Monday, October 30, 2006

Morib revisited

14 years ago, Daddy in his attempt to impress me, brought me to Morib for a date. There, he whipped out his Bunsen burner and brewed tea for the 2 of us at our little picnic. He did impress me (see who I ended up marrying?). Since then, we'd never been to Morib. Usually when this is suggested by him again, I would say, "Morib? What's there to do?" During our Hari Raya holiday, we asked Zara what she wanted to do, and she said, "Want to go to the beach, want to kick kick the sand." The boss wanted something, and she got it. We packed a few snacks, took some cold drinks in our Coleman, and headed to Morib, the closest beach.
Crab up on shore; Pine tree lined coast; One of the trees that provided picnic goers with shade; Our picnic corner.
I'm surprised it was a very pleasant trip. We picnic-ed at the pine trees lined field facing the beach. The weather was nice, cloudy but not hazy, and the breeze from the sea was really cooling. Daddy brought Zara out to the long stretch of beach, showed her some little crabs, let her wade in the shallow pool of water and played in the mud; while I sat on our picnic mat watching the 2 of them from a far. What a nice break..


Immomsdaughter said...

14 years ago, Zara's daddy so romantic wor. I like the pix with you and Zara on piggy back :)

L B said...

What nice photos too... I presume Morib is somewhere close by?

blurblur said...

Beautiful pictures of Zara...:)

Yup, i like the one of you and Zara look so fresh! :)

may said...

despite Morib being the closer beach compared to PD, I've never ever been there! hmmmm... ok, maybe I did when I was a wee babe, but definitely no visits that I could remember as a teen or adult. looks like it just might be worth going for an idlic weekend look-see...

Shannon said...

Actually, I was there when I was pregnant with Rachel (3rd trimester) and like shown in your pictures, it's nice and clean, compared to how I used to remember it, dirty and unpleasant...

I like the photo of the wind blowing and Zara smiling so sweet... Hair somemore fly fly a bit, with the beach as the backdrop... nice nice nice....

Sasha said...

Morib is the place where Mr Chan brought me for our Valentines day celeb many yrs ago...he said he will carry me forever..but after few seconds..he changed his!

Dancing Queen said...

I don't think I've even been there. The usual places we went when we were kids were PD, Fraser's Hills, Cameron Highland, Pangkor Island but Morib ...., how come we never been there?

It's surprisingly very clean and idyllic from your pictures!

Glad you enjoyed yourselves! :-)

JoMel said...

*mesmerised by Zara's big dark long lashed eyes*

Helen said...

Zara is definitely growing up looking very very pretty... :-)

Hey, that's the place where you got your heart hitched eh? What happened next after the bunsen worn out (after tea making sesssion) leaving both of you in complete darkness? You're censoring ar? :-P

mom2ashley said...

that's a nice break...

mama bok said...

Wow..!! so romantic.. Zara's daddy.. eh..?? good..lah.. coz' that means.. you mean so much to him.. ;)
What nice's pictures.. ;) i like the one of you piggy bagging Zara.. ;)

Annie Q said...

so romantic of ur hubby!:)Never been to Morib before,after seeing the picture,hmmm!! Thinking should go one day!

荦怡 said...

from your pic can tell that... you all are enjoy the trip, especially Zara!
i like the pics she play the sand... how enjoy she is....

Simple American said...

What a lovely place for tea.

Zara looks so happy. Really really happy. You look pretty happy too. :)

jazzmint said...

wahh...ur tummy so big oredi still can piggy back ride!!! I could hardly bend much at that time

sesame said...

Wow, daddy very romantic! Use Bunsen burner to impress mummy... clever!

And those are really very nice pix of Zara. She's looking very pretty by the day!

laundryamah said...

wow! never knew there's still sand in morib beach! i thot it was like dirty n all..must pay a visit leh..

chanelwong said...

your hubby so romantic...

mott said...

The pics were really nice. Esp one with Zara piggybacked. Morib looks good... I really remembered it dirty!!!!

michelle said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves before your next one come.

Vyvy said...

oei u so big still so gungho. can piggyback your girl somemore. impressed! hahaha

See Fei said...

quite a lot of ppl there at the same time as you. i like your pic with zara piggy back.

how the feel now as compared to that "fateful" nite out with daddy? care to share? ;-)

Julian said...

