Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Share Share

Zara is at a stage where she's very reluctant to share her things, and we have tried hard to make her understand that sharing is nice, sharing is good. We also remind her that her friends share with her, and so do mummy and daddy. E.g. "Chloe share with you her toys when you go to her house to play right? So you also must share share." "Mummy share with you the nice chocolate ice cream right?" "Daddy share with you the watermelon right?" etc. And "must share share" was something we say to her often when she's not sharing. Sunday after we'd finished shopping in Ikea and took the lift to get to the car park, Zara saw 2 little girls holding on to an Ikea bear each. From her pram, she said to one of the girl nearer to her, "Give you (me) the bear please." When the girl clutched on the bear tighter, Zara said to her, "Must share share mah." Yikes, she thought every thing should be shared and everybody should share.... although she's still reluctant to do her part.


L B said...

OMG can chup!! fast fast fast... *shares Huggies*

sesame said...

She's so clever, grasp the concept so quickly to her favour! Haha...others must share share...her own...don't share.

may said...

LOL! I think I had that problem when I was a kid. my brothers' stuff were at my disposal. they couldn't touch mine... kekekeke!

Cherry said...

My nephew wanted to eat some ice cream my sister was eating but refused to say please. So my sister said...

"What did mummy say to say when you want something?"

He answered...

"Share share!!"



huisia said...

Haha..very "thick face" to ask people share with her!

The ticker always reminds me that she even not 2 yet, but she can speak well and perform smart at her age.

michelle said...

Zara really learn fast and apply it too. Must give her some credit. :lol:

Egghead said...

she really has to learn fast hor... coz her sibling is on the way! :)

beckysmum said...

wow, she is a fast learner! Good!

blurblur said...

Hahaha..Clever girl, Zara! :)

She learn really fast, Ahmeen can 'catch up' or not? ;p

Jesslyn said...

Have to brainwash her to share thing now, else next time sure she will snatch thing from mei mei; just like what wien did. Although we been teaching her numerious time!

Zara's Mama said...

*pass one Huggies to LB*

Some more asking strangers to share. *slap head*

Haha, your things are yours, your brothers things are yours too?? :P

Mummy must have been teaching him how to share that's why.. :P

Yeah, woh, so daring ask stranger to share..

She applies what she learns to her advantage loh.. haha.. smart hor?

Egghead, Beckysmum,
Too bad, not the way mummy wants her to learn.

Hard for ah meen to catch up.. her mind so clever to 'work', until I'm shocked sometimes how she apply her 'learnings'.

Everyday also brain washing her.. but still not very good progress.. *sigh*

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

We are having problems now with RE not wanting to share toys with his little brother JE. So it is good to start telling Zara about the share-share concept now. She seems quick in understanding the concept...i guess now it is doing it that will takes time.

m.o.t.t said...

so cute.. Think about it. I wud be completely possessive if someone took my favourite food or toy. I would share for about 2minutes, then I'd want it back!!!! HAHAHA... My No.1 has figured out a way..if No.2 wants his toy..No.1, would give an alternative share share... Kids can also negotiate.

See Fei said...

share your love and the world will be a better place!! i see a mother teresa figure in the making!!

Simple American said...

Careful there. She will become a socialist. ;)

geetha said...

So funny! What did you tell Zara then.. when she asked the girl to share?

I keep telling Champion, "The mor eyou share, the more you get" and when he gets something, I will point out that we are sharing.. and remind him later when he has to do the same. Sometime it works, wometimes it doesn't *sigh*

Zara's Mama said...

I really hope she’ll learn how to share.. but I’m not so sure if it’ll work.. I just have to keep trying..

Hey, your no. 1 is smart, at least no. 1 provides alternative.. :P

Oh.. nothing close to Mother Teresa, she’s even reluctant to share an ice cream with me.

Simple American,
Haha.. have to not go overboard eh.. :P

That’s good huh?? I should use your method and tell Zara that.. see if she’ll listen better. :P

laundryamah said...

Actually I've heard that children under 8 yrs cannot grasp the concept of sharing..so no point telling them to share at this stage..i find it so true..