Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Innocent Comprehension

After work yesterday, I went to have dinner at my sis' place and to pick up Zara. When I arrived, she was playing in my sis' room. My nephew who's sitting for his UPSR (Primary 6 exams) next week was studying in the room as well. Me : "Zara, lets go out. Nicholas kor kor need to study." Zara : "Don't want." Me : "We must go out. And let Nicholas kor kor study." Zara : *glanced at his books* "Nicholas kor kor need to study A, B, C." I shut the room door and led her outside. After 5minutes. Zara : *came to me and asked* "Go yi-yi (Chinese : mum's sis) room jump jump on the bed." Me : "Cannot, Nicholas kor kor studying. When Nicholas kor kor finished his exams, then you can go in and jump jump on the bed like a crazy girl." Zara was happy with my answer and continued playing in the living room. 10 minutes later, when Nicholas came out of the room to get himself a drink, Zara came to me and pointed to him. Zara : "Nicholas kor kor finished exam already. Zara can go into the room to jump jump on the bed like crazy." That's her comprehension of 'study' and 'exam'. Pst. I'm having problem accessing comments of blog who has migrated to Blogspot Beta version. It's taking forever to launch the comments pop up. If I'd not left a comments in your post, it's not because I'm not visiting you, it's due to this technical problem that I'm not leaving my 'mark'.


kwloong said...

You can ask Zara to come jump jump on my bed, i can jump jump with her too. I finished my exams. :P


Sue said...

She's so cute... she actually said now she can go into the room and jump jump on the bed like crazy? LOL!

AsleyLee said...

Aiyo,why Zara soooo cute??!!
Next time i bring Jo to visit Zara, see who can jump more higher..hahaha!

sesame said...

Haha...she's so cute. But at least she knows how to say that Nicholas gor-gor study A B C. So she does know something about studying. Though not exams lah...

Zara's Mama said...

Jump jump jump.. Can jump together with you already huh? Your exams finished really soon.

Yeah.. little parrot is just saying what I said.

Yeah. Next time can meet in Kidzsport and see who jump higher.

To her, all letters are ABC.. Haha..

YL said...

hehehe... can invest in a trampoline???

YL said...

p/s: can zara please be our minister for education?? then all exams would only require 5 mins of studying and 5 mins of examination!!

Simple American said...

I wish tests were that easy. My daughter would definitely confuse Zara. Daughter looks to me like she is listening to music and watching anime. But she claims to be studying.

I was having problems visiting folks too.

Flowsnow said...

Amazing gal.....she is so smart. Can't wait for my kids to tok to me like that...

Jesslyn said...

Oh, Lyon got partner to do jumping on the bed liao! She likes to do that, influence by her jie jie.

Gene Lim said...

hahahah..."kek sei nei" eh...sometime kids are soo innocent..and funny too! :)

Vien said...

I guess you've encounter the terrible 2 yet..hehe. My friends' kids who were at age 2 seem to complain about that age. They said kids will not listen to them..and the reply is always "NOOO". You're lucky that Zara listens to you although she had comprehended it differently. You still have 3 more months..hehe.

jazzmint said...

oo she's so cute!! She must have thought Nicholas was having exam in the room eheh..Hey at least she listens to you, mine these few days like really gone crazy, tearing down everything in the house like Stitch (in Lilo & Stitch).

Agree with u, the beta blogger seems to take sometime to load the comment

LaundryAmah said...

oh dear u allow jumping on the not so tolerant leh..oh thanks for telling about the beta problem! gosh! shouldn't migrated then! hopefully they will improve if not no choice will migrate again!

See Fei said...

Zara is focused.... she remembered what was being said and promised and follow up on that. At least you know that a political career is not suitable for her...politikus are mostly NATO fella muahhahaa....

MyLittleChampion said...

ya lor, now beta already want to go wordpress also cannot. kids like to jump on bed..oscar love it but i will only allow when i am in a good mood he he he....

13th Panda said...

I used to jump at my parents' bed too when we were young with my bro. And we broke the bed.Felt so bad abt it.

may said...

Zara's sure has a cute interpretation of what you said to her about studying and exams... ;)

may said...

Zara's sure has a cute interpretation of what you said to her about studying and exams... ;)

geetha said...

Hahaha.. very cute. I liek her imagination and word captures :)

I don't really let my boys jump on the bed lah.. then they will be jumping on everybody else bed too!

Thanks for highlighting the problem with beta blogger. Didn't realise it.. :(

blurblur said...

Zara's got very good memory! How nice if we only study A,B,C for exams huh? :p

I don't allow Damien to jump on my bed too, he gets out of control and i am so afraid that he might lost his balance and fell off the bed...yeah, i worry too much..;)

Contented Mum said...

Zara so cute! My Qi Ning also like to jump on bed.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Ryan is just like Zara, loves to jump on the bed though it's a NO NO when I'm around.

LaundryAmah said...

Sorry Zara mama..since my beta blog so slow I think you didn't see that I tagged you to list out 6 random facts about still waiting..:)

Anonymous said...

wahhh so syoik, can jump like a crazy girl, if my boy hear this from me, I bet I can change my mattress the next day liao :D

L B said...

I have been missing in action for so long in here!!! How goes your tummy now? Ready soon? Sending you all my regards.. XXX

Zara's Mama said...

I was thinking of that too.. but wonder how to ensure she doesn’t fall off the trampoline. :(
Haha, if Zara was the minister of Education, then all exams will only include how well you jump on the bed. :P

Simple American,
Haha.. kids nowadays study differently huh?

Soon, they will.

They all like to jump on the bed one huh?

Yeah, kids really think so innocently. So unlike adults.

I’m really ‘looking forward’ to terrible twos. At this age, she’s still easy to persuade, not sure if she still will in 3mths time. Yikes

Hey.. sibling rivalry is it Faythe?

We got a good mattress at home, so just let her jump lor.
At my sis’ place, she didn’t mind her jumping, which is nice of her. :P

See Fei,
Aiya.. you are into career counseling huh?

I’ll wait for beta to be more stable before thinking of switching.

13th panda,
Alamak, you two little heavy weights ah? Or you were jumping when you were in your teens?

Yeah, they have cute interpretation huh?

You let them jump on others but not on yours? Tsk tsk *waving finger*

Yeah, if exams were all A, B, C.
That’s what we fear too, her jumping out of the bed.. so I have to keep shouting, be careful be careful.. tired. :P

Contented mum,
Seems like all kids also like to jump on the bed huh?

Haha.. another bed jumper.

Haha.. see no evil, DO no evil.

Adrian & Alvan,
When you want to change your mattress, then you can ask him to jump until it breaks loh. :P

Half way to finishing point.. Still a long way. :P

geetha said...

No lah, you didn't get me. I said I don't let them jump. If I do, they will carry that habit and jump on other people's bed and offend people who might not like it. So, it is a No! No! in our house :P

Anonymous said...

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