Beach outing, how nice! Noticed the sun isnt too hot, which is perfect weather.

huisia said...

Actually, where is the Morib?
Zara sure very happy there LOL! Could kick kick sand ma..

shoppingmum said...

Never know where Morib is. Your hubby's so romantic, knows how to tackle you with a picnic!

Twin said...

kids are always happy with beaches ... :)
I always thought morib is dirty .. i remember going there about 6 years ago and the beach was really dirty ... with oil spill ... yucky! My hubby actually suggested us going a few months back but we decided not to remembering that it was dirty. Eh since now i see from the pics .. its not as bad as we thought now ... maybe they did some cleaning up since then. :) Zara seemed to enjoy the trip very much.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Like the nice shots of guys are good photographer too to be able to capture her shots so naturally.

geetha said...

I always thought Morib was dirty. The pictures of the beach look nice. Next time I don't have to go all the way to PD when I want to bring the boys to the beach ;)

Anonymous said...

M also always thought Morib was dirty, so din dare to bring kw there. But it look clean in the pic!
Ur boss really know how to spend the holiday ya !

Anonymous said...

M also always thought Morib was dirty, so din dare to bring kw there. But it look clean in the pic!
Ur boss really know how to spend the holiday ya !

Anonymous said...

M also always thought Morib was dirty, so din dare to bring kw there. But it look clean in the pic!
Ur boss really know how to spend the holiday ya !

Zara's Mama said...

Last time romantic, now not loh. *sob*

Yeah.. about 1.5hrs from KL

Thanks.. getting heavier and not going to be easy to piggie back her any more.

We always assume Morib is rather horrid right? My memory of the visit 14yrs ago was the same too. However, it really isn't that bad.

Yeah.. maybe they have improvedt the place.

Carry you? But you are still slim can still carry mah.

Dancing Queen,
Yes, it's rather pleasant. But unlike PD, there are only one stretch of beach in Morib. Next time you can try going. :P

Lil' Joy,

Thanks thanks.. So can be potential 'Rain' boy's g.f?
Aiya, you think we'll stay until it gets dark and feed the mosquito meh? That was the very first few dates.. I think we went as far as holding hands later.. that's all. Very innocent one. :P

Yes.. esp having no maid now.

Mama Bok,
Only during that time. Now.. super not romantic.

Annie Q,
Yes you should go.. and hubby is no longer romantic.. *sigh*

Yes, we enjoyed it very much.. And she talked about it a lot of after the trip. So she must loved it.

Simple American,
Short lived happiness. If only you could see how grouchy I am now. Without a maid and without a good babysitter.

Can lar.. but very tiring.

Just back then.. now.. Hah.. forget about bunsen burner or candles..

The sand is really not sand, but it's a bit like clean mud.. go and check it out yourself, then you'll know what I mean.

only back then.

It's ok to picnic there, but you can see the dirtiness is actually caused by people not cleaning up their mess after they're done with their picnic.

Haha.. More like fulfilling the boss' wish until the attention is switched to the next one.

Short while can still take it.

See Fei,
That fateful night you can feel the adrenaline pumping.. This round, you can feel the pregnancy hormones pumping.. Har har.

Yes, weather was perfect.

Morib is up north after Klang.

That was last time. Now if it's not for the daugther, he won't be bothered.

I didn't go out to the beach, but hubby told me it's a bit muddy, but not really that dirty. But the beach side is quite pleasant.

Hubby would be so happy to hear this. He said how come nobody commented about the photographer.

Yes, next time you can try Morib..

My boss is very demanding. Tell M it isn't that bad.. :P

Gene Lim said...

Zara's daddy sure knows the magic trick wor...hehehehe ;)
Lovely trip and pics... i like zara's pics..she has grown soo much :)

Jean said...

Your hubby very romantic huh!!! no wonder you married him ... Zara enjoyed herself so much .. can see fr the pics...and also you can still piggy back her huh.

Take care!

HMom said...

very artistic pictures.

I went to Morib 2 years ago (for work). Its quite a far drive but looks good for a short break

milkmaid said...

hey - nice pix of Zara. She looks so happy and relaxed. Did you get the beach to yourselves...dont see anyone else around one?

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