Friday, October 20, 2006


Almost a week has passed since our maid has gone home. We're using my sis' Indonesian maid, KC. Our initial plan was to have her take care of Zara and at the same time help out with household chores. However, Zara totally didn't want KC to handle her. I think the reason is KC didn't speak English, and Zara has no way of communicating with her (Tuyam is able to communicate with Zara with her limited broken English). She doesn't even want KC to sit near her while she watched her TV shows. She only wanted my sis' Filipino maid, Elizabeth. Kept sticking to her and every time KC goes near her, she'll be shouting, "Don't want kakak. Aunty Aunty (calling for Elizabeth), come!" There's lots of interruptions for me while working at my sis' place. Sometimes when Elizabeth needs to cook or clean the house, Zara will be coming to me, asking me to play with her; Or running to me for help when KC tries to give her some water or play with her. Oh boy, tough for me. Why is it always the wife who has to endure this while the husband continues with his usual routine when the domestic helper is not around? I'll wait to see if Daddy is going to help out during the weekend, or he's still going to enjoy his weekend like he usually does, in front of his newspapers, 'making love' to his amplifier, and working on his hobby. World War Three will erupt if he thinks I'll have to do all the work, while it's status quo for him!


L B said...

Well, there's bound to be some friction when the status quo has been interrupted liao! Hahaha, hope you cope well.. Big Hugs for the Holidays...

See Fei said...

Knowing when to give up your 2nd love temporarily counts a lot in keeping family harmony.

My wife always tell me "you better know where your priority is or else no point getting married!".

paper & hobby can wait. 75 days is not a long time. but got to tell hub very clearly cos guys dont raise up their radar other than work and hobby :-)

may said...

want me to source for a whip for ya? LOL! take it easy, Mama. use your pregnancy as an excuse... *wink!*

Happy DeepaRaya Holidays!

Jesslyn said...

You surely need a BREAK, tell him firmly, I m sure he will help out wan lar!

Happy Holiday to your family too!

michelle said...

Wow your sis have 2 maids? Maybe you should work at home and send Zara to your sis. :P

I cannot imagine if you have 2 w/o a maid.

laundryamah said...

AYO Wait for men to volunteer help can slow slow wait ler..piak piak Zara daddy's bum bum if he doesn't help leh!

Shannon said...

I can hear ur tiredness... somemore tummmy big big liao... Must force Zara'sDaddy to help for the weekend/holidays...
I think I'm certain Zara'sDaddy will help right?? Not that mean qua, sure sakit hati see your tummy so big somemore let u do everything meh?

huisia said...

Yalo,why man always doesn't know how to take initiative? My house also have one PIG, he said he needed a peaceful rest when he fell sick, but when i sick, i still have to be a hardworking cow.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Zara's daddy so nice give you all the recent pampering, so fo sure he understands if you ASK. Men, they can't take hints one..ha ha. You must be counting the days now :) Take care.

blurblur said...

I'm sure your hubby will help out..throw him out if he doesn't! :P joking lah!

Take care and try to rest well over the long holidays! :)

blurblur said...

I'm sure your hubby will help out..throw him out if he doesn't! :P joking lah!

Take care and try to rest well over the long holidays! :)

domestic rat said...

I think most men is like that. They normally dont do much but when they are needed, they will haha rise to the occasion. No pun intended. ;-)

Sasha said...

wow..making love to the amplifier..what a way to describe it..hehe its always liddat la..we mommies always got to sacrifice and cannot know what does "tired" mean..sian sian

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...LOL your last sentence! I think your man will get the hint! ;)

But it's so tough having to work and due with an active toddler. Hope things will be better next week for you...take care!

sesame said...

Hahaha...LOL your last sentence! I think your man will get the hint! ;)

But it's so tough having to work and due with an active toddler. Hope things will be better next week for you...take care!

Aiyoh...that earlier comment was from me. Something was wrong with the blogger comment box. Lucky I cut and paste.

mott said...

Somehow men just don't get how much work there actually is..not until he has to do it all by himself. Just tell himla to pick up the slack abit.

shoppingmum said...

Yikes, I hate it too when hubby's goyang kaki or golfing when I'm pulling myself together to attend 24/7 to the kids, without resting during weekend. And without a maid, it's rather too tiring for you since you're pregnant. So, better VOICE OUT NOW!

babykhong said...

Hey, why your sis has 2 maids? Poor you. Your belly is so big now, I'm sure your husband will help out. If not, kick him out of your room! :-)

shiaulin said...

echo huisia... man, they are hopeless/helpless.

