Friday, March 31, 2006

She's Getting Vain

I worked from home today. While working, I heard Zara fussing in our room. I went over to have a look. Tuyam picked the below set of clothes for Zara to wear after her morning shower.

Me : What happened? Zara : Don't Want! Me : Don't Want what? Zara : *Point to the clothes* Don't want Me : You don't want this baju (Malay : Clothes), then what Zara wants to wear? Zara : *smile* Sessy Tothes Me : *don't believe my ears* Zara wants what? Zara : *smile* Sessy Tothes Me : Sexy clothes? Zara : *pointed to another set of clothes Tuyam has selected for her* Sessy Tothes. Tuyam : Yeah la. Dia tak mahu itu, dia mahu sexy sexy punya (Malay : Yeah, she doesn't want that, she wants something sexy) And so, a set of 'sexy clothes' she has! She's happy now! Hmm.. I wonder if this has got anything to do with King's Wife.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I brought Zara to see another Paed today (I didn't say we're going to see a Doctor, but told Zara we're going to get an uncle to check her). A very old and experienced doctor highly recommended by a friend.

When I told him about my worry. He just laughed, and said parents nowadays worry too much. After checking Zara thoroughly (felt her head, her back, and the routine check of ear, throat, teeth) and asking Zara to do a few things (helped him turn on the thermometer, gave him high five, shook his hand, played pat a cake), he said Zara can understand him very well, and her overall development looks fine.

He then proceeded to say that the raised ridge is formed by the 2 front skull bones fusing (I think the bones are called metopic suture). It won't do her any harm. I asked him if it would eventually go away, and he said very likely it won't, and will be there even in her adult life, but it shouldn't get any bigger.

This kind of makes me feel better.

By the way, thanks to all your kind words left in my last post. Really appreciate the support you have given, it's kind of like having a group of friends standing by you. Thank you!


Egghead said...

you might wanna put up a picture of King's wife for comparison... LOL!

poker said...
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ky said...

Hmmm.., I also just realised Tien had a little protruding bump, slightly above her forehead this morning. Funny I didn't catch it during the daily night baths?! I wasn't too alarmed. In fact I had totally forgotten abt it, until I read your post. :P

Baby Smooches said...

wah, really "sesy"....

maria @ twinsmom said...

hahaha... indeed very sessy... ai, my hhubby don't like I dress the girls sessy cloth wan, but he like to cuci mata see other lady wear sessy cloth *roll eye*.

OK lor, fang-xin liao lor.

Jason said...

Haha very cheeky smile for the top right. :D

Yaloh, parents nowadays worry alot. *coughs coughs*

King's wife said...

of course it has to do with me lah!
Who else?? **rolls eyes**
I am solely responsible for her sessy tothes!! hahaa....

may said...

glad to hear it's not something of too much concern with Zara. hey, "sessy" clothes all the way for that cutie pie!

geetha said...

Fuyoo! Really know how to choose already. Just like my boy. Now I find it difficult to shop for him, or even wear him clothes, coz he chooses what he likes!

Phew! From that description of your understanding from the doc, it looks liek the doc is really good. So, its a relieve to know nothing is wrong :)

Tracy said...

Huh? Zara knows how to choose her clothes now? And wants to wear 'sessy tothes' pulak? U mean to say King's wife bought all the 'sessy tothes' for Zara? Aiyo yo, should thanks King's wife lor?

Glad to hear dat there's nothing wrong with the little bump on Zara's head. Who's not worried leh? Even a small blue-black patch on Destinee's leg will have us worried and pappy will be asking her and kakak every now and then how it got there.

michelle said...

Emily and Zara same kind. Emily was also picky with her clothes. But she doesn't pick sessy tothes.

This uncle doctor seems to be nicer, at least he can get Zara's attention without her crying.

JoMel said...

Aiyo my dear, I read your previous entry, sorry was so busy, didn't have time to write my feedback.

Just wanna tell you not to get too worried, though I know its just IMPOSSIBLE not to get worried. But sometimes I believe we convey our anxiety to our children. They can sense it.

I hope, everythings fine with Zara. From the pics, she looks so happy and cheerful. Am very very sure she is in the pink of health. YEAH! Don't dwell too much into it.

Siao Cha Bor said...

Its good to hear that all your queries have been cleared and zara is fine.

Don't worry too much.

Potential Mom said...

sexy cloth??

wahwahwah....small small kid aredi start sexy..then big liao how ar?? more sexy??? kekee....

Simple American said...

Aiyah. Sessy tothe? Next thing you know she will be running around the house singing, "Too sessy for myself." Zara's Dad may need that shotgun yet.

