Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mini Me

While playing, Zara lets me see a side of me from her angle. The way she handles her doll, the way she role play is a reflection of how I handle her. While playing with her doll (She calls it Baby Doll) Zara : *took a small bottle of lotion* Drink milk ha. *Put bottle near the doll's mouth* After a while Zara : *smacked the doll* Beat! Me : Zara, why you beat baby doll? Zara : *poked the doll's chest* naughty! Baby Doll! Me : Baby doll naughty meh? Zara : Naughty! (That's how I behaved when she's naughty I guess. Yikes!) A moment later, Zara : *stroke the doll* ayang (Sayang. Malay : stroke tenderly). *Bent down and kissed the doll's face* Muak! *carried and gave the doll a cuddle* (I normally feel so guilty after smacking her, I kiss and 'sayang' her right after that) Later, she was playing with her masak-masak (Malay : Cooking set), she 'made' soup and fed me. Zara : bow first ah (Blow first huh?) *blew the spoon* fu.. fu.. *then put the spoon near my mouth* Me : Mummy don't want. Zara : *she stared at me with very fierce looking eyes* Must Drink! (Yikes! Sounds like me forcing her to eat something)


Egghead said...

what goes around... comes around... LOL!

they really good at imitating what we do huh?

may said...

Zara's doll reminds me so much of my own Dolly. I had her for a good 10 years before I decided to throw it away (*sob sob*! heart-breaking! but she was really dirty). anywhere I went, she would go along - holiday trips, to bed, to the dining table... my comfort creature.

Mama BoK said...

That's too funny..!!

Greenapple said...

haha, Zara's mum now officially has a replica of her ... haha.

sesame said...

That's funny! Especially how she said Must drink! You really do that with her? Haha...A little you...how apt.

geetha said...

Hahaha.. I like the "Must drink!" part.. Very funny watching yourself? :))

Rachel said...

That's funny. See they are imitating our words, actions, so must show them a positive way hor..

blurblur said...

Hahaha...LOL on the 'must drink!'part!

Damien once laid his Chicken Little on the bed and said in a very fierce tone: "Close your eyes and go to sleep NOW!" yeah, he's imitating me...;p

yl said...


jazzmint said...

hahahaha...funny funny intepretation.

faythe also does all the feeding lately, got sound effect somemore.

mom2ashley said...

hahahah! now ya know how you treat her issit??? hahah how hilarious!

Tracy said...

Eiks! Read Mumsgather's post (Copycat)just now and now urs (Mini Me).

Kids are real 'copycats', aren't they? Better be careful lor in case they'll 'copy' whatever we say or do.

Jesslyn said...

Ya, this is cute! At one time, Wien even offer her "breast" to her doll!! lol

L B said...

I never kissed my Ultraman!!!

Sabrina said...

Hehe...So cute.. This now we know how fierce u r towards Zara. She's so cute lar. Keith also get facinated with baby dolls n will get excited when he sees one as thought that's a real baby.Haha

michelle said...

So cute the way Zara play with the doll. Emily also fed the baby doll with any bottle she picks up.


hahaha...a taste of your own med? :P

i guess that's why they say it's in the gene...sometimes the bringing up play a BIG part in our kids life too.

bless with so much love...she will be one fine lady.

maria @ twinsmom said...

LOL... all goes around comes around LOL... clever Zara.

mumsgather said...

A mirror image of you eh? You better start treating her sweet then so that she'll be sweet to her doll. Hahaha.

Samm said...

Hilarious. So, now you know what happens when children starts imitating adults. And i bet you must be surprised at how you've been treating her, lol.

1+2mom said...

LOL!!yes kids like to act like us so as my son. He scold his sis just like me.

domestic rat said...

Haha.. so be careful and dun orh pi sai in front of Zara girl!

AsleyLee said...

Wow, Zara was scolding her doll like mummy scolding Zara. So cute.

Mother Superior said...

Like mother, like daughter. She's really cute, as always.

Jason said...

Haha! 有样学样! (yao yong hok yong)

Simple American said...

I discovered my bad habits as my kids grew up. keke A couple of em at least.

Guys in sports slap each other's bum after a good play in the game. You don't even thing about it. Pop.

Well I did the same to the kids. And the problem started when they did that at pre-K to their chums. So I had to stop doing that and get them to stop doing it too.

Cocka Doodle said...

Waaa....you so fierce wan. Now Zara is taking after big bad mama!

Allyfeel said...

This is called 有样学样?哈哈!:)

Irene said...

Waaaaa. So strict. I sked sked too.

Zara's Mama said...

Yup.. :(

you sure you threw that away, or it's stashed up some where still providing you comfort on tough days?


After all, it's my genes ma.

Sesame, Geetha,
I'm not aware of how I behave until I saw how she behaved. :(

Yeah. Really must be more positive.

Haha.. you also kena from Damien. Don't we all. :P


Heehee.. all the monkey girls will start masak masak about this time.

yeah loh.. Now only I know. *bow in shame*

yeah.. really must be careful. Dare not use the F or the Shit word in front of her.

Offering the brest is berterlampau ni.. haha

You are macho man mah.. you only kiss girls. haha.

Keith also likes baby doll? What does he do with them?

Their motherly instinct I guess.

Two Little Fellas,
Yeah.. when I see how she behaves towards others and her toys, I realise how fierce I am.. and yeah.. I'm learning and changing.. :P

Yeah.. Pao Ying.

I am I am.. I'm sweet 80% of the time..

Yeah.. now only I know after seeing how she behaves.. but it's still not too late to change.. :P

aiyo.. your Carter also like that. :O

Domestic Rat,
unfortunately, she already saw and started doing it. :(

yeah loh.. :(

Mother Superior,
Yup.. runs in the family. :P

Yeah.. Now I want to show her hao-bang-yang!

Simple America,
haha.. your kids too huh? For you, it's a bit late to remold them.. At least I still have a chance. :D

*change subject* This Friday eating what huh?

yeah loh.. *shy*

Hee hee.. Mummy will change.. really!

Loc Kee said...

hey lagi tak tau meh, she is Hinting yu that she is capable to take care of another little ONE lo... hehe

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