Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend knick knacks

We brought Zara to the football field in our residential area on Sunday morning. Nobody was playing foot ball, so we got the whole field to ourselves. It was wonderful, Zara was so happy to be running in such a big flat grass field.
She was happy chasing after her ball, throwing or kicking the ball. Daddy kicked the ball into the goal post and Zara shouted hooray (trust her be the goal keeper huh?) Happy, Sweaty Zara.
For lunch, I made Pumpkin soup using the recipe from River Cafe Cook Book. However, because I didn't have any chicken stock, I used the Maggie chicken granules (the one without MSG); gosh, it was so yucky (maybe because it's change of taste bud for me as well), all I could taste is the chicken stock taste, blech. Daddy walloped his bowl without complaint though. The avocado, zucchini and turkey breast sandwich was oh, so good.

As for Zara, she has been crazy about cheese. On both Sat and Sun, all she wanted for breakfast and lunch was, "bread and cheese". Offered her anything and she turned her face and said, "Don't want". So it was bread and cheese for her.

On Sat morning, she even woke up and I think she was trying to tell me what she dreamt about (but of course she's too young to know what a dream is). She told me first thing in the morning when she opened her eyes, "Got big big cheese." before she smiled and stretched.

Anybody knows any good but not too salty cheese to go with bread or cracker for the little one? I'd been giving her Kraft, Baby Bell and the smiling cow cheese spread. We give her some of our gourmet chedder as well, but it's too salty and I always feel guilty after giving her some.


Simple American said...

Smiling cow cheese. Thats kind of neat. We have a cheese in the states called laughing cow. That is pretty healthy cheese. Don't know if y'all have it or not.

So I wonder where Zara learned about how to react to a ball in the net?

may said...

with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
this old man came rolling home

that photo of her out in the field is really nice!

L B said...

Zara to captain the Malaysian Soccer team at the FIFA World Cup at the Maldives in 2026.

yl said...

"Daddy kicked the ball into the goal post and Zara shouted hooray (trust her be the goal keeper huh?)" ----> that's sports..ermmmmmmm... sportsgirlship, okkkkkkk!!

"Happy, Sweaty Zara." ----> shouldnt it be "Happy, Sweaty, pretty Zara."?? she look she... dunno... pretty in a sweaty, sweetie type of way...

last question: how do you choose an avocado?? the slightly soft ones?? wat to look out for??

since auntie yl is someone who is drowning in food sins, i shall give any recommendation on the cheeses... :P

mama bok said...

Now if only chloe would eat some cheese and bread..!! i would be the happiest mummy on earth.. hahah!!
Zara is just too clever..!

Vien said...

Oooo..Got big big cheese! She must'd been as happy as a little mouse in!

jefferene said...

Nice photos and nice shots! I like the close up shots!

I eager to know too of how to choose avocado. :)

Jesslyn said...

I wish my girls will take cheese...but both dislike it! *sigh*
In the house, only I like cheese..:)

sesame said...

Zara is quite adventurous food wise and that's really good. Compared to my boy who is slightly fussy.

Very sorry, don't know much about cheese to recommend anything. Our family don't take much of it.

Sabrina said...

Wah Zara want big big cheese. I want..I want.Yummy...I love cheese and so as Keith. But he prefer to have biscuit than bread. Maybe it's because it is soft and it stick to the teeth at times.Hehe..

blurblur said...

I'm a BIG fan of cheese!! But can't really recommend any that is not salty cos i basically eat all types of cheese..hehe..;p

I love the photos you posted here, especially the close up on, she's so pretty..:)

geetha said...

Hey, Zara and Champion so same same lah. He also like cheese, until I had to hide it in the fridge.. deep inside. He ate Kraft, but hubby warned not to give too much. Too much dairy not good mah..

Egghead said...

cool Zara! at least she is not limited to girly games only :)

Allyfeel said...

Such a nice Sunday morning activities. All sweaty and healthy.

Your hubby so nice one, wake up so early. It's hard for me to wake my husband up especially on Sunday Morning.

The avocado salad looks yummylicious!!! I love avocado.

Samm said...

Pretty Zara Jiejie. Talking about avocado..... i've not had any for ages. Yes, eat more, it's good.

Helen said...

My, I turn on the TV there is the World Cup everywhere. The last place on earth I expected to find football is your blog and boy, am I surprised!!! lol

No where is safe from Football.... (or World Cup)

Can't beat them, let't join them!! OK, bet now. Who'll win??

Fannie said...

CHeese i can't help yet as I am also looking for one that has a lower sodium content...

