Thursday, January 05, 2006

Little Cat

Daddy loves fish, any types of fish (not the same type of Piscean Lust that this guy has though, Daddy's love is the edible type). Big fish, small fish, ocean fish, fresh water fish ; cooked in whatever styled, steamed, fried, soup, curry. And Zara is just like Daddy. When it's dinner time, and we put her onto her highchair, she would point to the fish dish (we always have a fish dish for dinner because Daddy can't do without) and bounced excitedly on her chair chanting, "wis!" If we gave her just her porridge (cooked with either pork or chicken with vegetable), she would just casually trust her tongue and push the porridge out of her mouth (her way of spitting). We have to take a bit of fish, put it on top of the porridge and tell her, "See, fish! Now, eat." We can't cheat her, she has very sensitive taste bud, if she tasted no fish in her porridge, she would just spit out the porridge. We went to have Japanese dinner during the weekends. We ordered a serving of grill salmon with salt for Zara. The first bite she took, she immediately put her thumb out and said, "Gng" (her pronunciation of Good). She had 2/3 of the salmon steak all by herself! At home for dinner, the amount of fish she consumed is the same as the amount I would take. This week for dinner, she refused to have her porridge nor rice, and just wanted fish, nothing else! Where is she going to get her carbo? This morning, I told her in the car, Me : Tonight's dinner, you ask Kakak to cook you fish ok? Zara : *bouncing in her car seat* Wis! Me : How you tell Kakak to give you fish? Zara : TATAK! Wis! Me : How big you want the fish to be? Zara : *stretched her arms out and bounced further* (her way of signing big) The rate she's eating fish, we'll have to buy another adult's portion every time we go marketing. With a big cat and a little cat at home, fish has become a necessity!! Luckily we have befriended the fish monger in our market in Kampung Subang who sells us very good and fresh fish at a reasonable price (used to do marketing in Imbi Market and paid double the price for same amount of fish)!!


jazzmint said... is good :) and more healthy. So not only have to be friend with fishmonger, maybe should ask daddy go for fishing trip to catch own fish hubby is also a fish lover, influenced me and now faythe :0

Egghead said...

90% of my son's meat daily diet is fish... maybe that's what makes him talk non-stop... LOL!

mom2ashley said...

wow! that's good and she is so expressive...very good idea on teaching her signing. i am slowly teaching ashley to sign as well..

Helen said...

Fish is good!! I'm glad Zara is not having problem having her

What about veggie?? Is she OK with it??

I remember when I was a kid, asking me to eat something green is like asking me to eat dog poo!!

King's wife said...

better fish than pork!!! Otherwise, susah liao..

Fannie said...

fish is good...!

Ethyl takes lotsa fish too! And we even ordered her a plate of fish and chips whenever we dine out!

Amazingly, the fish is the same as an adult would hv and she finish it!

It's good that they love fish...but not all fish tho' not fresh, she fish she rejects...cook liao nt nice lagi worse...she push away! LOL

Our girls got standard hor? LOL

blurblur said...

Yeah..couldn't agree more, fish is good!

However, i'm not a fish lover (guilty) but thank god Damien is a fish eater..hehe..:)

Sabrina said...

Wow..u sure do have two cats in the house. well, Keith eats everything basically and would ask for whatever u r putting into ur mouth coz' he knows that's food.

maria aka twinsmom said...

yah... buy fish, that is how I realisemy girls start eating like adult.
from 1/4 of fish to 1/2, then to one piece specially for them.
but fish is really tasty lor, we like it, no wander our little one like it too.

geetha said...

Fish is good. My son loves it too.

Hehhe, once he took a fried fish, held it with his tiny fingers (like holding a chicken drumstick) and started eating from there! Lucky we caught him...

So, be careful.. the love of fish can be dangerous ;)

human growth hormone said...
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yl said...

ermmmmm... dig a fish pond in your garden and rear your own fish!!! might be cheaper in the long run!! :P

Little Miss said...

hey zara's mama! i've moved.

send me your e-mail address to

; )

sesame said...

Zara is so wise! Fish is good! Good brain food! My boy doesn't particularly like fish, but we give him with every meal since he started on solid. His fave is fried fish with some ginger, spring onion and celery.

My MIL and FIL are huge fish fans and my MIL is the one who befriends the fish monger and buys the fish. She got more fish power than me for sure.


lil Zara have a mind of her own and won't hesitate to make it clear. good lil' Zara.

