Monday, September 25, 2006


Saturday was the big day for Zara to relocate from her cot to her single bed. She calls it her 'jie-jie (Chinese : big sister) bed'. We got her involved in 'helping' Daddy to install the bed, pretending to be 'Bob The Builder'.

Upon completing the installation, we saw a hint of disappointment in Zara. We asked her, "Do you like your bed?". She said, "Don't yike (like)." When she woke up from her afternoon nap, she cried and wailed, asking me to hold her for almost 30mins. When we asked her what happened, she said, "Zara so yoneyee (lonely)" and then later, "Got bad dreams". I wonder if the new bed gota do with this.

In the evening, after all the bedsheets and bed guards have be put up, she seems more interested in her bed. I told her she can still roll over to sleep with me if she wanted, and that I can still hold her hands in the night when she goes to sleep (something she likes). However, the last 2 nights, she didn't sleep very well, waking up in the middle of the night, and wanted me to cuddle her. Daddy said maybe she miss the scent of her old bed.

I hope she gets use it to real soon.


Egghead said...

maybe you should get her to pee on her new bed to leave a scent... LOL!
a new milestone for Zara!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Aiyo, she can use the word "Yoneyee", that's so adorable :D Give her time and I believe she'll eventually adjust.

domestic rat said...

That's fast! it was not so long ago when you blogged about attaching her cot to the bed and now, a single bed for the big jeijei she's soon to be. Kids do grow fast, don't they?

sesame said...

After seeing you dismantling her cot and attaching it to your bed, I did the same with Gavin's. His cot is quite big and he was happy to be sleeping in there and has been doing so for the past few months. But probably soon we'll also need to upgrade to a bed for him.

Btw, I'm also like you...I like to hold his hands when I sleep next to him.

blurblur said...

Wow, you bedroom must be pretty big huh? So you'll be placing the baby cot in your bedroom as well?

I'm sure Zara will get used to her new 'jiejie bed' pretty soon! :)

cp1 said...

well even for me, i will take some time to adjust myself with my new bed..or new place.. it'll have the same effect on zara too..

hey.. the name on the bed is really cute.

Contented Mum said...

You act fast, I still have not move Qi Ning to her own bed. She still sandwich between us even though her own single bed is just right next to us!

milkmaid said...

Must be the "newness" of the bed/mattress. Reminds me of the time when Aiden goes to sleep in my Mum's house when I go out at night. He cannot settle down to sleep properly and fidget all the time (even though his eyes are closed).

Novertheless, kudos on a new milestone achieved.

Sasha said...

Yr hubby is right. Maybe she likes the bed scent or maybe your scent. What you can do is..put yr dirty t-shirt near her when she's sleeping so she can "smell" you.

Jesslyn said...

u can transfer her to her own bed after she asleep, that's what i did if Lyon wanna sleep with me!Noticed there is a gap between your bed & her bed, not scare she stuck in there while asleep?

huisia said...

Did you feel weird too when she is not sleeping with you? I bet you miss her smell too..

L B said...

Zara is looking great, whether or not she is used to her new bed yet..

laundryamah said...

hmmm..kylie has always been sleeping in her cot but she cries almost every night oso changes whatsoever...y leh??

Potential Mom said...

wow wow...i notice that ZARA the name at the bed there ler.. very nice lar..isit come together witht the bed? or sendiri buy and paste on it a??

jazzmint said...

hehe probably takes time to get used to it :)

mom2ashley said...

aww poor thing...she'd prolly need time to get used to it..

shoppingmum said...

It's about time she has her bed before baby comes along huh? I saw you paste her name on the bed, are those stickers?
She just needs some time to get used to the bed, I think she'll be fine after a while.

yl said...

woohooo!!!!! big jiejie zara!!!! perhaps you might want to buy her more pillows and stuff to make it cosier?? or soft toys so that little girl... i mean... big jiejie zara would not feel so "yoneyee"...

Simple American said...

She'll get used to it. Don't fret. Though I must admit to not have experience as we put the kids in their rooms when they are about over one month old. They slept better without my snoring. haha

mama bok said...

Love the bed of Zara's.. even got her name on it..! Mummy is really thoughtful..! She will get use to it real soon.
When Chloe changed to sleep into her own bed.. instead of the baby bed.. we left her big gal's bed.. in the living room first.. for her to play with.. for a few days.. and then moved the bed into her room.. after she got a little used to seeing it.. ;) And she took to it.. like a champ.. but till today.. she doesn't always spend the whole nite in her bed.. half the nites.. she spent it on the floor.. with all her blankies.. in the study room.

Vien said...

She just need time to adjust to the new bed. It's good that you have the bed next to yours. That will give her the sense of security. So, if the baby #2 is here, will Zara still sleep in your room?

Desperate Mummy said...

Zara bed so nice, wif her name on the bed. I really hope my son 5 yrs old wif sleep at his own bed soon :(

may said...

she's doing good! I don't know how long it took me to sleep in my own bed, but I know that even at 5 years old I still crept in to sleep with mom at times... teehee!

Zara's Mama said...

But she didn't even have a drop of pee in her cot mattress.. so it's not the pee smell she was missing.

She's already coping.. last 2 days slept through.. Yippie!

Domestic Rat,
Yes, they do.

Zara's cot too is big and would have taken her up till 5 to 6yrs old. Since I have to prepare her for the arrival of the new baby, she has to move, so the baby can take the cot.