Anonymous said...

patience is a virtue...

btw, have u decided on a name for Zara's sis? I've come across a colleagues name..starts with a Z, which I think suits her and to me its very nice name...~Zandra~ :)

Vien said...

Just tell the hubby how you feel and I'm sure he will help you willingly. Most men need to be told 'cos they can't take subtle hints. I know mine is one of them. :)

Samm said...

I'm really lucky this time round with Malcolm as hubby's been such a darling. The only thing he's yet to do is breastfeed and bathe Malcolm. The rest, he'll willingly do. With Gordon, he'll still out on the prowl almost every night. Now, he'd rather stay home with his kids, and of cos... i get to enjoy his company too.

I believe ur hubby will help out once he sees that life is definitely very different when bb comes back. Juggling a carrer with kids around the house is no easy feat. I'm a fine example of that, as u know. But, we are all supermoms, hoh. If we think we can, YESS!! WE CAN!!! Hugzzzz!!

jazzmint said...

aiyo..somemore u are heavily preggy, if he doesn't help, gotta smack him oredi.

maybe consider a part time maid to do housework?

Twin said...

Hi ... was on a blogging break awhile. Sure Daddy will help out rite?! You sure are big now .. how many months?

Vyvy said...

Agnes, I think men are all the same... They won't barge unless we scream/nag. But when we scream/nag then they'll ask:" why a bit of things u women must scream/nag? why can't talk things out nicely?" arghhhhhhhhh WHY CAN'T MEN JUST MOVE THEIR BUTT B4 WE SCREAM??

wHOisBaBy said...

i also think men needs to be told and they will probably do it. but later then they forgot and have to be reminded again. same with my hubby, weekend he would sit in front of the tv watching sports while it is still me attending to brandon. i spoke my thoughts out a few times before he actually got the point and now he does help taking care of brandon (little bit) while i do some bloggings.

Zara's Mama said...

My status quo has been interrupted 2yrs ago, the man’s hasn’t.. It’s time he knows it won’t be the same any more. :-|

See Fei,
Your wife is really lucky, and you are very sensible! If only all men are like that.

Are you going to source one from Cocka’s cupboard? :P Happy holidays to you too.

He did help out lar.. eventually, after much nagging.

I want to be around so that I can supervise as well. Though the maids have been around for a while, they are still not used to Zara’s ritual. Once that’s establish, I’ll sneak into the office occasionally.
Yes, I really can’t do w/out a maid, that’s why I’m absolutely amazed with you.

Yeah wor, why men like that one huh?

Shannon Chong,
That one the hati no feeling one wor. But after some nagging, he did help.

So unfair right this world?

Haha, his pampering hor FOC for him one wor. And also I planned out activities for Zara before I go for my massage, so hor, really he just sit there and watch over Zara that’s all.

Throw him out many times liao, sometimes really have to be fierce and stern and kick and scream before he moves one. *sigh*

Domestic Rat,
Mine will move when lots of nagging has been performed.

He didn’t get the hint, but after some nagging, he did help.
It’s tough when you have to work, and pregnant, and dealing with a active toddler. Sometimes I feel so bad being all worked out when I handled Zara.
Men, they always get the easier way out huh?

Yes.. men.. *slap head*

Tough huh? Being a working mum?

Sis has another maid to jaga her elderly MIL. So I just loan her for 1 month. Even if I threaten to kick him out of the house, he won’t get it as well.. :(
But luckily I blew my top, and finally he’s helping.

Yours also ah?

Yes, when you deal with men, you really need lots of patience.
We have short listed 2 names, but haven’t decided one yet. Zandra is nice, but too close to Sandra, the name of my other sis’ Filipino maid. :(

Yup yup, men have no initiative when it comes to things like this, needs lots of ‘telling them outright’ or nagging.

Wah, you husband so nice with Malcolm’s arrival. That’s really sweet.
We can if we want to, but sometimes just the thought that things are so unfair that I become extremely edgy.

Tough ler with men. But like I mentioned, luckily he helped out after lots of nagging from me.

He did help.. Esp today, since he’s not working and I am.

Haha.. this is so right.. mine got moving after some nagging. :P

Yeah! They have short term memory when it comes to these things.
Mine have to tell, then he’ll do, then after that forget. Then have to tell again, then he’ll do.. Aigh.

Simple American said...

Where I have heard this before. Yikes!

Baby Smooches said...

haha.. gosh, what's with these "lao babies"? mine is no different!