Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Zara's 16th Month

Woh, another month has just gone by, and Zara the 'baby' is now 16th month old. This is another post to capture her development. ~ Weight unknown, probably about 9Kg? 8.5Kg (updated 23/3/06, measured in Hospital) ~ Height : 78.5cm (taken with her standing leaning against a wall at home) ~ 2 2nd molars (left top and bottom) have sprouted, the other right two are sprouting Dexterity : Sometimes she does a skip like run. She still prefers to be carried than walking. Started feeding herself with fork (we have to help her poke the food with the fork). Drinking with a straw like a pro, even blowing bubbles. Opening and closing bottle tops. Language : Very amazed to see how she's progress in this area. Started being able to pronounce the K sound (used to be Tatak, Ah Tong, now it's Kakak and Ah Kong etc) Able to use words and phrases to describe what she wants, what she's doing and how she feels : Rest Tai-yet (tired) Shy Shy Don't yike (like) Toh (throw) Away Close eyes So Many Larf you (not sure if she knows the meaning, but she says 'larf you' back when I said "I love you" to her) Give some Very fast in learning new songs. Knows most of her body parts, even arm pit (ah-pit), back side (beh-sigh), bum (bum bum), button (belly button) and chin. Able to pick her book and name the main character in the book, Joe-Joe (From Joe Joe's Revenge), Mehsi (from Maisy's Bath Time), Spider (from Miss Spider Tea Party). Able to request for the songs she wants, bee-go (Bingo), Doh-nuh (Old Mc Donald), chuh-den (songs sung by children), sheep (baa-baa black sheep), etc. Memory : She's able to recollect some of the things she'd experienced and tell me back like Feed Zhu-zhu, eat bed (Feeding bread to Zhu-zhu, my friend's dog the other day); Bug, mummy step step step, sked sked (I spotted a cockroach in the toilet, got a fright and was jumping around, which Zara saw) Able to tell whose house we're going when she see the scenery around, esp King's Wife's, my dad's and my in-laws' place Feeding / Food : Still loves fish, and now always asks for vegetable (she says "Vege") from our table. Still, taking 3 solids meals, 3 to 4 (depending if she woke up early in the morning for some sip of milk) breast milk feed (3~4oz) + 1 formula feed (~5oz) a day. In between she snacks on biscuits and fruits. Emotions : She still loves King's Wife's daughter Samantha the most. A very happy and good girl, the only problem I have with her is during meal times when she can't sit still to eat.


L B said...

I am beginning to wonder what Zara will be like at 21.. or even 18.. Hmmm... How her wedding dress gonna look like eh? I design, ya?

Zara's Mama said...

LB, I 'choop' you to be Zara's wedding gown designer!!
But don't make those warmth pau, the pie is right below you kind of look hor?
More decent one ok? *wink*

Greenapple said...

It's a joy to share the growth of Zara through your blog all along.

Everyday is a surprise indeed.

L B said...

Hey, in about twenty year's time, more or less (if King's wife's trends are anything to go by), the warm pau and hot pie look will be the rage.. But of course, tastefully done..

Helen said...

Zara is really growing up right before this blog! I remember when I first came to your blog, Zara was just a baby.... and now, she's such a big girl!! lol

Hopefully you'll still be blogging about her wedding plans and gown on her big day! LOL

Samm said...

Looking at ur posts of Zara's growth development, i realise that i suck real bad at tracking Gordon's. I dont even know his weight. So much for being a SAHM.... lousy one.

I'd better go buy those wall charts one of these days when i go shopping.

Siao Cha Bor said...

u r a great mummy

i remember when my baby was bornt, my ex told me it is a custom to keep that day's newspaper just to bring back old memories on that days events

did u keep the newspaper the day Zara was bornt?

michelle said...

Poor crockroach kena squashed and witness by Zara. :lol:

may said...

sigh... sigh... *stares fondly at zara's pix*... baby's growing up fast! awwwwww!

