Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Short conversations

Yesterday at the park, Me : "Zara, Mummy stomach ache, maybe ceret beret (Malay : diarrhea)." (actually trying to tell her we may need to rush home) Zara : "Come mummy, Zara hug hug. *hugged me* Mummy ceyek beyek. Make mummy better." 5am this morning. Zara : *rolled over to my side of the bed* "Zara drink milk" Me : *groggily, checked the clock* "Still night time, morning only drink ok" Zara rolled back to her cot, tossed and turned, tossed and turned. 2 minutes later, Zara : *rolled back to my side of the bed* "Mummy, Zara drink milk" Me : "Zara hungry is it?" Zara : "Zara hungry, better drink milk now." So I had to crawl out of bed to make her milk. This morning, upon waking up, she examined the crucifix that was hung at her cot, and started talking to her self. "Jesus on the cross" "Jesus don't want to come out, so shy shy." "Jesus come out loh." "Then can see Zara loh."


Egghead said...

she is an early bird huh!

may said...

LOL @ ceyek beyek!! their pronunciation at that age is always so cute

Jesslyn said...

Mummy notti, telling lies....just make for her mah, she will sleep back very fast wan. Lyon sometimes early bird too, sometimes up at 4am + ler! But after milk , dozz off very fast!

blurblur said...

I like her 'conversation' with the crucifix, so cute...

sesame said...

I'm surprise she actually tried to comfort you. Very sensible girl...

L B said...

Hmm, speaking in tongues already!!

michelle said...

Luckily she didn't ask you to poo poo in the park.

Do you feed her before she go to bed? How come midnight still ask for milk?

Zara's Mama said...

Only sometimes. Most days she wakes up at about 8am.

Yeah, they have very cute mispronunciation.

Aiyo.. 5am very sien ler.. try to see if she can stand till later part of the morning loh.

It's strange suddenly she wanted to 'talk' to Jesus. :P

She's probably just immitating me. When she's hurt I always hug her and said, "it'll make her better". :)

Haha.. scarry huh?

Not midnight, but 5am. But I had to tell her it's night, or she thinks it's time to wake up and play. *Yikes*.

Simple American said...

Poor baby got an empty tummy. Poor mommy got to get out of bed. Aw!

Should tell her Jesus sees her. Not shy shy.

mom2ashley said...

now that she can talk, she is even cuter yea!

mama bok said...

So cute..!

jazzmint said...

wahh she can predict she's gonna be hungry so ask u for milk first cute lah the conversation with jesus :)

beckysmum said...

i like the way zara talks. So mature yet so cute!

Sasha said...

She's just too adorable!

immomsdaughter said...

Her conversations are so cute. I love her "ceyek beyek" :)

chanelwong said...

wah, she pick up Bahasa Malaysia well tooo...

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

So cute! Through your many postings, I can see that Zara has an advanced speech ability and comprehension of things. Also a very sensible girl too.

Fannie said...

she's so cute and sweet!

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
The baby got to filled her tummy though.. but mummy couldn’t get the lost sleep. :(
Hmm, thanks for reminding me that, I should have told her Jesus sees her even if she couldn’t’ see him.

Yeah, and a great entertainer. :P

Mama bok,

She just surprised us sometimes with some of her conversations she has with herself.

Thanks, she’s still very innocent, that’s why she can say things so cute.

Thanks.. psst, want her to be your daughter-in-law?

Kids’ pronunciations are cute huh?

Maid who looks after her is Indonesian mah.

Yes she is quite good with talking.. sensible, hah.. she’s sensible if it’s to her advantage. :P

Thanks.. all our kids are.

geetha said...

Very clever lah she.. very very imaginative.

How come daddy didn't help make teh milk? I was very sleepy during pragnancy, daddy helps take care Champion in the nights ;)

13th Panda said...


Zara's Mama said...

Daddy has been working late.. and I don’t want to wake him up to make milk.. hmm.. but I think I should start making him do it huh?? It’s always good to be kind.. but not all the time. :P

13th Panda,
Thank you.. :P

huisia said...

Jesus will so sayang Zara since she talked so sweetly to Jesus. :)