Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Old Newspaper

On Saturday, while feeding Zara lunch, the old newspaper man (a man who goes from housing estate to housing estate collecting old newspaper, magazines, car batteries for recycling; and we get paid a small fee for letting him have these old items) passed by our house. Like all old newspaper men, to announce his presence, he blasted his recorded 'advertisement' repeatedly while driving through the residential area. It was something like this : "Paper Lama (Malay: Old newspaper). Siu Gu Poh Jua (Hokkien: Collecting old newspaper). Sao Gao Poh-Ji (Cantonese : Collecting old newspaper). Old newspaper. Bateri Lama (Malay: Old batteries)" Zara very quickly learnt up the 'chanting'. And here's a recording of her chanting, with me prompting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those who are interested in the scones recipe, I'd posted it here.


1+2mom said...

LOL!!!I think most of the kids will know this 'chanting'. My gals will said 'old newpaper, pe-bo, pe-bo' other's dunno liao :)

JoMel said...

K & S follow this chanting too! As well as the Pedalpop Icecream man song.

L B said...

Brilliant mp3!! Hahaha, hey, I got so attached to those Sau Kau Poh Chi people last summer in Ipoh... That's become such a memory now... :-)

Vien said...

This is so hilarious! It's a pity they don't have Paper Lama man in the states.

Lazymama said...

haha, so cute! Zara able to say it clearly!

Potential Mom said...

wahahha.... LOL..

she learn things very fast hor...

so cute lar....

sesame said...

Kids find this very fun. My son is also quite intrigued by the blasting and in fact will chat with the newspaper collection man.

You mean they collect old batteries? That's a first for me. Here, it's newspapers, clothes, TV & radio sets.

may said...

that was so so super-duper cute!! kids sure pick up fast, don't they? I'm sure I've done my fair share of chanting "old newspaper" when I was a wee girl.

Jesslyn said...

she can clearly hor...
Lyon now will follow us by saying one word after another..they really pick up fast la!

Gene Lim said...

man she is soo cuteeee!


oh dear..oh dear...this is so cute....the way you prompt her and the way she responded....lil zara will love the memery recorded...best vocal memory ever!

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah, I think this is a 'chant' that every small kid knows. Wah, your kids even do the 'pee bo pee bo' sound?

Ow, we don't get the paddle pop man dropping by our place.. That's a good song to learn too huh?

Now I let you relive your summer dream.. do I get a slice of that cake?

That's the good thing about being in this part of the world.. Still have people going fr house to house shouting out to promote their goods.

Just their voice already so cute.

Potential mom,
I think kids nowadays pick up things very fast one.. You potential mummy you don't know ah? Aisay..

Wow.. Singapore one actually collect more things? What do they do with those clothes and all? Do you get paid? Or they just help you to collect?

If there was mp3 back then.. your mum probably would have recorded them huh?? Maybe you should check with her. :P

Yeah, they pick these things up really fast.. faster than they can finish their bowl of porridge.. haha.

Gene Lim,
Thank you..

eve said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww she is soooo kiuttt..eh , i wan to send u a photo of little karen...can ar?..

mom2ashley said...

hahah! she is so clever! learning things so fast! hahah....i never knew what the old newspaper man say..all i can hear is old newspapaer...paper lama and the ones in chinese dialect, i could never hear what they were saying..

ka..t said...

Funny, funny!! *laughs out loud* Sooo cute, your Zara!! Yes, yes, very good recording. Next time Zara can hear herself!

Cocka Doodle said...

Zara has a bright future i nthe recycling business! believe me, its big bucks!!

Zara's Mama said...

I want I want.. send to agnes_leecm@hotmail.com.

Now you know what they are saying... better do, because one day Ashley may want you to 'chant' that with her. :P

Hey, I didn't know you have a blog.. Hmm.. a food one too.
Yeah.. I know she'll love it when she gets to hear it in the future.. Maybe we can play it in her wedding.. Hahaha..

Cocka Doodle,
Can go into other business or not? Not that I'm against recycling business, but she can go into bigger things?? (Parents always have very high hopes for their kids)

Zara's Mama said...

Two Little Fellas,
These are really nice moments to capture I agree.. Hmm.. now should I upgrade my phone so I can always have a recorder ready to record more of such moments??

earthember said...

That is so cute, her trying to imitate. My eldest daughter used to do that when she was much younger and we were in Spore. Hearing those phrases is so nostalgic.

Cocka Doodle said...

I'm interested in the scones. When are you baking again? I come over can anot?

michelle said...

Cool, now you and your gal can have a part time job of collecting newspaper. :P

Simple American said...

Aw!!! She sounded so sweet. Thanks for sharing that. Cheers me up when I am so far from my own kids tonight.

Sebastian's mommy said...

Clap clap! Zara so clever!

Helen said...

LOL... not only Zara, even my dogs are howling like mad whenever the newspaperman come!!

You going to Bali ar?? Wow!! Enjoy yourself man!! Remember pics, pics and pics!!

Blogie-Talkie said...

I wish to see and hear that, I miss these this kind of moment, remind my life in KL...

domestic rat said...

Heehee... finally get to hear zara's voice!!! She's lovely, and hopefully she and mummy will enjoy holidaying in Bali without getting sunburnt.

Zara's Mama said...

aaah.. your kids didn't grow up with this huh?

Cocka Doodle,
Can.. come la. When you come I bake loh.. Then I give you DVD list to buy for me.. :P

With such a cute voice.. I'm sure we'll get lots of customers hor?

Simple American,
The pleasure is all mine.. There'll be more to come. :P

Sebastian Mum,
*hold on to skirt, curtsey* thank you thank you.

If only your dogs can talk.. the whole house will be filled with that chanting.. :P
Sure will have lots of pix.

Yeah.. these are the things that you still get in 3rd world country.

Domestic rat,
Not so soon yet.. our holidays.. :P

Avril said...

Melt melt melttttt!

I want baby...=)

Helen said...

BTW, just the 3 of you? King and KW not tagging along ar? lol

Allyfeel said...

Ei, only Malaysian kids know these old newspaper words...haha. The power of repetition. :)

Zara's Mama said...

Your time will come.. you are still so young..
(btw, I can never leave a comment at your blog site you know *sigh*)

This time it's just my hubby, Zara and I.. 3 of us.
It's not frequent that we go on a holiday together (I mean my family like King and King's wife), but my dad is trying to make it once a year.. and we try to oblidge.. Normally it's local because it's easier to coordinate.

*nod head in agreement* Yeah. Yeah..

shiaulin said...

just happen to hear this together with Xuan, he was giggly and asked me to replay it many time for him, he like it very much leh. :D

Anonymous said...

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