But the filed-play looks sure fun!!! Isn't it so satisfying for the parents when our kids enjoy themselves so much? :)

mom2ashley said...

after reading about mommies cooking at home..i feel so hopeless! i dont cook... the only thing i cook is ashley's food.

sambal-belacan said...

i remember my parents feeding my kraft cheese sticks as a kid. unless kids have gone gourmet these days, i assume that's still safe to eat =) btw - i always wanted the river cafe cookbook. good?

Tracy said...

Wow! The whole field to urselves? Struck lottery lor.

Zara caught up with the Worldcup fever too?

She's so cute in the 2nd pic. Haiyo, opponent scored goal and she's so happy and shouting hooray summore! Better not choose her to be the goalkeeper on my side lor. Kakakakaka.

Can't help u with the cheese too. All cheese I know of and tasted are salty.

domestic rat said...

Try giving her some Brie cheese. The taste is very subtle and hardly salty at all. You can feed her that with high calcium crackers too! Perhaps consider mashing the avocado and spread it on the bread. Just a suggestion.

BTW, I like the picture with the sun shining down on her back. She seemed deep in thoughts.

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
I think it’s Laughing cow and not smiling cow. :P I think they are the same as the one you get in the states.
Aah.. I used to think the cheese in the states are a bit mild, I like strong smelly cheese. Hm.. too bad I’m not making a trip to US, or else I would have bought some back for Zara since it’s milder and less salty.

Thank you.
Wah.. you know how to sing the song. If you sing it for Zara she’ll be very happy.

Aaah.. if there’s no sex discrimination.

Wah.. so dramatic one you?
Choose avocado? Press them lightly, the soft ones are the ones which you can eat immediately. The hard ones will probably need a few days of keeping. I normally go straight for the slightly soft ones (with some parts still hard).

Mama bok,
How come Chloe doesn’t take cheese? I remember you mentioned she is quite a ‘Chinese’ girl huh?

Wonder what she saw.. but she probably ate the big big cheese to be grinning like that.

See my reply to YL. Slightly soft, with other parts still hard should be good. Normally the darker skin ones are nicer. The ones which are too green will be too ‘raw’.

Aiyo.. then very poor thing already you. All of us love cheese, that’s why we always have lots of cheese to eat at home, and I like the smellier the better, but now pregnant, just stick to chedder.

She’s not really that adventurous, but she has a few things she likes which she can eat over and over again.
Aah, Gavin is a fussy eater? Did you expose him to lots of variety of food while he just started solids? I try to do that with Zara, but certain food, she still won’t take like peas or sweet potato. :(

Try hard bread. We give Zara lots of those European style bread, because of the grain it contains. :)

All cheese are salty hor? I guess that’s what makes it so tasty.
Thank you, I like those photos too.

Wow, have to hide? Maybe one day I have to do it too. Zara is asking for cheese all the time.
Btw, why too much diary is not good?

Yeah.. And she likes trucks too.

Zara will wake him up if he doesn’t get up by 8:30am. So he has to oblige. :)
I love avocado too.

Aaah.. you should go & grab some avocado now.

Every where you turn, it’s World Cup related pix! When are you posting yours?

I’m sure Singapore has better variety!
Field play is always fun, esp when you have the whole field to yourself, which can be quite rare. Yes, it’s nice to see them enjoy themselves.

At least you take the pain to cook Ashley’s food, some would just open the bottle. You are doing good, but I think if your mum is a good cook, you should really learn from her. Aigh, I wish I could learn from someone.

Sambal Belacan,
Kraft is ok, but it’s processed cheese. I prefer to give her non-processed one, but I guess it’s hard as the salt content is higher.
River CafĂ© cook book is good, but I’d only tried this very one, and it didn’t turn up that well because I use a smelly chic stock.

Yeah loh. Whole field to myself is like striking lottery.
She still doesn’t know the concept of foot ball, as long as the ball is kicked and thrown, she’s happy. :)

Zara's Mama said...

Domestic Rat,
Ah ha.. Brie is a good option. Never thought about it. Lets see if she likes it. She seems to like hard cheese more.
Thanks, I like that photo too.

Simple American said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I could mail it to you? Not stored in the cooler. But it might get too hot in the postage system.

J said...

Lovely sweet Zara.. kiss kiss

Helen said...

Yeah, i think I should jump into the WC bandwagon and start posting some football hunks. lol No Beckham though! Yucks.

Sue said...

Err.. sometimes I think since we grew up okay eating what we ate back then, it shd be no problem with our kids. Parents (myself included) these days are a wee bit fanatic over what their children shd or shdnt eat... :P Sometimes just have to loosen up a bit as it won't do them much harm, the pollution all around's done that for us...