Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April Fools' Weekend

Birthday Party
Zara attended her first birthday party get-together on Saturday. Daddy went to clean the ancestor's grave with FIL, so I took Zara to Sandy's place on my own for lunch. It was Sandy's daughter, Yen Mae's 4th birthday. It was a small affair with only 3 kids (including Zara) and one 3 month old baby. Zara was happy playing with Yen Mae's toys, but she won't or don't know how to play with the other 2 kids. I guess at this age, she still doesn't know how to socialise with younger kids yet, although she likes to hang around bigger kids (because they normally give her lots of attention).

Birthday girl in green. Zara in her 'sessy' Aunty Jesslyn's dress.

Dinner with PIL Daddy is the type who needs to see his parents at least fortnightly (or he'll miss them, although he won't admit). He suggested dinner with them on Sunday.

We had dinner in Bibik Chik, SS2. This is one place which we can have Zara sit through the whole meal because there's an inhouse entertainer who plays the guitar and sings some oldies.

Zara's eyes were constantly fixed on the entertainer. Dancing occasionally, swaying her arms, and if it's the end of a nice catchy song, she would be clapping her hands shouting, "Bah-Voh". I think it really made made the entertainer's day having such an ardent fan. In return, he sang Zara the Do-re-mi song which made Zara so happy!

Woot! And the highlight of the weekend...... Daddy set up the wireless router in the house. So we have gone wireless!


Jason said...

So you can start blogging in the toilet without Zara cling-ing on you already. :P

L B said...

Waaaa, so now can blog from the toilet too!!! Take Picture!!! Wanna see.. :-) *dances indian dance for rain*

King's wife said...

why when mention wireless, everyone thinks about toilet hor?
I was going to say...means now, when you bang-sai also can blog??

Lb, you really have fetish for toilets, issit?

L B said...

KW, you already know!!! *grin*

But I have never taken my laptop into the loo... Maybe I should try see what happens..

michelle said...

Cool, next time I can go to your house to surf while I am in KL.


zara age- happy to play along but not together with other kids (as yet).

blogging in the loo sounds fun...tell it to albie...prob can also help relieve his toilet fetism :P

may said...

hooray for wi-fi!! I was indeed ecstatic too, when we first got our wireless up and running. no more wires running all the way to my room. I even surf the net whilst watching TV. ooops... isn't that addictive of me? hahaha!

ba-voh! ba-voh! your girl certainly knows how to give credit where it's due ;)

may said...

hooray for wi-fi!! I was indeed ecstatic too, when we first got our wireless up and running. no more wires running all the way to my room. I even surf the net whilst watching TV. ooops... isn't that addictive of me? hahaha!

ba-voh! ba-voh! your girl certainly knows how to give credit where it's due ;)

Passerby A said...


There's only one place in my apartment I have not surfed the internet in - the toilet lah, in case the computer falls into the toilet bowl!

Simple American said...

I love wireless. I just wish I could figure out to set up the print server. So stupid me.

The little girls look so cute. Zara will learn how to be a good friend. It all takes time and she is probably happy to see the jie jies.

Also emailed you the file. Let me know if you do not recieve.

shiaulin said...

welcome to the wireless world !! kekeke...

hey, Zara's pic up there, she became prettier as days goes by.

yl said...

wireless... i almost cried at the amount of problems i had when i set up my own wireless network... everything tat could possibly went wrong had gone wrong...

WHAO!!!!! no wonder the singer is willing to entertain Zara... BRAVO!!!!

shoppingmum said...

Wah, got wireless already, can blog anywhere...

jazzmint said...

wahh..got wireless liao. So now can surf in the toilet oso kekekeke

Jesslyn said...

Aiyoo...why must in toilet?? I bring newspaper to toilet, hubby already complaint I might bring out the germ!! *sigh*

Lyon too refuse to play with other kids even at her own house! But Zara is good, at least she did not cry!

Egghead said...

party weekend wor for Zara... must be really fun for her!!

Baby Smooches said...

Mmmm. I like Bibi Chik too.

