Monday, September 26, 2005

At the hairdresser

Zara has never shaven her hair before, so her hair is the original hair grown since she was conceived (if embroy did have hair), which means, she has very little hair. We'd taken her for a hair cut when she was 1month +, just before Chinese New Year, as her hair was growing a bit long around the nape of her neck, making carrying her a bit difficult (back then she still couldn't support her head, so carrying her means puting a hand around her neck, supporting her head and back at the same time). Yesterday, since I had to go for a haircut anyway, and Zara's hair is growing like some wild bush, we thought we should trim hers as well. Being an active child like she is, I thought we're going to have a tough time sitting her down while the hair dresser gave her a trim. Surprise, Surprise. She sat still, only turned her head a few times to smile at me, or look up to smile at the hair dresser. She had her trim within minutes, and whatever little hair she has looks tidier now. I do hope that the trim will make her hair grows longer or thicker. The hope costs us RM5, not too bad.


Janice@HunnyBunz said...

Hi, Thanks for visitng us at the HunnyBunz. And your words of encouragents. I believe anyonw in our shoes would have done the same. You have a nice and interesting blog. Will drop by again. I've just started work .. really busy. BTW, I was a M'sian too :)

Sue said...

Zara's really kuai la, Ivan cried the first and 2nd time we took him for a haircut when he turned 1

jazzmint said...

wah Zara so kuai...hey try rub some olive oil on the scalp, they say promote more hair :)