Monday, January 23, 2006

Being Tagged 3 5 times

I got tagged by King's Wife, Egghead, The Diva, YL, Greenapple, on the same tag, I'd better do this quick, since this is spreading so fast, most of the bloggers I know would have been 'infested' with it very soon! Here's the tag/meme: 4 jobs you've had in your life:
  • primary school teacher (every day after work, left with no more voice, and I felt as though I'd been in the disco the last 6hrs getting my ear blasted)
  • administrator in an English language centre for pre-schooler (cum substitute teacher, cum bum cleaner, cum baby sitter, cum child psychology)
  • system administrator in IBM (after that, there's no turning back; only big corporation like this lure me)
  • my current job, doing business processes in XYZ company 4 movies you could watch over and over
  • Joy Luck Club
  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise
  • The Emperor and the Assassin (荆坷刺秦王)
  • Hero (英雄) (actually most of Zhang Yimou's movies I can watch over and over, just because I have problem understanding the Mandarin they speak :P) 4 TV shows you love(d) to watch
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway
  • American Funniest Home Video
  • ?
  • ? (I don't really watch that much TV) 4 places you've lived
  • Kajang (Primary school days)
  • KL (most of my life)
  • Stafford, England
  • Shah Alam (now) 4 places you've been on vacation to
  • French Riviera and the Alps (before we got married)
  • Turkey -Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Pamukkale, Cappadocia (for our honeymoon)
  • Sabah - Hike up Mount Kinabalu, Pulau Gaya, Sukau Rainforest
  • Thailand - Kok Mak, Kanchanaburi (for our 5th wedding anniversary) and many more before Zara was born, but I chose these 4 as they gave me the biggest impact. 4 places you would rather be
  • at the beach
  • in the mountains
  • shopping in the factory outlets in US
  • driving along Hwy 1 on the West coast of US (instead of getting stuck in a M'sian jam) 4 of your favourite foods
  • Duck - roasted, stew, grilled, fried, I just love duck!
  • Japanese - tenzaru soba, unagi, ramen, sushi
  • Dimsum - (only pork-free version) Cantonese, Shanghainese.. absolutely love it!
  • Deep fried stuff.. sinfull. 4 of your favourite beverages
  • teh si (tea with evaporated milk)
  • pure fruit or vegetable juice
  • lemon grass tea
  • soya bean 4 (or more) websites you visit daily
  • (very important site, please book mark it)
  • (most of us think this is also important, and will pull our hair when the site is down)
  • the company website (to check stock prices, keke)
  • all the blog sites in my book mark (if there's updated post) 4 tagged
  • allyfeel
  • Fannie
  • Two Little Fellas (again, I know)
  • Helen (I know you LOVE tags) Enjoy doing it!

    Egghead said...

    hehehe... this time is revenge!

    Failer said...

    Wah, you'd been to so many places before *dripping saliva*.

    jazzmint said... come my tag doesn't have the drinks section!! Weird...

    whoa u've been to so many places...envy envy

    Passerby A said...

    Wah thanks leh, you really give me face...:)

    geetha said...

    I too envy that you have been to so many places. Keep it up.

    L B said...

    I am L B, and I am a duck addict too

    Allyfeel said...

    The Emperor and the Assassin is my hubby's favourite too.

    Whao, great vacations. I wish I could go that many places too but hubby always said, not the time yet...*shake head*

    Another tag for me?? Ooooo..


    whenever i'm tagged- i will definitely go "oh-oh" coz i'm very slow in this tag thingy. it will be done but at snail rate-bear with me-yah?
    wow, you are a teacher formerly?
    wow, interesting vacation choices?
    wow, will let you know in my tag what's the wow for :)

    JoMel said...

    My bestest friend was from Stafford Uni. I used to travel down during my Easter breaks.

    Zara's Mama said...

    yeah right.. revenge what? I tagged you also you bochap one ler. hmph!

    a lot meh? no la.. could have been more.

    huh? yours no drinks? Never mind, you ammend and add la.

    the diva,
    you scratch my back, I scratch yours ma.

    with a kid now, it's quite impossible. It has been 2yrs now since I last step out of the country (Singapore doesn't count, and it's for biz trip).

    quack quack! pass me the tigh please!

    now, I also have excuse.. Zara so young how to go? Leave her behind cannot, bring her along, can't raugh it out.

    I'll wait for your explaination of why WOW..

    really? which year? maybe same year as me! Maybe I'd met you in Stafford before. Me 1995/1996.

    JoMel said...

    my bestest friend graduated in 1998. Are we the same age by the way? I too graduated in 98.

    yl said...

    eh!??!?!??! wat happened to my 顺风车?? the 车 move off so fast one ar?!?!?! "goes stun" can or not??? can lahz!!! Zara's mummy... you so pretty... you so beautifuuuuuuuuuuuullllll... :'(

    maria aka twinsmom said...

    the more people tag you the merrier mah...hehehe... should have tag you too, since you already have three, doesn't matter to have one more LOL...

    earthember said...

    Yup, Hwy 1 on West Coast can be quite scenic, but depending on which stretch, it can get quite jammed up too.

    I love duck too. :)

    Zara's Mama said...

    your friend was 2yrs after me. I'm very much older than you.. I did my final year very much later b'cos I worked a little, did part time studies, before I finally went for my final year.

    I honked just now, nobody around, so ma zoomed passed loh. Wah, you learnt up Twinsmum's daugther's technique huh?

    yeah, you should have tagged me, to fulfill your quota. :P

    I'd done the stretch from Big Sur to Jenner (not on one go but on my few trips to CA), it was spectacular all the way. I didn't encounter any jam though, probably my luck. :P

    Mother Superior said...

    I kena tagged too. But will do it tomorrow. Very tired for work.

    Envy, envy, French Riviera and the Alps? Wow! Some day, I'll have to go there.

    Helen said...

    Waaaa woman, you've definitely been All those nice nice places you've visited!! (esp France)

    I love Hero too... and the moral behind the story. (and not to mention TOny Leung is also a lure....)

    Looking back at your past working history and the post, I find it a bit hard to envisage you as the current doting Zara's Mama. (from the past record, you reminded me of those hardworking go-getters... si yip lui sing) Guess, I'm only seeing the maternal side of you hor?? :-)

    WHo knows, you might be a real bitch a work!! LOL ** Joking only ** BTW, I dun mind being tagged, but as you say... everybody else also kena already... who can I tag??? Help!!

    yl said...

    yeah!! the 车 "goes stun" for me!!! yeah!! Zara's mummy... you ARE so pretty!! you ARE so beautiful!!

    Zara's Mama said...

    Mother superior,
    It was hubby's biz trip, I just tagged along, then we stayed back for 1 week for holidays. Went there twice! Really wonderful.

    Yes! Tony Leung rules! :P
    Me, I'm not a career woman la.. I just want to get paid enough to sustain my shopping habit. And I'm very nice to work with.. so nice that I get bullied and given more work.
    While I was pregnant, I was still being bullied.. Had to work 9am to 11pm daily.
    But after Zara was born, I stopped. I told every one no more! I just do my part, no more help here help there.

    clever la you.. honey cheap sale in SGP ah?

    Anonymous said...

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