Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blogging resumes : Busy Weekend

I had finally settled the hotel reservations in Bali; being such a cheap skate after lots (and I mean LOTS) of hunting around, comparing locations, prices, checking out reviews, we'd finally settled for 2 small properties, Ellie's in Nusa Dua and Barong Resort & Spa in Ubud. Not sure if it's such a good idea not staying in those big reputable resorts, especially with Zara, but I like smaller places (not having to compete with big tour groups), we shall see. (Thanks to those who had suggested places to stay in my last post) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday, I invited my side of the family over for tea and dinner. We ate out for dinner but for tea, I baked some scones.

Simple recipe of mixing everything in the food processor, cutting the dough up, and then baking it.

Nothing beats fresh from the oven scones with a dollop of whipped cream and strawberry jam.

I baked about 30, and at the end of it, we have about 6 left for today's breakfast. 9 of us took 24 scones!! But they are pretty small though.

As for Zara, since her 1st birthday, she'd never seen so many people in our house before. She had fun, playing with her cousins, going to the park with them, and best of all, getting to see her youngest cousin, baby Tasha (her inspiration to become a baby) again!
Playing with Norman Ko-ko; getting ready to go out for dinner; giving Tasha a big hug (almost suffocating her in the process); Tasha giving us a rare smile (she's grown so much, compared to older photos).

In the car, while on our way to home after dinner, I asked her, "Zara happy or not? So many people came to Zara's house to play with Zara?" She said, "Happy! *pointed to her chest* Zara."


Kat said...

Just throw everything into food processor? So easy wan-ah? Delicious-hor, when they come fresh out of oven.

Such an adorable little baby!

mama bok said...

I'll be happy too.. if i have a mama like Zara's..!! scones.. and all.. ;)
Must have had been real fun for her.. ;)

L B said...

:-) I also know how to bake goodies now!!! :-) Weeeee!! So happy now!! Can bake scones too next time, hor? Waaaaa ~ become demon baker... Apple Crumble...

may said...

oooooh, are these the scones you said you'd make? they look really good, waayyyyyy better than the ones I made! share-share recipe please! ahhhh, can look forward to good scones now. :)

Lazymama said...

The scones looks nice!

Zara so lovely! My girl still very shy, don't expect her to hug other baby.

sesame said...

You're very efficient! Hey, the resort at Ubud looks very good! I think they have very wonderful accomodations. I remember the small one I went to even had a nice open concept bathroom. So looking forward to seeing your pix.

Have been thinking of baking recently since we have a bigger oven now. But...just too lazy!

Lin Peh said...

How cum no liserb a few to feed Lin Peh ? :-(

maria @ twinsmom said...

Zara so sessy... LOL...

Oh, I love scone, I used to go to Dome just for their scone, they had nice scone, but too bad never in the menu anymore, I remember the last visit, i sit down and scan the menu, asked the waitress "no scone?" she said: "not making scone anymore." I just left.

so when you will bring some scone visit me? hmrp?

mom2ashley said...

oh that was fast..seemed as though you werent away anyway....have fun!!

geetha said...

The scones reminds me of my Form 3 cooking lesson. That was the first time I baked scones. tried it once after that, and now forgot recipe.

The scones looks good. Yum, yum.. got recipe ;)

Its good that she is used to crowd :)

yl said...

sessy Zara... still with her Auntie-looking bag!!!! :S

Irene said...

I'd be happy too, if someone made me scones. Share your recipe and I'll see if it's idiot proof enough for me!

I want to go to Bali too!!!

Zara's Mama said...

Almost as easy.. that's why I like the recipe.. see if I can post it.
Yeah.. she's cute.. and that's why Zara wants to be a baby again.. to be cute again!

Mama Bok,
*blush*.. aiya.. don't say things like that la.. Yeah.. fun for her.

Yeah, I know I know.. post more recipe please but try not to make it so 'expensive' to follow.

