Friday, September 29, 2006

Fussy Little Girl with lantern

Zara is really turning into a fussy little girl. She demands and specifies what she wants and if we don't give in, she would make a big fuss or nag us. E.g. If she ordered macaroni and cheese but you give her oat for lunch, she just refused to eat, kept saying, "Zara want maca-no-ni and cheese only!" "Don't want anything else" If she wanted grape flavoured Vitagen and we gave her apple flavoured, she would be repeating, "Zara want purple (grape) Vitagen only! Don't want green (apple) one!" Sometimes we'll have to tell her some white lies to make her accept what we offered or just ignore her cries, other times, we'll just have to give in to her demands. On Tuesday, we brought out the lantern for her to play. I lighted it with a blue candle. She was making such a big fuss, chanting, "Don't want this candle, want pink one!", "Want pink one!", "This candle not nice." "I don't yike (like) this candle! I yike pink one!" I refused to budge, for the whole time the blue candle was burning, she complained. Then when Daddy wanted to shoot some photos with her and the lantern, and the flash went off a few times, she started complaining. Cringing her eyes, and saying, "So bright the yight (light). Mummy, take sunglasses for you (me)." "So bright!" "Don't yike (like) so bright." These are the best shot we could take.
She enjoyed the 'blowing the PINK candle' in the lantern after Happy Birthday had been sung.


mom2ashley said...

looks like zara has her own opinions now ya...and she expresses them really well.

Egghead said...

that reminds me... need to bring out the tang lung again :P
at least she dares to walk with fire :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

She's growing up to be a demanding little girl, Lol. Can she hold the lantern by herself yet?

may said...

I love those old-fashioned lanterns!! their shadows on the walls always cheered me up. I remember always burning a hole on one side, though... *sigh*

m.o.t.t. said...

;-) toddlerdom...welcome!! Just give her two choices nxt time...she just wants to show the rest of us.

shoppingmum said...

Girls are girls, wants a pink candle pula...

blurblur said...

Your Zara got character leh.. ;p

It's normal, she's just trying to test her see how far she can stretch..hehe.. :)She can express herself very well!

Nice lantern, i still prefer this 'candle' type than those battery-operated ones! This reminds me, i haven't got any lantern for Damien!

Allyfeel said...

Most toddlers are demanding. My son only like white vitagen, not other colors.

Hahaha...she is so cute but mommy needs a little more patients with demanding girl girl.

Nice lantern, I bought those colorful paper lantern for bb as well. He is playing a lantern from purple cane which was the packaging from the mooncake.

Sasha said...

Wow! She makes sure she get what she wants!

geetha said...

Aah, she is just showing some preferences. I am experiencing that too. Sometimes, they won't give up, and we would have too instead!

I should get those lanterns too.. they boys will enjoy it during the festival.

yl said...

asserting her rights now!!! good... at long as she is not rude, why not?? ;)

Jesslyn said...

Once a while still ok, but dont let her make this as a habit, else susah to change her charactor lor!

Paper lantern also nice, this year I light up all paper lantern even the girls beg me buy battery type!

eve said...

er....karen dun like to go out at nite..a lot of moskito we got her the battery operated one..siap ngan music skali...but the mommy wanted so much to relive her childhood...wan to go out n lit lantern..haihs..

huisia said...

Wow, she is so smart to differentiate the colours! I wondering how you teach your girl until she is just so smart at all!

L B said...

It's the malaysian water, Aitelyu!!! You need more Italian spring water to calm her down with...

See Fei said...

if my son got married next time i will insist zara be the event manager, if she decide to go into biz. people who insists on detail are good for event biz. like her principle and persistant but tough on you & hub lah... for the moment!!!

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, she really does, and it’s hard to change her mind..

Going to have another ‘tang lung’ bloggers’ meet again?

Very demanding.. She can’t yet, I have to guide her. It’s a bit too heavy for her.

Hey, this year, you can always light up lots of those traditional lanterns and hang them all around your house. :P

Good tip. Let me try out next time. Btw, I can’t see your blog url any more from your profile. Can you tell me what it is? Either post a comment here or send me a mail. Thanks.

Haha.. yeah.

Terrible Two characters.
We have the battery operated one, but it’s so annoying, playing that ‘Wong Fei Hong’ song.. so we thought we’ll try a ‘real’ one this time.

