Sunday, September 04, 2005

Happy to see kakak

It's finally time for Tuyam to come back from Indonesia after her 1month holidays. We went to KLIA to pick her up. Zara was feeling a bit bored and dopey after a nap on the 40mins journey. When Tuyam got into the car and said hello to Zara, her face lit up. She started getting excited, kicking her legs, waving her arms, and lifting her head to try to get more glimpses of her kakak pass me (I was seated between the two of them). Then she started making happy noises, occasionally, squealed with laughter while she kept looking at her kakak. When we stopped to have lunch, and Tuyam went to pick Zara up, she happily reached out her hands for her kakak. I was worried originally that she may need some time getting used to Tuyam when Tuyam comes back. Looks like she still remembers her kakak and they just hit off right away. Phew!

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