Thursday, October 12, 2006

Phuket - I ~ Hotel, Pool, Pampering

We took an early flight to Phuket on Thursday (5/10). A Phuket colleague of mine arranged for a taxi to pick us up from the airport for a fraction of the price that the hotel would charge if we booked the car from the hotel.

Being nosy on the plane. Enjoying a cool towel and welcome drink in the resort
The Hotel Twinpalms Resort is a small boutique hotel located in the quiet beach of Surin. Just like its website, the place is beautiful. We got really good rates from the internet after doing some shopping around, and I don't believe you can get anything near that kind of accommodation (and service) in M'sia for that price. We stayed in the deluxe room on the ground floor the first night. Zara liked the room very much, it has a roomy balcony, and a few steps away from the pool. Since there was no bath tub provided, I asked for an anti-slip mat for Zara. I was delighted that the hotel instead loaned us a Winnie The Poo bath tub, together with a set of complimentary baby toileteries (which included bottle and nappy wash). Now, how many hotels would give you some thing like this? So far in my experience, none (not even our famous Pangkor Laut or Tanjung Jara resort).
Horsing around in the room, and the resort
For the rest of the 3 nights, we upgraded ourselves to a Grand deluxe room (err, because the cheaper rooms were no longer available in the bargain website I booked the room from) located on the 1st floor. The room was bigger, and it came with a bathtub. Zara of course enjoyed the new bath tub very much.
Big tub fun, and exploring the resort
The Pool Twinpalms has 1600sqm of water surface, the pool runs across the middle of the premise, with rooms surrounding it. Some of the rooms even have direct access to the pool (i.e. the room is directly connected to the pool). Zara went swimming every day, spending about 1 to 2hrs at the pool. There's no baby pool available, but they have shallow slope leading to deeper end, so she spent most of her time walking up and down the slopes. We don't have to hold on to her, she paddled about herself, even when her feet could not touch the ground. We just have to be nearby to assist her if she has her head accidentally dipped in the water.

The Pampering This is more of relaxing trip for me. Daddy has been great, taking care of Zara most of the time since he knows I'm too big to be running after or carrying Zara.

I also got a surprise gift from my best friend in New York. She bought us a spa voucher in Twinpalms without me knowing, and I was very surprise to see this in our room when we checked in. Our anniversary isn't until end next month, but this is such a nice gesture from her.

On top of this, the booking website also gave us a 2hrs spa treatment voucher for booking more than 3 nights stay. Daddy is not a spa person, so I got all the pampering in the spa, making use of these vouchers, while Daddy looked after Zara in the room. I had such a good back and shoulder rub, oh, it was orgasmic! (Thanks Ping!) And then, what's more blissful than lounging at the poolside sala, sipping herbal tea, while watching the kid and Daddy play in the pool.

(Thanks Daddy, for allowing me this luxury by looking after Zara.)


Jesslyn said...

wow!! *envy* *envy*

Egghead said...

really really jealous lah!

Julian said...

Wow what a nice trip!

See Fei said...

hub got younger bro or not?

zara look so big now and just noticed her eyes are so big. cant imagine how many lengchai will she charm later....

See Fei said...

hei this twin palm resort really looks like a relaxing place. thanks for the website link. may use it for B-project :-)

may said...

Zara looks so comfy on that huge bed!! waaaa!! I wish I had a bed that big, can roll... and roll... and roll...

today's weather is so hot, I feel like joining her at the pool too!

domestic rat said...

Strange that they forced u to upgrade and pay extra. I thought reservations would have settled that. So many massages! Must be very relaxing indeed!

Zara's Mama said...

Hey, you can also go with hubby for one of these trip. You have MIL to jaga the kids, can go for 2nd honeymoon ler.

You also woh. Can bring J for another honeymoon, because LLS is ok with sleeping at your parents.

Yeah, it is.

See Fei,
Huh? Why you want to check out his younger bro?
Yes Zara has grown so much. Her eyes sometimes big sometimes small, depends on her mood and where she is one.. so cute (my daugther of course I say cute la).
Hope you get successful in your B-project, no matter where you do the project.. :P

Yes, and the soft pillow! Wow.. shiok.
I too want a dip in the pool.

Domestic Rat,
Oh no no.. Don’t get me wrong. The website did tell us that there was no vacancy for the Deluxe room for the 2nd to 4th night. We knew way in advance. Because we wanted to save the RM100, we booked 1st night Deluxe room, and then the subsequent nights in Grand Deluxe (the rooms were RM100 different in price).
Yes, the massages were great.. Oh well, I don’t pamper myself back home, so I have to do this when we’re on holiday.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Daddy so good lets you enjoy all the pampering. Looks like a very relaxing trip even for the little one. Btw, the bed looks BIG, is the one in the upgraded room even bigger...ok ok very ulu lah me :P

blurblur said...

Your hubby so sweet...:)

Ya, Zara look like a big girl now, and i love her pretty eyes!! So captivating...hehe..

The safe for expectant mothers? sorry huh, i very paranoid now..;p

geetha said...

Aaah, so sweet of your hubby. He owes you.. carrying his second baby is no joke ;)

Zara is brave.. can float on her own. I must bring my boys to the pool more often.