Wah, wireless shiok man...can blog anywhere....

sesame said...

Zara is looking very pretty in that standalone pix. Her eyes are so lovely and I can see her long lashes! *Muak Muak*

blurblur said...

Wow...wireless...now what's all those wires doing in my study room??? we're still using 'dial-up' at home!!! Yikes!

According to my dear hubby, we (or rather he) seldom have time to surf at home (we reached home everyday around 10pm), so he don't want to waste money on that..(stingy lah);p which explains why i seldom blog/read blogs during weekend..but..we're gonna upgrade soon...to broadband lor..

Zara's 'bah-voh' must have made the singers' day! Clever girl!:)

JoMel said...

I love Zara's eyes... sorry, I get distracted so easily

geetha said...

My hubby also like daddy.. must go home. If so long didn't see parents, he will feel odd. Hmmm, sensitive jugak ;)

Helen said...

With wireless, you'll definitely be liberated!! lol U use notebook ar?

Zara is looking very lovely. Especially the close-up pic. So pretty. lol

BTW, the 2 older girls are also such sweeties! Too bad my son is too old for them!! :-P

Allyfeel said...

Zara looks so pretty in the lower left corner. Does she have ur eyes?

So cool, shouted bravo, if I were the entertainer, I wld be so happy having such a young fan. :)

Wireless, can blog in the bedroom when zara is sleeping lor. I do that sometimes checking mail in the room while he sleeps.

mumsgather said...

Bah-vo! Bah-vo! for going wireless! Hehe. So cutelah your Zara. Bah-vo some more instead of just clapping.

Zara's Mama said...

Pangsai that time blog? Smelly la.

*hop around* woh woh woh
But what is it with men and blogging in toilet (you and Jason said almost the same thing)? And btw, by popular demand, you have to try to blog in the toilet and tell us how it feels like. Esp when using the bidet.. hahaha..

King's Wife,
Yeah loh.. Wireless == toilet, I also don't know why.

Haha.. sure.. if you want to travel 20Km out of town to surf the net. :P

Two Little Fellas,
Yeah.. At this age, haven't understood the concept of group play yet. :P
Yup, LB has to try it and tell us all.

Bah Voh! Bah Voh for wireless.
But I still prefer to work in the study.. So that I don't be as addictive as you. :P (see can stand how long)

The Diva,
But I wonder why the men linked wireless to the toilet.. haha.

Simple America,
Linking the printer.. yikes.. don't ask me.. I don't know.
Got your file, and listened to it.
Yeah, Zara is happy with seeing the jiejies but not to play with them. haha.

Thank you.. So got chance to be in-laws or not we all? *ahem*

We are still ironing out our problem as well, esp whn my hubby wants to password protect it.
Yeah, I think she really made the day for the entertainer.

Hope can still tahan and not go overboard with blogging. :P

Eh, what is this about wireless and toilet huh?

Yeah loh.. don't know why everybody say I can use the PC now even in toilet.. Haha.
Lyon plays with Wien right?

I think she enjoy the dinner more than the party. :P

Baby Smooches,
Aah.. you go there as well?
Yeah.. can blog or WORK every where.. Better not let my boss knows about it. :P

She's just growing more and more like me.. hahaha.. *死不要脸* (Hope you understand Chinese)

We still have the wires ler.. but in the study, and I prefer to work int the study too.
Wow.. once you upgrade to broad band hor, we'll see you blogging at 2am 3am liao. Be careful!
Yeah loh.. the singer must have been so happy.

She has eyes like mine mah.. haha.. no la.. my eyes are too large, I think hers are a good size.

Haha.. your hubby also mummy's boys.. Make sure your champion and president also the same you know.

I use office notebook. :P
Eh, 20yrs old difference is nothing.. Can I book your son for Zara or not? Haha.. so she no need to 'ngai'..

*ahem*, she has my eyes alright.. :P No la.. mine are very much larger, hers are good size.
That's the convenient we thought of also, esp if she's whiney, can blog or work near her.

Sound of Music effect loh. :P

Anonymous said...

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