Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Weekend indoor fun

It has been raining almost daily over the weekend. We couldn't bring Zara to the park and was too lazy to go out. We stayed at home most of the time, and this is what we did while at home. Painting

On Friday, I stripped her down to her diaper, because she's going to get dirty (which she did), and let her do some painting on the floor so we can mop up the mess later. She was happy, and kept asking for "Per-per" (purple, Barney's colour) paint. Drawing She spotted a box of markers the day before, and when I asked her what she wanted to do on Saturday, she said, "daw daw" (draw draw). I asked her what she's drawing and she said, "Snake, many snake!" Well, they did look like a bunch of very tangled up snakes. Playing with her toys She likes masak-masak (Malay: cooking) the most. She said it was "soop" she was cooking and when I asked what soup, she said, "fis ball". She pretended to blow the soup cold to feed herself and me. After that, she put on her hat, and turned on the music on her electronic keyboard, and started dancing. Then, it was playing with the xylophone. She got tired later, and started whining.

The middle photo shows the mess hurricane Zara creates every time she sweeps through plays in the living room. Pie baking I baked some chicken pies for lunch on Saturday. (After making the filling, I went to Giant to hunt for Pampas Frozen Pie Crust, and guess what? None available in Giant. No puff pastry, no pie crust, NOTHING, not even local brands. Luckily, spotted a shop selling baking supplies on our way home and managed to get some puff pastry.)

Daddy and Zara both didn't like it. Daddy said he's not a chicken person, esp if they are soaked in gravy but he took 2 anyway. Zara said "Don't want" because she's "Sked" (Scared). *slap head*. Guess who took the most?

On Sunday, I cooked some simple fish porridge, Daddy gobbled up loads, and so did Zara. Both of them are such fish lovers, and sooo Chinese!


shoppingmum said...

I'd prefer to have chicken pies, yummy yummy!
Is it easy to wash her up with those marker pens ink? I dare not let Justin try pens yet...

domestic rat said...

Hee... I love chicken pies. Too bad I don't have an oven else I would love to try my hand at baking.

Fish is good, brain food!!!

Simple American said...

I just bought some chicken pies at the store. Guess what I'm going to eat? Of course these frozen ones won't approach the yumminess of yours. They look excellent.

Zara really is going to be creative. I'm too anal retentive and don't like messes, so my kids did not get the same chance Zara is.

Though you may want to plant the idea of putting her stuff her early. She may find it fun even. I would just walk my kids over and pick up a piece for my kid and another piece for me and then walk them to the toy box. Then we'd drop it in together. Worked great on my duaghter who is very neat. Boys are totally different creature, however.

may said...

waaaaa!! gimme that chicken pie! you do good savoury stuff, yea? I saw some puff pastry at Cold Storage too, as well as Yen in Taman Megah. not sure if they have it anywhere else, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Zara is getting more and more photogenic... awwwwww! :)

jazzmint said...

whoa..lots of fun during the rainy weekend for zara :). What paint are u using on her? I bought a box of non toxic crayons for Faythe, but she starts chewing on them :(. So I'm keeping it still, just giving her pen or doddle board.

yum yum ler chicken pie...must be u and the maid took most of it hehehe...

aiyo, chicken pie oso sked!! Maybe the pie shape looks weird, that's why lah :P

yl said...

ermmmm... i think Zara is not going to be very happy about those semi nude photos mum posted on the web when she grows up the next time round...

maria @ twinsmom said...

luckily you spot a baking supplier shop, otherwise we wouldn't get to see this delicious pie.
so? next time bake fish pie?

Gene Lim said...

Wow..the chicken pie looks yummie.. is a waste they dun like it :(
Send me some them..hahaahh :)
Soo really cute that they prefer the porridge over the pie :)

Egghead said...

she looks like a red indian with her face painted leh!
and she likes to make a mess of her stuff hor? :)

L B said...

mmmmmmm... little Chi Pies!!!!! :-) Yummy liao... I must try and bake smaller portions like yours one day soon ~ I still have some pie pastry in the fridge.. It's lucky I can get the pastry so easily over here.

Jesslyn said...

Aiyoo...so messy Zara! But can compete with Lyon la! She like marker pen too. Both Wien and her always make the house as messy as you too! But I force them to keep back all after playing!

Blogie-Talkie said...

Tasty.. Baking...
Did you train your maid to learn how to use the over this time??

geetha said...

looks liek zara enjoys painting lah.. Hmm, must get Champion to try it out too.

Mess when they play.. cannot avoid ;)

Yum, yum, chicken pie looks good. At least you can bake a chicken pie, I can't..

