Tuesday, October 03, 2006

She misses her cot

Just when I thought Zara is getting used to her bed, we had this conversation yesterday during bed time. Zara : *just out of the blue* "Kakak put the cot away already." Me : "No, Daddy put the cot away, in the other room." Zara : *pointing to her bed* "Mummy, throw the bed away" Me : *shocked!* "Why?" Zara : "The bed so slippery" (so untrue, but I guess she's just coming out with excuse) Me : "No, the bed is not slippery." Zara : "The cot is better. Throw the bed away. Zara want the cot." Me : "But Zara is already a jiejie (Chinese : Big sister). Cot is for babies, Zara is not a baby, but a jiejie now". Zara : ".... " Zara : "Mummy, Zara want go downstairs." Me : "It's bed time, why does Zara want to go downstairs." Zara : "Zara sleep downstairs." Me : "Downstairs got mosquitos and lizards at night, and Zara will be lonely if Zara sleep downstairs alone." Zara : *tears started rolling down* "Zara don't yike (like) the bed" Me : "Zara sleep on mummy's bed then, mummy sleep on Zara's bed. Ok?" Zara : "Zara want mummy hug hug to sleep." Me : "Ok, Zara sleep together with mummy then" So she slept on my side of the bed.


See Fei said...

hahaha like your ingenuity in baby talk. what is the app age for changing cot to bed for kid?

mott said...

aiyo..how ah? when zara's mei-mei comes....zara will really feel it!

is her bed too small to squeeze both of you?..ai..i forgot, you're pregged! ;-)

L B said...

"Sleeping Beauty awaits Prince Charming"

sesame said...

She's so attached to her cot? Probably takes a while to warm up to her new bed. Hopefully will get used to it when she sees the baby sleeping inside.

may said...

awww, sweetness. takes awhile to get used to it, huh...

Jean said...

Poor Zara! I think she really misses her cot... but it is normal for transition period b'cos her cot got all her smells which she got used to.

Give her some times, I know Zara will get use to her bed soon.

It's a good thing that you started her on bed now to get ready for 2nd one :)

cp1 said...

aiyoh she misses her cot huh ..

Simple American said...

She looks so cute. Widdle sweeping beauty.

Man wonder how she is going to be when the mui come home. My duaghter was a similar age perhaps a little younger. She became more reasonable until my son could move about and go through her things.

Good luck ZM!

Samm said...

It's liddat. No matter how we try to change things, kids will still have their own way in the end. Enjoy them whilst u can. I love hugging Gordon till he falls asleep every night.

Vien said...

Aww, poor girl, she has cot withdrawal syndrome.

Shannon said...

Poor gal... maybe u can try to sleep with her in the new bed for a few nites until she gets more used to the bed??

Harimau said...

Don't worry that is so normal. Before my 2nd one came along, I trained my 1st one to sleep in his new bed and we also had to move him out from the nursery into his new room. It took a couple of weeks for him to settle in. He was fine after then, got used to it all till a few weeks after the baby arrived. He started to want sleep with me, wanted me to hold his hands till he fell asleep, came to look for me in the early hours - in a way still wanna claim their title as the 1st born. It will get better and it will as u are starting to train Zara well before bubby no.2 arrives.

Nadia said...

Aiyooo.. poor girl!

jazzmint said...

haha..she really hates the bed alot eh..but must be strict lah, or else she will never get used to it...gotta bring out ur bag of tricks

Winn said...

lOL. so cute. she can be a lawyer nx time she realli can debate and so analytical!!

Jesslyn said...

I still hv to accompany Lyon to sleep, be it on her bed or my bed. Sometimes she climb up and down few times ler, so notti! Her matteress was on the floor.

HMom said...

poor thing. She is stil getting used to the changes happening aournd her

immomsdaughter said...

Poor Zara, I wanna hug herlah :) Is it the start of a little jealousy?

Sasha said...

wuah! she rather sleep downstairs wit the mosquito and lizard also she dun wanna sleep in her cot!

Contented Mum said...

Transition is always not easy but hopefully Zara will get use to the new bed soon!

geetha said...

Aaah, she is feeling it already. Because of that, Champion is still sleeping with us. Now, lil' President also cry wanna sleep with us. Can you imagine, king size bed with 2 adults and 2 toddlers! :)
Children tend to know that they are going to shared their love and will demand more attention, even before the baby is born.. so, haev to handle Zara well so that she can accept her sister ;P

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

One trick we told RE was that cot is too small as he is going to be ko-ko and he cannot roll around while in the bed, he can roll, can sleep any way he wants etc. (we also add in demonstration lah on how spacious bed is compared to cot and how he can knock his head or leg easily in the cot). It worked!!!

blurblur said...