Fortunately for us, the master bed room is big. Yeah, the cot will have to be in the room too, now we just wonder how to re-arrange the furniture so the cot and Zara both will be near to me. Tough one, this.

Haha.. so you are still a small jiejie than. :P
It could have been cuter, but we extended it fully, wonder why we bought a child’s bed when we could have bought an adult’s. Hmmm..

Contented mum,
Aaa, for you, she sleeps with you. Zara slept in the cot, which we have to give it to the baby when she arrives. So I guess it’s ok for you, just add the cot, and place the baby there, and Qi Ning can continue to sleep with you. :)

Wow, Aiden is also one of those babies? Zara is not like that, but I think she likes her old cot more because she can climb up the bars like a monkey.

I think she misses her scent. These 2 nights, she has been placing her head on the cot bumper instead of the pillow when she sleeps.. Real cute.

That’s what we do actually. She falls asleep in my arms, then I place her in her bed.
It’s actually not a gap, it’s the bed frames from both bed, she won’t fall into the gap but may knock her head if she’s not careful. I ‘cushion’ it with another piece of cot bumper in the night.

We are still close by, so it’s ok. I just reach out for her when I miss her. :P

Haha.. She’s a kid, all kids look great. Even when they are crying. :P

Aiks, I cannot explain Kylie’s case. Maybe she just wants to manja mummy.

Potential Mom,
It used to be in her cot. We just removed it and put it on her cot. It’s wooden alphabets.

Jasmine, Mom2Ashley,
Yeah.. she’s already coping better the last 2 nights.

Those are wooden alphabets. Boy, I hope I know where to get them again for the 2nd child.

Big jiejie has all her soft toy there, but ‘yoneyee’ because mummy further away from her mummy.

Simple American,
Haha.. hmm.. that’s a nice way to encourage them to move out.. :P

The name was from her cot, I just moved them to her bed.

Hey, that’s a good way to introduce the child to a new bed huh? Never thought of that before.

Yes, it’ll be the whole family in the same room. Luckily our room is big enough to cater for all.

Desperate mummy,
Your son still sleeps with you in your bed?

Haha.. I think Zara will be like that too..

KittyCat said...

I've just starting putting Lucas in the cot too but still next to our bed. He also loves to hold/touch my fingers or arm just before nodding off. But he is happiest when he can sleep with us on the bed! Too bad they can't sleep with us forever huh?

michelle said...

Wow nice bed, even got her name.

m.o.t.t. said...

wow..your room is big enough to fit so many beds? I like her name on the bed also... very personalised!

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

I like her bed and best of all has her name too. Don't worry Zara will adjust to the new bed in no time. The same with my boy too. Now he loves his bed and his bigger pillow and bolster too. We moved him about two months before the baby arrives. He does not mind seeing the baby use his former pillow/bolster/blanket.

Shannon said...

The way Zara said YONEYEE is so cute... Makes me feel like giving her a squeezing hug.... hehe....
I like the ZARA on her bed... I'm glad she got used to the bed....

Oh, HOW lar you want to put both the bed and the cot next to you???

geetha said...

Another step to becoming a jie jie.. Hope she likes her new bed :P

babykhong said...

Nice bed. Hope Zara likes it. She's sleeping in your room? Then your bedroom must be very big to accommodate your bed and her bed.

Gene Lim said...

poor zara...well it takes time for her to get used to it...i had problems with ryan too....always wanna sleep with me or kit..he wont sleep alone. :(

Zara's Mama said...

I never used to understand why some parents can sleep with their kids till they are so old, but after I became a parent, I want to do so my self. Wonder when I'll have the heart to put her in a different room.

Mummy's touch. :P

Yes big enough, but have to shuffle the furniture around a bit.

Ah, that's so nice of your boy.
But Zara is growing to like her bed too.. Thank goodness.

Err.. the cot will have to be away from my side of the bed, but closer to Zara's.
Zara is already so used to sleeping next to us, I don't know how she'll act if we moved her further away, and put the baby closer.. So best let her continue with being near me, while the baby can be further.

She's coming to that. :P

Brae doesn't sleep in the same room as you guys?
Our room is big enough to accomodate for now.

Ryan is still sleeping on the same bed with you?

Shannon said...

Yeah yeah, true.... If you move Zara away now, she'll might think that you are putting more importance in the baby, and that might increase her sibling rivalry.... Baby will get use to being further, but that means Mummy have to have more 'exercise' when checking on baby lor....

Nadia said...

Poor Zara. Hope she'll get used to the bed soon. =)

Jean said...

hey agnes, that's a nice bed that you have gotten for zara. where do you get it from? Ikea? the height of the bed is just right.

I'm also thinking of getting one for grace but am afraid that the bed is too high & she will fall off..

No worries, Zara will be able to get used to it real soon, if she takes her nap & night time sleep in her bed.

Take care.

Gene Lim said...

yes! trying so hard to let him sleep alone..he kept waking up around 3-4 am... Bummer! Kit has to wake up early in the kit decided to sleep on ryan's bed instead.

荦怡 said...

i'm totally different! i like to sleep by myself, everytime mmy want to stay in my room to company me, i'll hint her by saying "good nite mmy! good bye!", if mmy still not going out, i will say "luoyi shuijiao(荦怡睡觉)。"