Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Farmer Dee-ka" (Sawadeeka)

That's the way Zara says Sawadeeka, i.e. Hello in Thai. We just came back from our 5 days Phuket trip late last night. It was a slow pace do nothing much trip. The moment we arrived in the hotel, the very nice Twinpalms Hotel, Zara has started to want to go home. "I want to go home" was something she said so frequently when she's bored. When we told her we won't be going home so soon, and we'll be staying in the hotel for a few nights, she changed and said "I want to go back hotel" when we're out and there's nothing much interesting for her to see or do. She said she missed her macanoni (macaroni) and cheese, her toys, Russ our cat, and playing with Kakak; and when we arrived home yesterday, she was really happy!! Wanting to play with all her toys and flip through all her books that she missed. She didn't sleep until about 12am going through her stuff in the house while I did the unpacking. I guess Phuket has not much to offer to a kid that young, or maybe Zara has begun to be very attached to her home. I have lots to catch up at work, so I'll be posting the photos later.


mott said...

y'mean, the sand, surf and sea didn't do it for her???

hope u had a relaxing holiday, at least!

laundryamah said...

she may enjoy disneyland maybe?? but this break is for u ma...

See Fei said...

u missing for so long, about to report to police liao :-)

interesting to observe Z is developing a comfort zone. from this post, can deduce that comfort zone is not only confined to adult.

more comment when you pic are up!!

jazzmint said...

ooww...she misses home huh..me going for hols too this weekend ;)

Helen said...

The phuket beach not enough to keep little Zara amused? :-)

Did you take the optional tours? (boat ride to other islands, etc?)

shoppingmum said...

There's nothing much to see, but it's a relaxing trip to you. After baby comes along, it's gonna be months away before your next family trip.

blurblur said...

Zara is a very 'homely' girl huh? ;)

It's good for you to relax before baby comes...life will be different then..;)

cp1 said...

hope you had a good time..resting and getting the famous thai massage..zara will enjoy them parks more i think wink wink

sesame said...

Kids can be quite restless. Probably nothing interesting for her that's why...

But good to go R&R before the next one comes...

may said...

lol, zara must've missed all her routine this and thats! hope your holiday was great. work smart, looking forward to those photos!

sambal belacan said...

hi - if u don't mind, how much did u pay for the hotel? looks good!

L B said...

Welcome back home!!! Giant Muffins, anyone?

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, to her, there must be animals to see, to pat, or some shows to watch.
I did have a relaxing holidays.. :-D

She enjoyed A Formasa a lot.. so I guess it has to be a theme park that she’ll enjoy.

See Fei,
Haha.. going to file a missing person report.
She definitely finds that her home is where her comfort zone lies.

Enjoy your self.. :P

Too bad no.. :(
I didn’t take any tours. I’m too big to be traveling by speedboat (not advisable), so we only stayed in Phuket island.

For now she’s homely. Yeah.. it was more of my holidays than hers and hubby’s. :P

I had a good time. Yeah, I think she likes parks more.. :P

That’s right, nothing that really interest her. For me, it’s all R&R.

Absolutely, she missed all her things at home.

Sambal Belacan,
Check out www.laststays.com. I got very good rate from there (about USD100), but you can only book 2 weeks in advance. I think it’s whatever the hotel can’t sell, they put it up here for sale to fill the rooms.

*turned away* No thanks.

michelle said...

Looks like you had quiet a few vacation this year. Yes travelling with children is not fun at this age.

lakeside girl said...

Give that baby a spa treatment, lady! It's never too early to start. :D

荦怡 said...

can't wait to see yr photo liao...

Joelle also like that, wanted to go home whenever she feel bored!

HMom said...

so thats where u were hiding! Must have been a good break esp for u. I personally feel that Phuket sdoes not have much to offer for kids. But most importantly, you had a family holiday together - doesnt matter where u go

Nadia said...

The hotel looks nice! Hope you've had a great time!! =)

Samm said...

How clever, go holiday now. You sure gonna stay home for a long long time after bb#2 arrives. Me can hardly find the right mood to come down KL for a visit.... dont even mention overseas trip.

geetha said...

She didn't like playing on the beach?

You really good lah, can move around a lot pregnant and having Zara! I was too heavy, I preferred to stay home.. *sigh* Now, I cannot holiday just yet, two of them are so so mobile on their own!

Jason said...

No wonder no updates. Been travelling really alot hor. First Bali, now Phuket. The places/countries Zara visited is even more than mine. -.-l

Zara's Mama said...

It’s just the timing.
I wanted to go on another just before I pop. Because I know next year, it’ll be tough for me to go for one. And Zara is at this age where she’s still enjoying discounted fare, next year she’ll have to pay full fare. So.. it’s all timing. :P

Lakeside girl,
Haha.. you very high class la.

Joelle’s mummy,
Now these toddlers can really demand huh?

Yeah. We thought it’ll be some fun for her, but she didn’t seem to think so. Although she said she ‘enjoyed’ her holiday.

It was a good one for me, definitely.

I know.. next year, to bring two for a holiday would be a pain.. better quickly go for one now. :P

We brought her for a stroll at the beach. Maybe should have let her play with the sand there, but the waves were a bit rough and she got afraid of them. So she didn’t even quite like strolling at the beach.
That’s what I thought too, when there are 2, it’ll be tougher to go for holiday, so better make use of the time now. But this will be my last holiday already.

Err.. soon you’ll be high flier also loh.

amanda said...

You made me want to travel too! But I am definitely not as energetic. :)

sasha said...

show pikture!!!show pikture!!!

Allyfeel said...

People said girls will stick to home and family more. Lil zara has demonstrated that. :) Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Same like my eldest, when he din find anything intereting him, he will chanting want to go home...

Zara's Mama said...

Did 1 post liao.. aiyo.. lots of work after coming back from holidays.

But I'm not like that.. I like to travel!

They are so 'pushy' at times huh? :P

Zara's Mama said...

It's easier to travel with one kid than 2.. so that's my motivation, even though I'm really not that energetic too.

Simple American said...

She did not like the beach? It looked so beautiful in the website you provided in the other post.