Friday, October 13, 2006

Phuket - II ~ Sigtseeing, Beaches, Others

Sightseeing I'm into my 7th month already, and hence I can't go on a speedboat. No island excursion for us this round. We hired my colleague's friend's taxi for a day trip around Phuket island on our 2nd day. When we asked what Zara wanted to do, she said, "Zara want to sit on elephant.". Our first stop was to a place near by for Elephant rides. To our disappointment, Zara refused to take the elephant ride. She said, "Zara scared. Elephant so ugly. So black, and hairy." Since we were already there, we bought some bananas to feed the elephant (yes, just ONE elephant available), and even that Zara didn't want to feed. She kept asking me to do it. So much for Elephant ride! Next stop, we went to Khao Rang, highest point in Phuket town to have a panoramic view of Phuket island. It was nice and breezy, and Zara just slept on her pram throughout. Then we had lunch in town, at this local shop serving Hokkien mee (fried and soup). By far, this was the worst meal we had in Thailand! After the crappy meal, it was shopping time, where we visited the Phuket market and then Robinson Departmental Store. We then headed to Cape Promthep (southern tip of Phuket), best for sunset viewing. Beautiful place, and if I wasn't pregnant, we probably would have gone all the way to the tip of the cape (some hiking required).
She had a good nap on her pram, then she started monkeying around. The last pix showed her interested in wanting to pat and hug all the elephants surrounding the alter.
Zara wasn't interested in the view at all, she was more interested in the Elephant statues available at the prayer alter nearby. The driver then took us to Chalong Bay to dine in the famous Kan Eang Restaurant. Food was really good, and Zara was occupied throughout playing 'cooking' with the cucumber slices, and chives sticks.
Kicking some sand at Chalong Bay before dinner
The Beaches We stayed in Surin area, waves are a bit rough there and not suitable for swimming. However, during low tide, it's pretty pleasant to stroll on the beach. The beach side is lined with local restaurants, where you can covered your feet in sand while you have your meals, and the price is relatively reasonable (much cheaper than the ones on the street in Surin town). Too bad, we only discovered this towards the end of our stay, and had 2 very good lunches there ~extremely delicious fried rice and fried fish.
Surin Beach in the afternoon and evening (it got dark at about 6pm+ daily while we were there)

We took a tuk-tuk to Patong beach one evening to do a bit of shopping and to dine at the famous Savoey Restaurant (another orgasmic dinner, but Zara was chanting "Want to go back Hotel" throughout dinner because she couldn't stand the loud live performance there, so even though the food was good, we couldn't slowly savour it).

Patong beach seems to be nicer (wider, longer stretch). But that area is really too congested for my liking.

Sunset at Patong. The 'boss' demands to be carried most of the time or to 'ride' on her pram.

Others We wanted to spend most of our time at the resort, hence we didn't go out much. We have most of our lunches at Surin area. Most of the time during lunch, Zara fell a sleep, so Daddy and I could munch and enjoy our food at our own pace.

On our last night, we wanted to do a last round of shopping and went to Canal Shopping Village at the Laguna area. There were really not many shops. A waste of time (for shopping). Luckily, we found a nice restaurant, and had a very good dinner, at least our trip wasn't fully wasted.

Waiting for lunch to be served at the beach front restaurant. She wanted Daddy to get her the Pooh bear from Robinson, but of course we said NO. Snoozing at the beach, while Daddy and I had our lunch. Time to go home, and feeling happy.
Thailand is always my favourite destination for a holiday. Glorious food, cheap shopping, and best of all, good service and friendly people. Oh well, our next trip will probably be in 1.5yr time, when no. 2 is old enough to travel.


laundryamah said...

wah shiok ler u 7months still can go travelling i dun think i can ler...cos of the vomitting and the occasional wetting of pants! hahaha,,Zara is really pretty,,,very photogenic!

yl said...

whao!!!! i thought this pregnant mama is so happening... pregnant liao can go ride horse, ride elephant and sit on speedboat...

looks like Zara missed out on the most interesting sights hor...

chanelwong said...

you are very adventurous....pregnant 7 months still go outing with a kid...

Good..enjoy yourself yar...

L B said...

