Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rusty The Cat

Zara loves our cat, Rusty. In fact, 2nd comprehencible word she spoke was Aao, which is the sound that Rusty makes. Cat is Aao (we actually found that she also calls a dog Aao, I think to her, anything furry is an "Aao"). As she's still a baby, she doesn't quite know how to stroke a cat. When she's stroking Rusty, she gets very 'geram' and will actually press on Rusty too hard, or she'll pull some of his hair out in her excitement. Rusty is a very timid and shy cat. Even after being with us for 2 years, he's still very shy with daddy, and only let Tuyam and myself handle him. Because of the way Zara handles him, Rusty is very fearful of Zara Every time the little girl goes near him and goes "Aao!" "Aao!" calling him, he'll try to run into hiding. This is one of the rare moments where I got Rusty to stay put so that Zara can pat him, and I try to teach her to be as gentle as possible. Rusty too have to learn how to accept Zara as one of the family members.