Friday, September 15, 2006

Mummy Jaga You (me)

There are times when Zara wakes up in the morning, and refuse to have Tuyam take over the caring of her. "Don't want kakak jaga (Malay : take care) you (me). Mummy jaga you (me)." "Mummy need to work. Saturday and Sunday then mummy will jaga you." "Mummy don't want work work. Jaga you (me)." "Cannot. Mummy don't work work, then no money to buy Zara cheese, chocolate, and fish" As though she understands, she'll follow me downstairs. However, on such a day, there'll be some protesting when Tuyam gives her her monring bath. "Mummy bath bath you (me)! Don't want kakak do." And if mummy didn't oblidge (which I won't on weekdays), she will cry, while taking her bath, while being changed.

And after that, she'll walk to the study (where I work) with more complaints.

"Go mummy there. Mummy jaga you (me)." (The cry is very fake)
And some days, there will be lots of shouting from downstairs from the little girl, asking me to go down and play with her.
Fun eh? Working from home?


immomsdaughter said...

Awww..poor Zara. If I were you, I wouldn't how to work at home like that. Do you often end up playing with her?

Jesslyn said...

With koala bear (Lyon) at home, I dont think i can WFM lar!

bigmama said...

poor little sweet zara

Vien said...

Ppl always think working from home is cool or easy but it really takes a lot of discipline, huh? At times I wish my company gives me the flexibility to WFM..but sometimes I'm afraid I might get side-tracked.

eve said...

errr...but but...u get to go to the fridge for snacks wor..n steal a kiss or 2 fr zara...then go down sum more for ur butter cake n curry puffs...I WANNNN....kekkekkeee..

may said...

I'd be so tempted to go down and play ball with her!! *let's play catch*

dragonmmummy said...

that's y I got complaint from collegue when I worked frm home saying that I always "snaking around" instead of sitting in front the pc to solve cases. Too soft hearted and giving in to my girl easily to attend to her (putting her to nap and bathe her)

Sasha said...

Wah yr house so is another block wan ah? Happening.

Anyway..she's very cute to resist not end up playing with her..

Zara's Mama said...

No lar.. if it’s fake crying, I’ll ignore her. But if she fell down, or really upset, I’ll go down and spend some time with her.

Starting they’ll be koala bear, but soon, they immune, you also immune. But of couse, sometimes they still remember they are a koala bear and start clinging on again la.

Haha.. mummy is the victim you know in this circumstance.

You really have to be discipline. If you give in all the time, mampus.

Hey hey.. pregnant ma.. pregnant entitled to snacking!

She looks quite convincing there didn’t she.

Haha.. Must stay focused.. and say NO, when needed. Like me.

Aiyo, it’s a court yard in the middle of the house.. house not big lar. I didn’t end up playing with her. Have to tell her I need to work, only can play with her after work.

jazzmint said...

i face the samething when I work from home. Mine will cry like so charm someone torture her aiyooo...

Nadia said...

I don't know how you do it. Sometimes, when my parents are gallivanting around the world, I'd take Irfan to the office and somehow, I always get sidetracked and end up playing with him! Ha-ha! It's a good thing that I work for my parents, otherwise, I might get a 24-hour notice. ;) Anyway, Zara looks so cute, I'd want to play with her too! Hehe..

chanelwong said...

very challenging to work from home yar...

huisia said...

Haha..her cried really fake!
Yalo,very susah to work at home hor since she kept disturbing you.

Anonymous said...

I can not work from home, once I switch on my laptop, Adrian will come and sit on my lap... how to work?

Fashionasia said...

I think you are a very disciplined person!! for me...I dont think i can do that lo

sesame said...

Your last sentence is meant to be taken at face value or ironic? Heheh...cos cannot hear you or see you, so cannot help but be curious...

But seriously, is it a struggle for you to hear her cry for you like that? Cos sometimes it happens to me and I feel extremely guilty for not spending time with him, but my work. I suppose you've gotten a bit more use to it by now?

Greenapple said...

seems really challenging. i think your company is glad to have a well-disciplined employee like you.

Annie said...

Haiyo, I face the same thing also..But my girl already 4 year old wor. She'll "scream" until I come down.

michelle said...

I don't think I can focus with my gal with me when I WFH. Just had her with me yesterday, first half was not productive, second half was better because she nap. My son is alright. He doesn't kacau me. By the way, how often do you WFH?

laundryamah said...

ya man i can hardly work when girl is around about fake cries..both my kids are master at fake cries!

