Sunday, April 23, 2006

She's 17th Month!

I have been busy, but it's no excuse not to post Zara's 17th month (which she turned on Friday) progress just like I always did in previous months. ~ Weight should be around 8.5kg to 9K ~ Height : ?? ~ All four 1st molars are out, sprouting her 4 Cuspids (canines) Dexterity : Started jumping up and down, climbing up dining chairs or anything she thinks she can climb on (like a monkey), . Trying to drink from a cup, but still needs us to control the tilt of the cup. Language : Developing really well in this area. New popular phrases : Cannot Sked sked(Scared) Not nice Can tell us her experiences and feelings better : About the park : "Ship Park. Turn turn wheels! Sit sides (Slides). Sit See Saw" About Kidzsports : "Many balls. Tow away (Throw away). Big sides (Slides). Tuh-ner (tunnel), sked (scared)." About a video she watched (Oliver): "Korkor (Chinese : Elder brother) so sad. No mummy. No Daddy. No kakak. Cry." Able to say things in different intonation depending on the purpose: If it's a request, she goes very sweet and nice. If it's asking me where I am, she shouts real loud, "MUMMY, WHERE ARE YOU?" Started using words with four syllables : - kat-ter-eh-yer (caterpillar) - eh-mot-on-toh (remote control) Able to indicate sizes, quantity, ownership and use of other adjectives : - many baju (Malay : clothes), many toys, many books, so many pebbles - big snake, small stones, big bus - mummy's one, Zara's one, ah-tie's (Auntie's) one - sessy tothes (sexy clothes), dirty baju (Malay : clothes), wet for (floor), pretty bracelet, bitter cho-tet (chocolate) Able to say the names of the people closest to her : - my name, Daddy's name, Maid's name, King's Wife's name and King's name Feeding / Food : Fish is her favourite food, followed by bread and cheese; loves vegetables which are not too fibrous (asparagus, cabbage, spinach); likes fish balls very much. Still, taking 3 solids meals (it may sound a lot, but the quantity she's taking is very little). Typically : breakfast : one pot of petite miam yogurt, or half a bowl of oat porridge lunch : one slice of bread with cheese, half a bowl of baby cereal, or half a hard boil egg dinner : 1 small slice of steam fish fillet or 1 small whole steam fish (pomphret is her favourite) with half a bowl of porridge or rice with soup 3 to 4 (depending if she woke up early in the morning for some sip of milk) breast milk feed (3~4oz) + 1 formula feed (~5oz) a day. In between she snacks on biscuits and fruits. Emotions : Very good in exerting her rights, but sometimes still confused about what she wants. Very emotional, sometimes when we ask her to pretend to cry, she'll act out but then suddenly it becomes real tears flowing down her cheeks. Very loving, gives kisses (especially for me) and hugs very frequently,


yl said...

"Very good in exerting her rights, but sometimes still confused about what she wants."----> ho ho ho... i wait for the day when she is very good in exerting her rights AND is NOT confused about wat she wants!! imagine Zara in her teenage years... WOOOOHOOOOOOOooooo!!!! she will start telling you,"mummy, when you restrict my movements by imposing a curfew, you are infringing on my human rights!!!!"

Simple American said...

She gets sad watching Oliver. That is so sweet. That is the first step to chick flicks ya know. She'll be going to movies with you in no time sharing kleenex. snif snif

jazzmint said...

whoa...she really speaks very well huh for her age. I think by 2yo, she can make long sentences liao. Must be all the fish :)

Jean said...

Oh.. Zara is so adorable! Can't resist giving her a big hug :)

Mama BoK said...

Congrats.. on Zara's 17 months..! she is so precious..!

mom2ashley said...

happy 17 months!!!!!! geees...such a big girl already!!!! i feel that they grow tremendously fast especially in their 1st year...from being immobile to walking and jumping etc

may said...

ooooh, I love fishballs too! can't wait to take Zara out for fishball noodles! hmmmm... think she'll available in July for a good fishball meal? :)

Contented Mum said...

They are growing up so fast isn't it! She is really good in her language development huh! Clever Zara.

geetha said...