Aaah, may be it was a cold and father daughter prefered the hot porridge better ;)

Allyfeel said...

Wah...painting water color...snake snake somemore...zara never say sacred scared ar?

I must remind myself agian to let bb paint water or poster color. He has never touch one. Only color, crayon and ink. Looks like zara had so much fun.

Chicken pie, nice wor. Yalor..sometimes, it's so difficult to find things in our supermarket. So conventional.

blurblur said...

Wow..welcome Zara the artist..hehe..she sure enjoyed painting!!

Haha..scared of chicken pie?? It's my fav, i lurve chicken pie. Your chicken pie looks really yummy leh..can i have one? ;p

Jason said...

All 3 different topics cram into 1 post. Very susah to comment. :P Hehe. But I am more interested with your pie. Can I have a bite, just a bite, a bigggggggggggg oen though.

Zara's Mama said...

For me, chicken pies too is my preference.
I use Crayola's markers.. they are supposed to be 'washable'. It's quite easy to wash it off..

Domestic Rat,
But I think I'm brainier than Hubby.. :P

Simple American,
Wow.. you are those who are very neat?
I tried to play 'clean up' with her. Either I didn't sound as much fun, or she didn't get conned. She didn't want to join in and play.. so it was mummy doing solo clean up act.

I know.. Cold Storage, Village Grocer, Jusco all have Pampas brand pie and puff pastry.. It's only Giant doesn't have. Now that I know the local baking supply shop has it, I'm not too worry.. It's quite near my house!
Thanks thanks... *pass a piece of pie to May*

I bought Crayola paint.. It's non toxic.. and very easy to wash off. Try it.
I bought crayons for Zara too, but I don't like it sticking to everything, so I thought I'd keep that for later.
It's her excuse when she doesn't want something. She'll say she's scared. :(

But it's so innocent looking.. *bambi eyes*

Yeah.. next time have to make fish pie.. tuna filling or dory fish. Maybe I'll try spinach and cheese too.

Gene Lim,
Both daddy and Zara are great fan of fish, so they'll like anything made with fish.
Next time when you come to KL, I'll bake you loads. :P

I should have painted the other cheek hor?
Yeah.. she's a very messy girl.. leaving a trail behind every where she goes.

I just realise I can't make one like yours.. I didn't have the right pie pan (time to invest in one.. another reason to go shopping). It's easier to get roti canai or lomaikai here than pie pastry. :(

Lyon listen? I guess if Wien shows good example, Lyon will follow too hor?

I didn't.. and she's too afraid to use it as well. She would probably prefer to cook something on a charcoal stove than to use the oven.

Yeah.. can get your 2 boys to try painting.
Yeah.. the house will never be like how it used to be.. :(
Hubby and Zara are just non chicken lover I guess.. let me try to make them tuna pie.. see if they reject it as well.

She didn't say she was scared of her own snake drawing though.. :P
Yah.. let baby try it.. messy but I think they like it.
Yeah.. sometimes it's quite dissppointing what we can find in our supermarket and what we can't. That's why I like to shop in Village Grocer (Bangsar Village) and Cold Storage (Bangsar Shopping Centre), their variety is so much better, to cater for the ang mohs.

She enjoys making a mess la.. not the drawing. :P
*pass one chicken pie to blurblur* sure you can have one virtual one. :P

I know sure you'll prefer the pie than the rest. Nah, give you one *pass a virtual one over*

sesame said...

Quite a good idea to have them paint without their clothes hor? My son likes to use markers to paint all cos he likes the smell!

Hey, some certain angles, Zara looks like Gavin. Just like what you've said before. The 2nd drawing pix on the right especially.

Btw, I couldn't access your blog with my PC. Don't know why. I think I'm missing a component for the music file. Have to use the notebook.

domestic rat said...

It's good you are brainier cos apparently the kids inherit their intelligence from the mothers, not dads. I'm not exactly sure that's what I read in the papers sometime back.

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. w/out clothes, it doesn't matter if they get dirty. Gavin likes the smell of markers? That's cute.
Yeah.. they do look a bit alike.. :P
Oh.. really? Hmm.. maybe I should stop putting on mp3..(it's more for my own entertainment) Let me try and remove it and see if it gives you the same problem.

Domestic Rat,
You serious? Haha.. Let me share this with hubby.. I'd been telling him, Zara's brainy genes come from my side of the family... but he didn't believe. :P

Simple American said...

I wish I was the clean. My office is a pig sty. If I ever can clean it up I will set up a web cam. But not until it looks neater. ;)

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