Glad the second opinion confirms Zara is in good health.

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. good try!

Tien has one? Right in the middle? Probably cause by the same thing like Zara.

Baby Smooches,
*biting finger nails*

Yeah, I realise your girls dress up quite decently one. Now I know why. :P
Zara sweat a lot, so we bought a lot of spagetti strap tops for her..

Yeah loh.. really have to worry.. Some more got so many wolves out there *cough cough cough*

King's Wife,
Ah Kim so sexy, sure the niece also wants to follow. Haha.

I wonder if she knows what 'sessy' means..
Next time i bring her shopping, she'll probably be choosing her own clothes.

You let your boys choose their own clothes? I'd probably have to get Zara to do hers already.

I think she just didn't want to wear that clothes that's not really nice.
I suspect King's Wife taught her the word (or Zara pick the word up from her).. Not so much of her dressing Zara up. :P
Zara is quite fast in catching words now. I spill something today and said Oh Shit.. immediately she started chanting Oh Shit!
Yeah loh.. they are so precious to us right?

Emily more decent.. :P But I doubt Zara knows what 'sessy' mean, probably just know it as something to make her feel cool. :P
Yeah, uncle Dr knows how to distract her. But he's really not uncle ler.. more like grandpa, I think 70+.. Gee.. don't know if I can trust him or not.

Feeling better already after her visit to the 2nd dr. And I did do some research on the net, what the Dr said is pretty reliable, so I shall TRY not to worry.

Siao Char Bor,
Thank you.. thank you.

Potential Mom,
Yeah loh.. must be careful.. especially now lots of wolves out there ler..

Simple American,
Hahaha.. Yes, I'm too sessy for my tothes, too sessy for my tothes. :P
Maybe I should make a trip to Texas and get that gun after all. :P
Hey, thanks a lot..

Mama BoK said...

So glad you got a second opinion and that Zara is all good.. ;)
wow..!! she so smart leh..! want sexy clothes.. hahahhahaha!!

1+2mom said...

LOL!!!Zara so cute, so young want wear sexy to 'kao jai'. She just like my daughter, when my gals cloth drop from the shoulder i will said they sexy so now on they will say sexy when their shirt drop off.

L B said...

Sexy sexy!! Yaaah... hai lor.. Don't forget ~ wedding gown, low-cut, less lace than King's wife (much much less)..

Kat said...

Now 'sessy' I remember HY saying!! But in her case, she didn't want to wear 'Sessy Tothes'!!

Goodness! I better check Kt's head too. Never occured to me to worry about bumps on his head! Blur mama!!

I like the way your doctor interacts with Zara. Can you tell me who he is? Leave me an offline message if not appropriate to mention here.

Erika said...

Glad to hear that the raised ridge is nothing to worry about..

*chuckle* She's so vain eh? Cute! :)

Blogie-Talkie said...

cute girl girl..
very wise of you took her to see a different doctor for second opinion. I am very glad to know she is fine.

Irene said...

what a funny girl. are you sure it's king's wife influence and not yours.

good to hear that she's all good again!

earthember said...

Haha, not surprising since she's at King's Wife most of the day.

Glad to hear that the "bump" is nothing to worry about. Yup, we parents do over-worry at times. But it's better to err than be sorry, right?

domestic rat said...

At least now, you can rest your mind now. Sometimes being a bit kiasu is a good thing ;)

You got to get Zara a bikini set! She will love it. Heehee...

Jesslyn said...

Zara so clever hor, want to choose own cloth, Lyon so far never do that...but Wien is, keep looking for new cloth after bathing..

sesame said...

This is very funny! I was laughing out quite hard after reading it. Haha...Zara wants sexy clothes. It's normal for kids to choose their clothes but I'm really surprised she knows anything about sexy.

So glad to hear that the 2nd doc also gave the same opinion. At least that has eased your worries.

Passerby A said...

Aiyoh... I remember it so well when Ophelia started fussing about her clothes too. And I thought, it's going to be from then till forever. I mean, I have the same problem. We have wardrobes full of clothes, and we think "WE HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!".

Zara's Mama said...

2nd opinion makes me feel more at peace now.
Don't know she's smart or cheeky.

I think that's where Zara picks up the word sexy too. Anything showing the shoulder is 'sessy'.

Makes sure it's very 'sessy' ok? Something she can wear for her wedding in Maldives will be good. :P

HY didn't like sexy clothes? She's the more conservative one?
I'll drop you a msg to give you the details of the Dr.

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shiaulin said...