I like that "the Boss wants to be carried or ride in her pram" statement! Now I remember!!.. *LOL* Oh well... The Boss is the Boss, eh?

mom2ashley said...

zara knows how to pose for pictures now eh? love the sunset photo

may said...

too bad about that elephant ride! but I don't blame Zara, even I get a little scared with all that hair and the size of it, hehehe! nope... haven't had my ride either...

Shannon said...

I love seeing Zara's photo... she looks so jovial and cute... :)

blurblur said...

We(hubby and i) went to Patong beach on our first overseas trip, we simply love their beach!

Ya, you very happening leh..still can go around despite your condition..i hope i would enjoy my Australia trip in Dec...;)

domestic rat said...

You must done quite a fair bit of research on what's good to eat! Never been to those two restaurants. We always head for Red Chair at Patong for cheap and bountiful seafood!

sesame said...

You're very good. Still can do quite a lot of things at your advance stage. I didn't even dare to attempt massages when I was pregnant.

I love Thailand too. Would like to go back something soon...

mott said...

Thailand is great!!! I esp like the ppl there. So SOOOO friendly and smiley! Very genuine.

R u gonna take it super easy fm now on??? LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! Hubby didnt go for body massage meh?


so envy....i don't even have time to have a haircut.

7 months and you still 'larat' to go traveling towing an active "monkeying" toddler- you are fantastic. way to go!

it just hit me- 7 months already...err...huh?? where have i been...

Vien said...

The snoozing pic is by far the best. Look at that angelic care in the world. That's how all babies are when they are sleeping. :)

See Fei said...

both of you are great parents lugging Zara around not knowing wat her (negative) reaction is. one day when she look back on this post, she would prob will appreciate both of you more!

Vyvy said...

ehhh... how come no photo of the mama huh?

Immomsdaughter said...

7 months already ah? Seems like time really flies :) There doesn't seem to be a lot of place for shopping in Phuket, is there? I'm a sucker for shopping while holidaying. Lol.

sasha said...

7 months still can fly meh?

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a nice time.. since you'll be having a handful soon ;)

geetha said...

Glad you guys had a nice time.. since you'll be having a handful soon ;)

Simple American said...

Looks really nice. And Zara is cute as always. Too bad she loves the elephant statues more than the real thing. haha

Zara's Mama said...

You still had morning sickness at 7mth? I only get incontinence when I laughed or sneeze.. :P

Last event for the year already before I give birth. :P

For me and her sake, or else we’ll be home bound for 1yr after that.

The kid will always be the boss.. and the wife the next.. so where does the man stand? Go figure. :P

She can pose if she wanted to. But I find her natural shots are nicer. :P

You are afraid of Elephants too? I had a ride in Chiang Mai last time.. very bumpy. :P

Thank you.

By then you’ll be in your early 2nd trimester? Best time to travel actually.

Domestic Rat,
I got some locals to recommend, and these are the places they told us to go. Hmm.. I should have asked you too huh? Haven’t been to Red Chair, if I got this info from you, I would have gone to try it out.

These masseurs know what they are doing, so I dare to let them do it. For those 300baht per hr massage, I think I’ll be worried. :P
You guys can bring Gavin to Thailand.. !!

Yeah.. Some how Thai hospitality is world class.
I hope I can take it super easy from now on, but I don’t have a maid for a month, so I’m still stressing myself out. I would prefer a holiday then stressing myself like this though.

Cocka Doodle,
Hubby scared of being tickled woh.. don’t know true or not.

Two Little Fellas,
You have been so so busy. I pity you really!
7mths.. have to do every thing before I become even bigger. :P

They really look very nice when they are sleeping huh?

See Fei,
I hope she will appreciate.. but she may say, “Bring me all the way there and look what we’d done? Nothing.”

Got, previous post got mah

Yeah.. so fast huh? Less than 10more weeks to go. Their departmental store shopping is pretty good. Try it out next time. :P

Can.. ask Dr to write letter. :P


Oh.. Anon was you?

Simple American,
I think for her, reality sucks too.. esp in the animal kingdom. They all look so cute in statues and books, but the real thing smells! :P

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama, hats of to you! You are heavily pregnant and still able to travel with a two-yr-old kid...not easy. I don't think I am able to do that.