Zara's Mama said...

Yea, even for me, everyday is a surprise. You don't now what new tricks she'll surprise you with. I so look forward to see her every day after work.
Btw, thanks for sticking with me.

Hmm.. you are the guru.. whatever you say should be true.. As long as it's tasteful done..
Choop Choop Choop.

Yeah. When I started the blog she was only 8mths. Compare to now, so different!
Haha.. if I continue to blog until she gets married, she'll think I'm so 'loh-soh' (naggy).
Blogging is so much better than writing a diary hor? *wink*

I think you were probably placing more importance in his other development, and not keeping records.
I conciously want to do it, just for remembrance purpose.
Maybe for Malcom, you can just jot down his month to month growth in your blog when he's born. It'll be nice to go back and read them after a long gap. :P

Siao Char Bor,
aiya, I didn't know of such thing. Or else, I'm sure I'll keep a copy. Too bad didn't know you then, or else you can tell me. :(

Poor mummy ler, have to witness the creepy cockroach (I hate them the most!!). Actually she was quite stunt seeing me happily standing one minute, and then jumping around in fright the 2nd. Yikes!

Yeah, the 'baby' is really growing up faster than mummy is willing to accept. *sigh*

Simple American said...

If you live in Texas Zara's Papa would have to learn to shoot a shotgun. Keep all the boys in line. Respect. A 12 guage incurs a lot of it. ;)

amanda said...

Hi Zara's mom, 4BM + 1FM + 3 solid meals + snacks?! That sounds alot to me. Maybe because mine is younger. Anyway, wonderful baby. :)

JoMel said...

Mealtimes have always been stressful with K, right until she turned 3.

S, no problem one. As you can see from her size. ;P

Lazymama said...

Zara can eats a lot huh!

I am impress by Zara's music talent!

So fast! 16 months already!

Passerby A said...

Thank goodness we've got a system of "health books" here in Singapore. The doctor is supposed to record the height, weight, development of the child every half-yearly visit. Without Ophelia's health book, I'd be lost.

Passerby A said...
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Jesslyn said...

Yeah man, pretty fast hor...now she can at least communicate with u liao!

She really eat a lot as compare to Lyon! Lyon is 2 solid meals+ 4 formula + some snacks.

sesame said...

Sometimes while reading your blog, I think I don't do enough with Gavin. This is one of those moments. Haha...I'm just a lazy mother.

Do you let her do anything during mealtimes? What I do with Gavin since young is that he has a designated place at the dining table and he is not allowed to eat anywhere else unless he is ill and I make an exception. During mealtimes, we keep him entertained via toys, or drawing, music or watching TV. He has been quite good except for some cranky occasions.

maria @ twinsmom said...

so far, I haven't meet a toddler here can sit still and eat wan :D, as long they eat I will be very happy liao, rather than sit by the table crying and refuse to eat :P.

blurblur said...

16 month liao...aiyo! She's growing fast, and we're growing old..boohoohoo..;p

We use distractions too, sometimes i'll bring along his fav soft toys(let him choose who he wants) during meal times,let 'it' sit besides him, that helps keep him seated for a longer time! :)

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
You mean people in Texas are actually so protective of their daugthers? Or are they just violent? *cough*

Actually it's not that a lot. She eats very little, but very frequently. Her milk feed is about 3~4oz for BM, and 4~5oz for FM. Add up to about 20oz per day. And her meal intake is a small pot of yogurt (petite miam) or 1/2 slice of bread. So.. it's not really that much. I still think she's a bit slim for her age.

Heehee.. S loves fun huh?
K just changed or took some training?

The Diva,
We have those health books too.. but I still want to keep tab on a monthly basis, for her age now, 1 month can mean a lot of changes.

See what I replied to Amanda.. She eats small quantity.. but more frequent. Milk also very little..

