trips.
She likes to links stories and real things up.. beans = Jack Beanstalk; cow = Mc Donald (as in Old Mc Donald); dog = Bingo (the song). It’s cute to see how her little mind works linking these things.

You have to tell us how Gordon behaves. I really haven’t been away from Zara beside when she was 5mths old. I don’t know how she’ll handle it. But I’ll soon find out.

Yes. Whatever she is.. she’s seldom shy. Very unlike mummy.

Have to prep her with new siblings and my traveling. No fun!

Yes. When I’m around, if she’s rude to the maid, I’ll make her say sorry.. don’t want her to be a spoilt brat when she’s older.

Thanks for reminding me.. I’ll sure get her to say that the next time.. :P But hor, she’ll only ask for money when she wants kiddy rides.

Mummy teach loh, but she only say it sometimes, not all the time.

Domestic Rat,
But King’s Wife is Zara’s ah kim mah.. all my nephews call her that. She’s young, so she doesn’t mind to be addressed like that. :P

geetha said...

She's doing very well in her speech skills. I am impressed. For her age, she is good.

Oops, you have to give some training, if not she will miss too much. I experienced it once with Champion (a bad experience), now I am trying to train lil' President for my upcoming trip ;)

chanelwong said...

good thing you keep a record of these interesting is very interesting

See Fei said...

wat? travel and leave us all stranded here..donwan donwan AAAHHH!

Tracy said...

Sure Zara will prefer to go to Ah Kim's house. Got Mista Bean to watch, got jie jie to play with, can 'deh deh' Ah Kim.

Maybe Navisha bullied her before, dat's why don't want to share share with her.

Wah, Zara sure knows who she can bully. Poor Tuyam. Destinee oso bullies my maid ... haiya ...

Hahaha, ur test backfired ar? Zara's so smart. Knows mummy's going to leave her. "Cannot. Mummy stay Zara", how cute.

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, I remembered your post about Champion taking your business trip very badly. Gosh, I'm not sure how Zara is going to behave, but I hope she'll be ok (keeping my fingers crossed).

Yes, I want to show her that's how she talked when she's older.

See Fei,
Leave Zara only..

Yeah loh. At home only mummy and maid and four walls.
I don't think Navisha bullied her before, but sometimes Zara just get very emotional for the tiniest reason.
Test backfired, come the real thing, I don't know how she's going to take it. :(

IMMomsDaughter said...

Good luck! I'm lucky my girl is used to my travelling already. Mommy not around, dd also canlah...

Sue said...

Sometimes when they talk, it seems like a workout for our brains huh... trying to figure out what they mean. But most times, mums seem to catch on to what they're talking faster hehehe.. and it's so nice that they don't mind repeating again and again for their "silly" mums who don't understand what they're saying so well hehehe...