Simple American said...

Very demanding Princess. hehe. You must engage the royal ear plugs.

Gene Lim said...

Is better to work in office. Is not easy and fun esp u can't resist to reach out to ur dear ones when they are loooking for u!
U poor thing... just take it easy dear...

Shannon said...

Zara is so persuasive, I bet if it was me, I'd be playing with her already! I guess working from home for a mother really need lots of determination and discipline eh?? Tempting option, but very tough... I sure fail!! hahaha....

matrianklw said...

Aiyoyo... Zara so adorable. Anak manje ni...

Helen said...

Good acting man! lol

Kids are so cute. Want mummy to quit work to take care of them. Ha, wait till that day comes when they're old enuff to work and take care of old mama. lol

13th Panda said...

good also ler work frm home with a kid like zara. At least she can entertain you a bit ler. How i wish i can work from home too!

L B said...

The very fake crying looked so real!!! How leh? Sure cannot tahan liao.. Ok, I will not have any kids..

Ka Ka and Wa Wa said...

Poor Zara mei-mei...

We have such moments too.. And, same as ur mommy, our mommy also ignore our 'action-pack' crying+tantrums.

Neber mind ok.. Ur mei-mei will be 'coming out' soon to play with u.. Then u won't be so lonely.

Come.. throw ur ball to us.. heheh.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

I admire how you can work from home. You must be very disciplined.

blurblur said...

She look so pitiful in the pictures..if i were you, i would have give in and play with her liao..hmm..maybe that's why i can't work from home discipline at all..:p

Ya, you are very disciplined, i admire that too! :)

geetha said...

Hmm, fun? I think it would be difficult for me. I wouldn't be able to concentrate. If they cry, I might just end up sitting with them! You are very discipline..

I know that cry without tears.. very good act by them. And the immediate cry with tears too.. amazes me.

Samm said...

Ohhhh, see dat face also i sum-yuin already. Come here, Zara.... Aunty Samm, Gordon & Malcolm play with you want or not....

Zara's Mama said...

They are so good with ‘acting’ right?

Discipline, discipline, discipline. :P

Haha.. just have to be discipline and sometimes not get soften by those fake cries. :P

If she’s really crying, it’ll be hard for me to take her photos already. But this one, she’s really faking it. :P

Zara likes to do that too, but I tell her cannot. I only allow her to sit for 1 minute or 2, show her some photos, and then ask her to go downstairs and play with her own things.

Have to, or else, have to drive to office.. and drop Zara off at my sis’. Long distant.

No, it doesn’t bother me when she cries like this. Because I know she’s faking it. My time is all hers after work till she goes to bed, so I have to tell her while I’m working, I cannot be disturbed. Sometimes she tries her luck by crying to see if I’ll stay with her, sometimes she seems to understand, but normally I won’t get affected.

Tell that to my boss.. but I thank him as well, for trusting me to work at home.

I hope Zara will not be like that.. but I notice she’s becoming more and more rebellious lately.. Like she has her own opinion of things, and won’t listen to me. :(

I WFH almost 4days per week.. Pretty often.
I guess if I WFH with Zara alone without the maid, I won’t be productive as well.

Hey, but you bring them to the office.. So it’s almost the same as working from home, and they are fine right?

Simple American,
I’m immune to fake cries. :P

Hee hee, I don’t get affected. Only when she’s really crying because she’s upset about sometime serious that I will get affected. :P

For me still ok ler. Have to work with my ‘head’ not my heart. :P

Thank you..

Wait till the day when I quit work and spend all the time with her, she may get super bored. :P

13th panda,
Yeah, she can really entertain me. And when I need a break, I can go downstairs and cuddle her a bit. :P

Can tahan one.. After a while you’ll be able to resist getting affected.
You should have kids and try it out.

Kaka & Wawa,
Haha.. your mummy also the same, so clever like me huh? Ignore your acting.

I hope I am.. or else it’ll be bad.

Slowly, your heart will harden. Of course, in the beginning get affected a bit.

I know she’s faking, that’s why I can leave her and continue to work. :P
Yeah, they are very good with squeezing out tears.. it’s really amazing.

Can, mummy send Zara to Aunty Samm’s house for a long holiday (for mummy). :P

m.o.t.t said...

bravo bravo

zara v.good actress. her vocab is amazing!

momm said...

your house look really nice..