Glad to hear that Zara is fine.

hey my Xuan like to point at ppl who wear spagetti strap and say sexy-sexy or shame-shame. yeah, let me show Xuan how sexy Zara is. :P

eve said...

i think all girls r like tat...even little karen oso , when we go shopping for clothes , she'll ask for those 'which can see the armpit like mommy one'..she meant spagetti strap nowadays..lolx

Kampungkai said...

what to do... like mother like daughter kekekkee!

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jazzmint said...

wow, sexy clothes that word also she learned!! Salute.

Good to know that her skull is OK.

Ask you something, when you work from home she doesn't cling on you? I practically had to sneak upstairs and lock myself up, or else she's like a *tiu hiong kwai*

Helen said...

Few days didn't surf I missed out quite a lot eh? Glad the dr said there's nothing wrong with Zara. lol BTW, dunno Zara's penchant for sexy clothes is hereditary or not leh???? :-P

Psst, your wild teenage sexy clothes still around ar? Remember to keep it. lol

Fannie said...

LOL...i know what u mean...

My Ethyl is also very picky about the clothes she wears...:D

HMom said...

Glad to hear that Zara is fine.

Sessy clothes??? starting young!!

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, she's getting vain *stick out tongue*


I think it's 'OUR' influence, when she wears spagetti strap, we gave comment like Wow, so sexy! And probably there's where she picks that up.

Yeah, better be over-worried than just be indifferent.. :P

Domestic Rat,
She has a bikini set for swimming, but the weather hasn't been good lately and she hasn't gone swimming for a while.

Lyon hasn't reached that stage yet I think.. Maybe soon. :P
Wah, Wien looks for new clothes to wear after each bath? What happened if there's none?

She probably doesn't really know what 'sexy' is, but knows it's related to spagetti strap and some thing prettier. :P

The Diva,
Yeah, I remembere you mentioned Ophelia wouldn't wear a dress in your blog before.

Haha, Xuan knows how to distinguish between sexy and something 'shame-shame'? How does he differentiate it? You have to blog about it. :P

Huh.. you see, Karen is influence by you.. :P
I don't wear spagetti strap (too fat), I think for her, she likes those clothes because it's cooling and looks nice.

Mummy never wear sexy sexy one.. Mummy very conservative. :P

She must have picked up from us loh. :P
When I work at home, it's the same, Zara will cling to me, and will cry if I leave her to go to the study.. but I just have to ingore it. :(

Where have you been?? Went with Cocka to some exotic places? Tell us tell us tell us!!
No la.. mummy never wear sexy sexy one.. so meaty how to wear?

blurblur said...

*phew* ahmeen can heave a sigh of relieve glad it's really nothing to be worried about! :)

Wow...Zara knows how to dress up nicely at such a young cute want to wear sexy clothes..don't want those 'normal baby clothes'...;p

mumsgather said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mumsgather said...

Glad to hear the second opinion. Sometimes we need to look at our child and if they're happy, otherwise healthy and meeting developmental milestones, we should try to worry less. Sessy clothes eh? Haha. With girls, we have more things to worry about!

Allyfeel said...

OMG, sessy tothes? King's wife teach her to wear bare back and low cut sessy tothes? Hmn....*raise one eyebrow*

glad to hear that the raised ridge is harmless. So can "fong sam" now la. :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Forget about ballet lessons for Zara. Send her for pole dancing classes. LOL
"I'm....too sexy for my clothes, too sexy for clothes,too sexy it hurts..."

shoppingmum said...

Sexy clothes? That idea came from king's mum? Mmmm...
Glad to hear that she's fine!

Contented Mum said...

What a relief to know that Zara is fine! Hehehe so young oledi know how to choose sexy clothes! But she looks so sweet in the sexxy clothe leh!

Zara's Mama said...

Our little monkey girls are so fussy huh?
But I try not to let her dictate what she should wear.. Not now anyway.. :P

Haha.. yeah.. starting young.

She doesn't know what is nicely and what is not yet, I think she just wants cooling clothes (I THINK only, may not be true). :P

What you said is true, but sometimes hard we may try, we still get worried easily, as they are just too precious for us.
Yes, with girls.. we have to watch out for their vanity, now and for years to come.

A bit more fong sum now.
When you meet King's Wife, you ask her la. :P

Cocka Doodle,
You watched too much poll dancing already ler.. small girl also mm-fong-kor..

Shopping mum,
I just suspect the words may have been taught by King's Wife.. :P

Contented mum,
So young already want to be sexy, older don't know will be modest or not. Yikes!

shiaulin said...

how Xuan differentiate shame-shame and sexy-sexy:

shame-shame = top less.
sexy-sexy = wearing singlet/spaghetti strap/bare shoulder.


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