Friday, September 09, 2005

Back to old routine

This whole week Zara has started going back to Jenny Ah Kim's house. So she's back to her old routine, below is the time she spent with me around : 5:30- 6:30am : She stands on her cot and shouts for me (and it goes louder if I tried to ignore it). I will bring her to our bed, place her in between us, nurse her, and we both go back to sleep (daddy seldom wakes up with all these shuffling or shouting). 7:30- 8:00am : Wakes up by the noise we make to prepare ourselves to work. I will be expressing milk while she sits on her high chair to play with things on the dining table. 8:00- 8:30am : Takes her shower either with me or daddy, and either one of us (the one who didn't shower her) will change her 8:45- 9:00am : She leaves the house together with me and Tuyam. On the journey, she'll go back to sleep, or she'll play with some toys or just entertains herself. 9:15- 9:30am : Arrives at Jenny's place. I hug her and give her a kiss, and go to work. (time she spends in Jenny's place under the care of Tuyam) 7:00- 7:30pm : I arrive at Jenny's place. Pick her up, and ask her about her day (she'll just smile and sometimes gives me a hug). 7:3o - 8:30pm : I will have my dinner while either Litha (my bro's maid) or Tuyam looks after her. After dinner, I'll play with her a bit. 8:30 - 9:00pm : Leaves for home. Most of the time, she would have doze of on the 30mins journey 9:00 - 10:00pm : Daddy will come to carry her out from the car when we arrive. While daddy has his packed dinner, I will play with her or read a book to her. Then daddy will help me give her a wipe, change her to pajamas. Sometimes if she's still very energetic, we'll spend more time playing in the room, but most of the time, she would be asking for her last feed. I will nurse her (while daddy goes back down to do whatever he needs to do), and quite often, she'll doze off after her feed. Sometimes, she may still want to play, but I'll turn off all the lights, and lie in bed with her. She will toss and turn, and do all kinds of acrobatic movements on the bed, but I'll just ignore her. Most of the time I'll doze off before she does. Once she's asleep, and I wake up from my 'nap', I'll put her in her cot, tuck her in, and then the rest of the time will be mine.

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