Saturday, September 10, 2005

Her first step

Zara took her first step today, at 9months 3 weeks old! She was cruising using our bed frame as support, and I was just sitting on the floor talking to her. She then turned and stood with her back supported by the bed frame looking at me. I extended my arms ready to catch her if she fell. I told her to be careful. The next thing I know, she took 3, 4 quick steps forward, and landed in my arms. I was shocked, and after a second, I realised what she'd done and shouted HOORAY! She had this big smile on her face, and then she started clapping her hands. I guess she knew too that she'd achieved some thing big. I couldn't believe it, so I placed her back on the same spot, with her back rested on the bed frame; I extended my arms, and I said, "Zara, come to mummy". Again, another 3, 4 quick steps forward, and she's back in my arms. I was so happy, and carried her high up, shouting "Hip Hip Hooray!". Zara giggling, and clapping her hands. Daddy heard all the commotion and stuck his head into the room and asked what happened. I got Zara to show us her moves again. And then Tuyam wanted to see it as well. Zara walked again. She was eager to show off her new skill (and so is mummy). We were all very happy to see this achievement, but think it'll be some time more before she could walk about confidently but I may be wrong.


Vyvy said...

Hooray!!! Ain't it so heartwarming and fun to see them develop?? In no time, you guys will be able to play catching! hahah

Fannie said...

Wow...great improvement for Zara!

Ethyl's learning thru' pushing with a stool she's comfy with! :)

I pray she walks after that I don't have to run behind her and stop her from popping all the sweets and chocolates into her mouth! :)

Well done, Zara!