She is growing real fast, isn't she :)

Her language skills is really good. I believe its all owing to you.. speaking a lot to her.


dexterity progress: very good. to see little kids jumping up and down is the cutest thing.

language progress: very impressive. even Brad need some catching up as compared to Zara.

food progress: indeed she is a small eater but she is a girl, can stay petite and cute and cuddly.

emotions progress: sweet!!

kat said...

Wow! You are so methodical!! Can chart out so clearly!! *looking mighty impressed with ZMM* No wonder your girl's development also so impressive!
My K older than your Zara, still cannot talk! *sigh..*
Do you know where we can get harp lessons?

sesame said...

She loves vegetable? Even greenies? That's very good! My boy used to eat greenies without problem but now he refuses to even have a tiny bit of spinach.

The portion of food she eats is quite little but looks very balanced.

Fannie said...

so fast...I really can't imagine them telling us what they want...

This mommy is getting a little emotional now...*Boohoohoo*

Greenapple said...

'Very emotional, sometimes when we ask her to pretend to cry, she'll act out but then suddenly it becomes real tears flowing down her cheeks.'

wah ... very shocking. she must be well-trained by herself eh? crying is useful to get all the favours i think.

Helen said...

8.5kg - 9kg? That's a little light huh??

Of course, who knows... Zara could be the next Amber Chia.. lol

blurblur said...

Happy 17th month, Zara! :)

Again, i'm very impressed with her language ability!

She's really very emotional leh...drama lah...;p Can enrol her in speech and drama class, she'll be the star of the class, i'm sure..hehe..

Zara's Mama said...

*biting fingers* Lots to look forward to huh??

Simple American,
She didn't cry. But I told her why the Oliver was sad.. then she seemed to get it..

And the breast milk.. :P

*hugs* from Zara.

Aren't they all precious? *batting eye lashes*

Yeah.. really fast.. And the things they pick up.. it's just amazing!

Huh?? Why July? Any thing special on? Aaah.. LB! He's going to have a Who's cooking blog meet right? And he's going to make fish balls? Hahah.

Contented Mum,
Thank you. And yes, they are growing so fast.

Yeah, that part of is really amazes us.. and yes I do talk a lot to her. I wish I speak the Queen's English now.. that would have helped her more.. :P

Two Little Fellas,
Hey, thanks..
Yeah.. she's a small eater, but eat lots of times.. Probably small stomach but high matabolic rate. :P

Harp.. wow.. you want to leave Lin Peh a comment, he may have jalan. Sending your kids?
I know some kids talk later, but when they do, it's high speed progress.. maybe K is just waiting for the moment the flood gate opens. :P

Zara is very much like her daddy. She loves fruits, and fish.. and vege.. For now.. I'm not sure if that will change.
She only likes some vege and not all though.. fussy!

Haha.. yeah.. we see them grow so fast.. we also feel emotional hor? But it's so nice though, to see them like that. Aaah...

You are very right.. I think that's why she can cry on demand. Sometimes she does that.. shed some tears to get what she wants, but I normally won't give in. :P

I think she's on the lighter side, but it seems lots of kids are like that nowadays..
I think there'll be lots of Amber Chia in another 15years from the bloggers' community.

I thought of sending her to act.. but in M'sia.. forget it.. Just kidding la.. sometimes it does cross my mind. :P

voltboy said...

Somehow, I wonder if you'd keep a record on your next kid(s)' growth like you're doing for Zara. Or Zara is the lucky one. Cos my mum was a bit lazier when caring for my young brother. :P

Loc Kee said...

hua 17months can talk so many things la..... make me LakSeh till no where hide lo :p

I think SS is wuite good in other ways, but just not so good in speaking :<

hey 18months should start the toilet train lo...

AsleyLee said...

Lovely mommy can remember all the things.

She is so smart if compare to my son, most of the time my son just cried for his needs when he was 17 months old.

Allyfeel said...

One of Bb's favourite food is fish ball too. :) Haha...fake cry become real cry, champion!

Twin said...

i notice that girls are better in languages. Boys learn to talk slower.