Like I said to Samm, you were monitoring/concentrating on his other development.. just probably didn't record down the weight, height etc ma..
I just wanted to record it down for her reading in future and for my own reference. :P
She has her designated chair as well, actually what she wants to do is to use her spoon and scoop food from the dishes. When we doesn't allow it, she gets cranky. How can I allow it, I'll be seeing pieces of peas and chunks of fish flown in the air. We try to keep her entertain by talking to her, singing to her.
I don't want to start her on TV though.. b'cos I want her to 'join' in the family dinner. Unfortunately, the 'join' for now disallowed her to touch the food we're eating. Not yet.

Allyfeel said...

Wow! Zara is growing up fast and furious. SHe has almost the same weight and height of bb and speak almost the same words as bb. Hmm... little en-genius is the the making by mother en-genius. :)

Mama BoK said...

Zara is really smart for a 16month old..! so happy for both you and Zara.. :) for i know.. each milestone our baby reaches is so important to us.

domestic rat said...

You just set an impossible benchmark for Moms and Moms-to-be. Argh...

JoMel said...

K... just changed overnight. Strange!

King's wife said...

what happened to "doh wan"?

eve said...

i feel bad cos i hardly spend enuf time w little karen...all her milestones, likes n dislikes, her first words....i havent a clue.. i work fr 9 to 9 , 7 days a week (sunday half day la).. but i love my job too much to let it go..but tat makes me a bad mother..

mom2ashley said...

so fasssssttttt!

Simple American said...

Bless you. We violently protect our daughters. ;)

When a date shows up I have the aresenal laid out as I clean and oil everything. I can give the lad the nomenclature on each piece and explain how the ammunition I own works and what is its purpose.

Then I remind him that my girl needs to be home at 10:00. No exceptions.

Though if her date is an Eagle Scout in the Order of the Arrow I don't need to worry.

Zara's Mama said...

BB same height meh? He looks tall though.
I just want her to be strong and healthy.. never mind if engenious or not. :P

Mama Bok,
Yes, tht's why I'm keeping track. :P
But you are better, you do day by day tracking!

Domestic Rat,
If you read enough parenting blogs, you'll see lots of parents are very doting these days. Aigh..it's like our lives revolve around them.
But I have to say, it's a pleasure to see your effort does pay off.

Ahh.. I hope Zara will change overnight as well.. Tonight, maybe. :P

King's Wife,
She started saying "Don't want" last month ma.. already documented in 15th month progress..
Latest is Don't Like..
Maybe soon will have Don't Know and Don't care. *biting fingers*

Ahh.. well, now you can more time with her and catch up on lost time. :P
I actully used to work long hours.. 9am to 11pm (of course in between 2 or 3hrs break), but once I had Zara, I told my boss my family is young.. forget about career advancement, I want to concentrate on her. So I just do my normal job, and switch off after I shut down my pc.

Yessss.. very fast.. Just like Ashley, soon going to be 1yr old, just like that!

Simple American,
Oh my.. I pity those boys who wanted to date your daugther.. but then again it's better you set the rules, and be firm, and mean (to scare them)..
Maybe when Zara is older, I'll have to ask Zara's Papa to learn some tricks from you.

shoppingmum said...

Every baby reaches this stage of running around during meal times, any idea when will it ends? Really tired chasing them huh? :)

Zara's Mama said...

That's nice huh? Damien can be distracted by toys.. Zara for now doesn't want toys when eating but wants to play with the food. :(

Jomel said hers ended just suddenly overnight.. So I guess we'll jsut have to wait for 'that moment' :(

Zara's Mama said...

That's nice huh? Damien can be distracted by toys.. Zara for now doesn't want toys when eating but wants to play with the food. :(

Jomel said hers ended just suddenly overnight.. So I guess we'll jsut have to wait for 'that moment' :(

jazzmint said...

big girl liao :). Happy 16th Months.

Her language progresses so fast compared to Faythe who's just 1 month short of her