Aww...poor girl..she really misses her cot very much..

Give her some time, i'm sure she'll get used to sleeping on her own bed..perhaps it's too big for her thus she's feeling abit insecure? ;)

chanelwong said...

poor girl..she really misses her cot..unlike Jeriel, he prefers his big bed.Give her time to accept that she is already big girl..

Hijackqueen said...

It is so weird my baby prefers our bed than her own cot.

michelle said...

I probably think Zara want mummy's smell when she sleeps. :P

Allyfeel said...

zara so manja, comes out with excuses just to sleep with mommy. :)

Jason said...

Hehe, must be "tegas" sikit liao.

shoppingmum said...

It takes time. I remember that when I started to let Justin sleep on the floor by himself, he was ok at first and I thought he's got used to it. But weeks before Isabelle's arrival, he wanted to be in bed with us again. Hubby let him sleep with us, and didn't have to heart to force him to sleep by himself.
Luckily, he's ok at sleeping by himself on the floor once baby's here as he understands that he's a big koh koh now with a little mei mei.
Don't worry, she'll get used to the bed. Just let her take her time. :)

laundryamah said...

so cute la Zara...i guess it takes time to get used to it...but for my son he got used to it very fast..

huisia said...

Haha..Zara so cute. I was initially thought that she has already get used of her new bed. Nevermind, i think it takes time to transform her to her new bed again.

p/s: Don't know why i can't see any updated posts in your blog until i have to refresh the page for several times.

Zara's Mama said...

See Fei,
It depends on the cot size. We bought a big one which can cater her to 4, 5 yrs old, but because baby is coming, we wanted the baby to use the cot, so Zara has to move to a new bed.

She’s small, if I want to I can squeeze in her bed with her, but I don’t want to start the habit.

In Italy?

I hope soon she’ll be used to sleeping there. Don’t want her to despise the baby sleeping in the cot.

Yes, hope soon.

Yes, have to do so, don’t want her to have to see so many new changes when baby is born, so we try to space out some of the ‘transition’. :P

Yeah.. :(

Simple American,
I hope she’ll be like your daugther.
I heard they either become more reasonable or more horrible. I hope it’s not the latter.

I love to hug her to sleep too, but have to let her get used to not having me hug her to sleep as well.. worried she may not like it when I have to breastfeed the baby to sleep.

Haha.. yeah.

I’m actually taking naps on her bed, so that my smell will be on her bed, and she is more willing to sleep there.

Yeah, that was my intention.. Train her 4months before baby’s arrival.

Yeah, but she knows I won’t oblidge.

Yes, I won’t budge. :P

Yeah, she’s already a little lawyer buruk.

Yeah.. Zara too. Falls asleep on my bed, then I carry her back to hers.

Next time you hug hug her ok? But she’s very fussy now. Don’t want people to touch her. :(

She prefers to sleep downstairs on a thin mattress than her bed.. haih..

Contented mum,
She will be.. soon. Hopefully.

Thanks for sharing this.. And we have a Queen size bed.. going to be even tougher.

That’s what I told Zara too.. OK ok.. now I just have to demo.
(the thing is, she doesn’t let us sleep on her bed, don’t like her bed, but possessive over it)

I hope so… wish me luck yeah?

Jeriel likes his big bed since day 1?

It’s probably the smell..

Yeah. So I’m taking nap on her bed, to leave my scent. :P

Yeah loh.

I’m very ‘tegas’ one.. Won’t budge.

So I have to expect another round of bed rejection when baby arrives huh?

Good for you.. I guess it depends on the child’s character huh?

Oh really? Sometimes it happens to yours too.. I think it’s blogspot problem ler. :(

Anonymous said...

Poor Zara, she said her bed is sliperry? maybe the mattress is hard? her body doesn't sink into the mattress like in her cot maybe? it's a cozy feeling when it does you know? and a new mattress can seem slippery..(unless it's 100% latex and cotton woven covered vs shinny polyester na?) Good tho.. hugs to zara

Anonymous said...

Waiyo..poor Zara, till want to sleep downstair, maybe change her mattress cover with her favourite cartoon, then she will like to sleep with her on it...

babykhong said...

Alamak...Zara prefers her cot than the new bed. Give her some time, I'm sure she will sleep on the bed. Brae doesn't like his cot now, he sleeps on our bed nowadays.


little zara articulate so well for her age...already practising her negotiation skill.

yeah, kids are adaptable...she will soon forget her cot...

talking about getting the kids to sleep on their own...my is long due...not the kids but mummy hesitated...not ready to let go :(

Irene said...

Such a sweet kid.

may said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! light those lanterns, ya?

Winn said...

happy tanglung!!:)

mom2ashley said...

poor thing.....your conversations with her are really cute la.