Purple cane one must be very nice.
Aaah.. aren’t all of them at this age demanding?

Your time will come.. your time will come.

That’s right.. They are very persistent and they have all the time in the world, but we don’t . :P
Oh yeah, you should and join the neighbour’s parade.

Err.. tough on mummy who.

Yeah, so I don’t give in all the time.. Occasionally let her make some decision. :P
Your girls like the battery ones?

Aiks, your Karen so ‘indoor’ type huh? Like mummy. :P

We didn’t really ‘teach’ her.. but keep pointing to her and name those things out every time we see it. After a while, she picks them up.

Next time must ask you to ‘tah pau’ spring water from Yeetali liao.

See Fei,
Wow, another profession for Zara huh? Hmm.. she’s into details now, but not sure if she will in future.

cp1 said...

hmm same here.. nellie too slowly becoming fussy *pening*

m.o.t.t. said...

sorry.. i switched to blogsome.. more things to twitch with. itchy fingers..haha

michelle said...

More like demanding rather than fussy. Sometimes Emily is like that, but I have a magic phrase. I said "Next time, mummy will buy for you ok". She will be happy with that.

jazzmint said...

is that the signs of terrible 2?

faythe also love blowing the candle and demand everyone claps hand while singing the happy birthday song *roll eyes*

beckysmum said...

She knows what she wants.
I think Anne also started this kind of fussy attitude!

laundryamah said...

hmmm maybe get more colors to choose..hehehe..btw Oscar's mom oso reminded me of the colorings in others that may not b good for now oni buy yakult..

hahaha...oh kylie will she become like this leh..scared la..thank God Kieran is not so fussy, i think it's a girl thing cos my niece is oso a major fussy pot!

sesame said...

Quite normal for kids to say don't want, don't want but she does sound quite demanding...I think she's probably also testing her limits and see how far she can push her parents. :p

Shannon said...

Wah, cute little Zara very demanding lar... but she really knows what she wants and could express it to you hoh? So smart...

Pretty though too when she MUST get her way wor...

Cocka Doodle said...

Selling now at iPiaomei Lantern...get one for your hubs before they sellout!

Cocka Doodle said...
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mama bok said...

Well.. a gal gotta right to what she wants eh..?? she's a leader .. this gal of yours. . ;)

Contented Mum said...

Zara big girl now, can assert her own will. :) Qi ning is the same!

Simple American said...

Y'all sang happy birthday! :) That's so cute. haha Aww!!!

Look at her hair! Not looking like baby hair so much any more. Wonder how she's gonna yike getting it trimmed? Has she been trimmed before?

milkmaid said...

looks like she's beginning to find her own identity. Cute...

chanelwong said...

haven't been reading blogs for 1 week, miss sooo much about Zara..she can make her own choice nowadays...and surprises you too..

Zara's Mama said...

They start young these days don’t they?

Aiks, and what is the url? Share please.

Err.. she never follow up ‘next time’?

Yes, I think it is, Terrible Two is approaching.
Haha.. they all like that at this age don’t they? The singing happy birthday part.

Haha, Anne also starting to show her preference of things already.

I know I know.. we started giving her Yakult, and she tasted Vitagen and then preferred Vitagen. Then now, sometime she asked for Yakult.
So, we give her both.
You think it’s a girl’s thing?

She sure is, trying to see how far she can push mummy and daddy.

I don’t give in all the time.. I let her made some decision but on the more important ones, I make them for her.

Cocka doodle,
Aiyo.. linpeh doing lantern also?

Err.. or mummy is a follower. :P

Contented mum,
Haha.. we are all experiencing the same thing huh? With our two year olds.

Simple American,
Err.. now she started exerting her right to say she doesn’t want to have her hair cut, but wants to keep it long.. So.. she doesn’t yike to trim it. :(

Your Aiden will be like that in a years time.. haha.. something to look forward to.

I know.. it’s ok.. you need a good rest

Simple American said...

How long will you let her wear her hair?

Anonymous said...

*Shake hand* my eldest son also like tat too..
And why kids like to sing b'day song when light the candle?

HMom said...

sounds like harvynna. They can be so strong headed and insist on what they want.

babykhong said...

Wahh..she knows how to demand things now ahh. I saw that she got a rabbit lantern. We just bought one for Brae, a little goldfish. Mummy has one too, a butterfly. :-)