Yeah, these are the ones, they are so easy and they are yummy. I'll try to post the recipe later yeah.. if not will drop you a mail. :P

She won't hug even if it's her cousin? What if you have new baby? Does she hug you often? Maybe she's not a physical person, like Zara.

While looking up for hotels, I see there are really lots of nice places to stay, but we just chose something which will not burn too big a hole in our pocket. :P
I have a good oven, but just not using it as much as I want.. lazy too.. :(

Lin Peh,
Got liseb.. gib King's Wife ma.. she never gib u?

Dome stopped serving scones? Really? But actually I find their scones also quite expensive, because when I make my own, the cost is really low even when I use quality product.
One day huh? I bring to your place.

Haha.. 2, 3 days for me to be away is a long time already.. :P Addicted to blogging!

Will post the recipe.. Yeah, she's good with crowds if they are not toddler.. she seems to like older kids and babies a lot.

Yeah.. still with her Auntie looking bag.. She said she wanted to go to the market to buy fish. *slap head*

Sure.. will try to post it.
Thought you are coming for a loooooong holiday? Stopping at Bali?


my vision is filled with piping hot scones with layer of melting buttern top with double whipped cream- memory of scones.

did zara picked up her sexy clothes this time too? good choice!

jazzmint said...

wahh..ur scones looks yummy. Any recipe to share?

Zara's so pretty in her pink patchwork dress, all dress up ready to go kai kai :)

Gene said...

Whoa, the scones looks yummy! :D

michelle said...

I also bake on the weekends, I made muffin with choc on top. Emily add the top and left the bottom for mummy....sigh.

Enjoy your Bali Trip!!

Jesslyn said...

i start making jelly now and then, with wien's help! Later will try on cake!
Mind to share the recipe? Post on cookblog la!

Twin said...

wow .. your scones looked really nice. Drooling already!

Mama22Beas said...

Is making scone that easy? Yours look yummy...

yl said...

wah lao!!!! there goes the sessy image... buy fish?!?!?! :|

Zara's Mama said...

Two Little Fellas,
I'd posted the recipe, if you baked, you can try it out. :P
It's hard to get good scones in KL.. so best is home made.
Mummy chose the clothes for her. She likes spagetti strap t-shirt with panties.. not body suit. :(

Posted the recipe.
Bought from FOS, RM9.. too bad didn't buy all the design!

And they are *ahem*.

Being mummy, you always have to eat the left over hor? *sigh*
I should bake muffin too.. but sometimes just too lazy.
I sure will enjoy.. :)

Posted on cookblog liao.. next time go try la.

Try it out with the recipe I posteed.

This recipe is quite easy.

Yeah loh.. really 'auntie'. She even put a plastic fish in her bag. *slap head one more time*

Simple American said...

Aw Zara is such a sweet hugger.

Scones always make me think of my daughter and Thanksgiving. She has baked them two years in a row now.

Passerby A said...

Wah... scone recipe please?

Anonymous said...

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earthember said...

Young kids love to hug babies, but usually end up hugging too hard, and causing the babies to fuss. That is a nice picture of Zara hugging Tasha.

Your scones look yummy, esp with the cream and jam.

Allyfeel said...

What nice tea and scones you had. Glad that zara girl is so happy playing with cousin.

I like seeing bb playing with cousins too. He really enjoy kicking ball, pulling around, yakking with them.

shiaulin said...

ok, for the next blogger gathering, maria bring Belles and cream cheese fish puff; u bring Zara and scones. and me? i bring Xuan and my empty stomach! :D :D

Tasha has grown so much huh!! and Zara already a 小姑娘 liao!

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
They call it something else in the US right? Biscuit or something.

The Diva,
Posted already.

Yeah, at this age, they don't know they can be very raugh.
Sometimes Zara kisses me so hard it becomes a bite.. and she'll get a good scolding after that..
Luckily she hasn't done that while nursing. :P

When they are with other kids, you see a different side of them huh? It's nice to see the other side.

No No. You bring pork ribs!! But make special chicken ribs for me la.. :P
Yeah.. Zara jiejie already.

Anonymous said...

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