Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bed Time Routine

Here’s a typical bed time routine Zara has: 9:00pm – wiped her hands and her feet, changed her into pajamas, some struggling on her side, not wanting to have the pajamas top and diaper on. 9:05pm – nursed her in bed 9:25pm – finished nursing she sat up, not wanting to sleep and pointed a stack of books, said "boo! boo!" Read the book Miss Spider’s Tea Party to her, put the book aside once done 9:28pm – she took the book, and sat back on my lap (indicating she wants more). Read the book Miss Spider’s Tea Party to her again, put the book aside once done 9:30pm – she took the book, and sat back on my lap again. Read the book Miss Spider’s Tea Party to her yet again (this time just read the text, no explanation done), she rubbed her eyes midway 9:32pm – laid her down in bed Daddy walked in. She sat up again; “Aah!” greeting daddy. I asked him to tuck her to sleep, while I have my shower. 9:35pm – From the shower, I could hear Zara whining outside, the whining became more and more audible. Toilet door opened, heard Daddy said, “See, mummy is still around, mummy is taking shower.” He slid open the shower screen, Zara’s little head peeked in. “Hello, Little girl, what is it now?” I asked, water running down my face. She gave me a big smile. “Go, go and sleep” I told her. Daddy carried her out, and I could hear her whining again. 9:45pm – Finished shower. Daddy and her sitting on the bed, reading Miss Spider’s Tea Party (!!!) “I just read that to her like 3 times!” I said “Oh, I didn’t know” Daddy said. Obviously, he must have just picked up the first available book on the bed to read to her. Little girl looked at me grinning, 4 teeth showing. 9:50pm – I finished changing. Took over daddy’s shift, laid in bed with Zara, gave her a breast pad and said “go to sleep now.” One hand holding the breast pad, thumb in the mouth, she tried to sleep. I stroke her head and sang some lullaby to her. 9:55pm – She fell asleep. 10:00pm – moved her to her cot, gave her a peck on the cheek, said “good night, mummy loves you”. She opened her eyes groggily for a second, and then drifted off to slumber land. Question: Why is it so difficult for daddies to tuck their kids to sleep? Or is it just Zara’s daddy?


mom2ashley said...

hmm...i'll let you know in a couple of months..should be interesting to find out!!!

Lazymama said...

It's so great that Zara can sat on your lap and let you read. My girl would just snatched away the book and flipped herself and tear off!

Anonymous said...

this is a very heartwarming post :)

i face the same problem as jefferene...

mamaseah aka ivy

Egghead said...

ahem.. I am the one who can nurse my son to sleep without nipples :P

my ultimate weapon - human-musical-cradle!!

Fannie said...

Agnes, Ethyl's Daddy can't make her sleep too!

You are not alone! :)

blurblur said...

If i were to rely on hubby to tuck Damien to sleep, i think it would be daylight already...:x So you see, it's not only Zara's daddy, it's "all daddies" i supposed ;p

Zara's Mama said...

Dinah -
Good luck, see if your hubby can be as terror as Egghead

Jefferene, Ivy -
Zara tears books too, but she's clever, her own book she won't tear, only tear those adults looking books (lots of words, no pics type)

Egghead -
What is your mobile #? Must ask my husband to get trained by you.

Fannie, Eileen -
We all have to send our husbands to Egghead's Father's camp for training.

Egghead said...

All students that graduate from "Egghead's Father's camp" subsequently will need to see back specialist as well as daily spa and back massage due to the intensive training of being a human-musical-cradle!!

Irene said...

Kudos to Egghead!

My husband takes about an hour to put my girl down. Do I care? No!!! I purposely take a longer bath or stay hidden in the bathroom and let the 2 of them fight it out. I only come out if and when it's absolutely necessary.

*Evil grin*

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »