Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Zara This and That

Me : *talking to Daddy* Eh, I go for my shower, you look after Zara huh? Zara : *looked up from what she was doing* Sar-wer. Don't want. Me : *turned my attention to her* Huh? Mummy need to shower. Daddy looks after Zara ok? Zara : *fake crying sound, held my hand* Don't want! Me : Daddy look after Zara cannot huh? Why don't want? Zara : Don't want. *Patted her chest* Sked Sked! (Now when she cannot find a reason for not wanting something, she just says she's scared. Don't want to eat fish, because she's scared. Don't want to brush teeth, because she's scared. Don't want Daddy to look after, because she's scared) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just got into the car. Zara : Chih-den! Chih-den (Children)! On. Me : Ok.. Mummy turn on the Children's song for you. She listened happily. After a song she likes finished playing, she'll say, "More more!" (and doing her hand sign by pointing to her palm) At the start of a song she doesn't like, "Don't want! Don't yike (like)!" Or she'll just say, "Off. Don't want." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While waiting for the car after lunch, Zara was admiring the 2 stone lions at the entrance of Federal Hotel. Me : Let's go home. Zara : *waved* Bye bye Nai-yen (Lion). Go hom dee (Go home already). See yoo Monday. (Every time we leave King's Wife place in the evening before the weekend, we make her say good bye to everybody, and we say "See you on Monday" to every one, she must have picked that up). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After changing her to a nice blouse and a denim skirt : Zara : *put her palms on her cheeks* So tute (cute). Me : *can't help but smile* Yeah, Zara so cute. Zara : *pulled my hand* Hold hand. Me : *followed her* Where Zara wants to go? Zara : *point to the door* Show Daddy. Show Kakak. (Oh, my. She's really getting vain.)


Helen said...

Thank god Zara is a girl... so, no harm letting her fatt hau a bit! :-P

Zara clinging to you like that will just make Zara daddy life so senang!! Better ask for compensation! lol

Potential Mom said...

wow..sooner or later will say..

"come mummy, let we go show show my bf..."

whahaha....she is too too too cute....can be milly's meimei ar??

may said...

she's getting rather talkative, yea? heheheh! I think it's great that she's yakking so much at this wee little age. vain? heck, she's a girl, and all girls vain!! *teehee*! ;)

mom2ashley said...

zara is really progressing's so great that she can now communicate with you via sign and talking....

Passerby A said...

Sometimes I get into arguments with Ophelia in the car about songs. I want to listen to my CDs and she wants her Hi-5 CD. Hahaha... recently resolved thanks to Madonna's new album. Thank God!!!!!

Mama BoK said...

That's too cute..!

Simple American said...

Oh no! Poor Zara's Dad.

Actually might be good for him that she is scared a bit now. Once she figures out Dad can buy dresses he's in big trouble.

Wish I could see you guys on Monday too. I so want to go to Asia again. keke

Vien said...

She's too cute! I can't wait for mine to start talking.

Lazymama said...

Oh! I can imagine the scene where Zara holding her own face and say "so cute"! She is really too cute! *muak* from Aunty Jefferene.

jazzmint said...

hahaha..not enough of showing Mommy her pretty and cute look, gotta go out show the rest of the people also. Must have learnt from King's wife oso eh hehe

sesame said...

Whoa, she knows something about fashion already. Sometimes the tute look and sometimes the sessy look! Haha...such a tutie pie!

Jesslyn said...

I can imagine when she go to mirror and see Lyon like to do that too whenever we put on new thing for her!

maria @ twinsmom said...

next time can be model liao, show everyone LOL....

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. nowadays even boys are vain one ler.. but it's 'girl's right' though. :P
Yeah.. Daddy has an easier time...If he's in one his funny moods, and I need her to look after Zara, just a single utterence of mummy from Zara, he'll quickly pass her back to me. *roll yes*

Potential xMom,
When it's time to show b.f, she won't know who mummy is loh. *sigh*
Can, you can be her jiejie, but you must babysit meimei woh.. :P

She's talking a lot.. yes. Very happy when we can understand what she's saying, but gets very edgy when we can't understand what she says.