Wah.. long hours in the spa.. must be feeling good :P

sesame said...

Sounds really wonderful! I love such holidays! Daddy is nice huh to take care of Zara while you can get to relax? Totally cool...

Zara's Mama said...

It was so relaxing until Zara got bored. :-|
I think the bed is a normal King size bed. I have a queen size at home, so this looks big too me. The upgraded room has the same bed, but the room is more spacious.

Thanks huh (for the praises on Zara).
I think for you, not yet. Have to at least go past 1st trimester first. They make me lie on my side when they massage my back, and they know what to do with pregnant women as they have quite a lot of pregnant clients, so I guess it’s safe. They don’t do reflexology though for pregnant women, it seems it’s not safe.

Haha.. thanks.. I should tell him that, and let him pamper me more.
Yeah, after a few trips to the pool, she just didn’t want our assistance any more.
Spa is blissful, too bad I can only do this while I’m on holidays.

He can be nice if he wants too, but choose to do so only occasionally. :P

L B said...

Waaaaaa, that is setting high standards, if, when, ... hmmm, if I ever get married!!! Great relaxation time, huh? It's good to be pampered. Sure you don't want any giant muffins?

mom2ashley said...

ohhh.sounds like a nice relaxing holiday

eve said...

my turn next week...yippeeeeeeeeeee...can't wait..

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Wah nice pictures. Wished we could go on a holiday ( one with the boys and another just us alone)...that is what my hubby and I have been saying.

Anonymous said...

Wahhhhhh sooo shiok! I want to go too! Checked out the link to the booking website but could not find the deal you mentioned. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

mama bok said...

Happy Anniversary to you . .in advance..! so envy..! about your spa trip..! this is what i long and look forward to.. ALOT..!

laundryamah said...

wow! zara so brave can swim on her own in her floaties! wow phuket sounds like shiok...oh dear..when can i get a trip leh?? wait for laundryapah to bring me ah,,neck can become like giraffe lor..

Blogie-Talkie said...

everytime I visit you, you always on Vacation,, mine mine, you sure a fansy living parent. orr,,, very nice....
Sure a relaxing trips yar?

Vien said...

I guess the coup didn't affect the tourist industry at Phuket, huh? My folks were damn scared so they changed our plans to Bali instead.

Simple American said...

Good for you. You deserve some pampering. Know you've been working hard and all.

Zara is so cute. But you didn't need me to write that for you to understand.

Contented Mum said...

So nice to be pampered once in a while ya! Zara look so happy in the pool!

Anonymous said...

How nice...
Zara look having fun too, doesn't seem that she want to go home :)...

mommy of two angels said...

wahhh soooo luxxxxxuuuureeeoousss lah....i also want to go!!

Zara's Mama said...

I’m sure you can do it as well, taking care of the kids, feeding them giant muffins while the wife goes for a spa treatment. Just hope the wife don’t freak out with the giant muffins.. :P

For me, yes!

You have 2 boys, it’ll be harder. That’s why I want to go on this trip, before I have two, then traveling will be tougher.

The website only offer rooms which are not sold by the hotel. So if you don’t see the hotel published there, it means the rooms have been sold out for the next 2 weeks. I know they are quite fully booked, because peak season has started already. We were lucky we went just before the peak season.

Mama bok,
You have to come back to Asia to enjoy this. I think only Asia can offer you such spa treatment for not too high price.

Hey, must take control yourself. I waited for hubby to arrange as well.. From Aug became Sept.. Then I took control, and booked it myself. Then only we got to go. Men.. cannot get them to arrange for trips for the family one ler.. They’ll make you tan-kuku.

No la.. This year only went to 2 oversea trips.. The other were short w/end trips.

The coup thing was a peaceful take over. Nothing to worry about. I checked with my colleagues in Bangkok, and they told me it’s safe to go to Thailand, more so Phuket because they rely heavily on tourism, so there won’t be any disturbance there. It’s more likely to have disturbance in Bangkok, should there be any.
So you are joining them in Bali?

Simple American,
Yes! And thanks. :P

Contented Mum,
She’s like a fish when she sees water. Some how, she just loves water.

Zara's Mama said...

When she’s occupied she forgets about home. But when we don’t have anything to do, she’ll start chanting want to go home.

Mommy of two angels,
Go go go.. must pamper ourselves once a while.

Sasha said...

eh can go 2 times to the spa lor since the coupon is for two ma...

mott said...

Looks real relaxing!!! so glad you took time off to do that!!! Once lil mei-mei arrives.. you wish you were back there!!

Nadia said...

Wow! Sounds like you really had so much fun! And it's great that Daddy was willing to take care of Zara and let you pamper yourself with all the spas you could get! =)

Samm said...

Looks like u're really spending the remainder of ur freedom days fly here fly there wohh... not tired mehhh..

Joelle's mmy said...

wah! envy you.... very relax hor!

did Zara bring you any trouble during the flight? scare to bring my little one out station!

michelle said...

I want a SPA too. Glad you enjoyed your vacation with your family.

michelle said...

I want a SPA too. Glad you enjoyed your vacation with your family.

ishraq said...

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