Yes, this is a very exciting time.. (I guess it's exciting throughout motherhood until they become a pain and start being rebellious). :P
Your time will come sooooon.

The Diva,
*mentally take note* Oh my, so I have to be prepared to have arguments over what song we'll be listening to, what moview we'll be watching for a long long time?

Mama Bok,
thank you.

Simple American,
Daddy always gets the easy way out.. *sigh* On buying dresses, mummy does the most.. Daddy handles the financials for anything incurred on the house, while mummy is responsible for Zara's expenses.. So, that's why she clings to me I guess. :P
See you next next next Monday then.

Yours will come soon.. Enjoy all Belle's milestones.. they are fun!

Very cheeky ler she.. Thank you for the Muak!
Eh.. how come sometimes you use the profile to leave comments?

Maybe it's mummy fault loh. Every time she does something clever, or wear something nice, we always ask her to show this person, show that person.. so she also picks that up and want to show Daddy and Kakak pulak when she has something nice on.

Haha.. yeah.. sometimes Sessy, sometimes tute..

Our house no mirror low enough for her.. maybe we should install one.. I better tell my hubby to do it. :P Wah.. Lyon also vain huh?? Want to look at herself pretty pretty. :P

Be model huh? *kaching* *eyes flash $ sign*.. good good.

eve said...

hah, wait till she gets hold of ur lipstick....hahha..if it's karen, sure jahanam my lipstick one... cute zara

Jason said...

Like mother like daughter mah~ :P

Allyfeel said...

Zara is getting talkative oready. hehe....good sign. I too find bb so much cuter now as he is able to converse more. We mothers are so easily satisfied.

HMom said...

It seems like all our kids cling to their mummies. Harvynna too, does not want daddy to look after her if I need to take a shower.

Zara is really conversant now. Can tell you exactly whats on her mind!

geetha said...

I just love this talking age too. So, so cute :)

girls are girls ;)

shiaulin said...

saying herself cute is normal lah, my Xuan even commented himself 很美!(pointed to the shirt he is wearing) *pengsan*

yee, Zara still using the sign language ar?

Cocka Doodle said...

Sniff! sniff! Seriously, when was the last time you took a shower? :)

Zara's Mama said...

I don't use much lipstick, so I guess she has one less item to 'fatthao' :P
Hey, I'm still waiting for you to send me Karen's photos!

Like mother so cute.. daugther also so cute??
Thank you thank you.

I thought now it's the best time tim.. from the sound of it, it's only going to get better..
Wooo.. more enjoyment coming my way!

They cling to mummy, Daddy will have an easier time then.. *sigh*
When your 2nd one comes along, I think Harvynna may start sticking to your husband.. but we shall see.. do blog about the changes in her huh?

Yeah.. they are getting so much fun to be with.. Wait till they start to talk back huh?

Haha.. see.. not only girls are vain huh? Boys also.
She's still using some of the signs I used on her.. Like 'more', 'pain'. And she loves it when I sign the I Love You to her. She's trying to learn it too, but it's not an easy action to learn. :P

Cocka Doodle,
Twice everyday.. When she fusses, I'll just put her on a stool just outside the shower screen, so she can watch me shower, and I can talk to her and entertain her...
What to do.. men cannot handle their own kids *sigh*

Jason said...

Perasaan sial...

Jesslyn said...

Hey, we purposely lower the big mirror in another room, so that she can see her whole body!
Try & see, sure u can Zara's more vain after this!

Zara's Mama said...


Yeah.. today I just removed the packaging of our full length mirror (bought last year fr Ikea, but still in paper wrappings).. I'm sure she'll even become more vain. :P

mumsgather said...

Ooh little cutie is learning to be vain eh? Must have picked it up from mummy wan!

Twin said...

hehe its so cute. girls are like that .. they like to be vain. the next time you ask her who's vain ... she'll be pointing at her ownself. Hehehe.

Idham said...

hmm...why arr jason sound so like sour grapes...ermm..
zara's mom...u r cute!!


domestic rat said...

Hee... she already knows how to play the damsel in distress... Sked sked...

blurblur said...

Hahah..Sked Sked..just like Damien, when he can't think of a reason, he'll said i scared scared..*roll eyes*

Girls can be vain abit lah..never mind! :p