Fish is good..

Allyfeel said...

So little but can eat fish like adults. Grill Salmon, never order for bb but he likes grill eel in the Japanese Rest. He hates crab stick.

L B said...

OMG! Piscean Lust coming back to haunt me again! Fish is good, but with all the stories about mercury etc.. scary, but then, what else isn't?

So, moderation! Have KFC will Travel!

Jesslyn said...

Lyon like fish too..she prefer one spoon fish, one spoon porridge, canot mix together le! If mix, she will phui out!
Kids nowsaday really smart!

Helen said...

I tagged you!! ** wearing bullet proof vest **

kelly said...

Qianyi loves cod fish..she can eat a lot..but she's not very interested in other types of fish...:)

Mother Superior said...

Good that Zara like fish. My kids don't and my consolation to them - "Fish is good for my Maths". And then they'll try one spoon. Bother!

I agree with Albie, a little too much mercury can be dangerous too. Moderation as he said. But KFC??? :-)

smashpOp said...

wah zara so cute !! :P

Passerby A said...

Fish is brain food! Looks like Zara's preference for food is inherited from her father.

k.t.x said...

she knows how to pick out the bones too?

shiaulin said...

yes fish is good, Xuan ate a lot when we were in kl but not when we came to Beijing loh, as here very hard to get fresh wan, so i bought selmon most of the time, not many choices too :(

Zara's Mama said...

Fishing trip? He won't la.. He'll say, "No money to buy meh?"

Eat fish will make you talk nonstop one ah?

Yeah, try it.. it makes them 'talk' to you earlier.

She loves cucumber. Funny girl.
When we go out, King's wife's kids will take out their cucumber from the sandwich, and Zara will munch on it.
She's ok with veg as long as it's mix in her porridge. But cucumber, can just eat like that.

King's Wife,
Yeah. Pork means next time susah.. have to keep eating at your plc loh.

Wah, Ethyl choose fish some more. Zara almost eat anytype of fish. So far only rejected Ngo-Hu (Kurau).. funny, expensive fish some more.
Yeah, these girls really got standard, don't know how to keep up with them.

Hmmm.. Damien must teach mummy to eat greens and fish liao.

Keith is really good huh? Very easy to care for like that.

Your house got 4 cats?

thanks for the warning. I think if I'd given her the chance, she would do the same too.

House not so big ler.. Wait until I move to a farm first.. But I like ocean fish.. don't like fresh water. So got pond also no use..

Little Miss,
Yeah, I already sent you a mail.

That's good, maybe one day he'll be a convert too.

2 Little Fella,
Yeah.. nowadays, they are not like us back then.. don't like spit out. Last time whatever was given to us, we just chewed and kept quiet.

Grill eel? BB maybe likes the sweet sweet sauce.

Mercury? Aiyo.. where got so much mercury floating around.
KFC? What about birdflu?

Wow, another different preferrence. They all got their own style.. :P

*slap head* again? OK ok.. will do soon.

Haven't tried cod fish for Zara because we ourselves don't take it. So far her fav is pomphret.

Mother Superior,
At least your girls don't mind if they are brain food.. can still coax them to eat. Not bad.
Yeah, I think KFC will be worse than mercury.

thank you.. and welcome.

The Diva,
Yeah, and Daddy is very proud of it. But then again, she hasn't been exposed to my kind of food yet.. I.e. deep fried food.

Not yet. so must give her only the fillet or deboned fish.

Yeah loh. Beijing should be very difficult to get nice fish. The fish there I remembered lots of bones one.

wHOisBaBy said...

Zara very smart girl. So cute her expression. Fish is good for the growing brain. Lots of protein!!!

My DH didn't like fish, well he only likes the deep-fried fish (aka fish n chips). I personally like fish but since DH not eating, fish is out of our dinner menu.

earthember said...

It's a good thing that Zara likes fish, at such a young age.

My 3 kids have no problems with fish too. In fact, they have now graduated to sashimi. The only caveat is, I don't get to buy more variety and fresh fish here (except lots of farmed salmon).

Jason said...

Next time she smells fishy only you know. :P Hiak hiak...

I don't like fish, nothing to chew one. Thats why you don't see T-Rex eating fish. :P

Next time I buy fish toy for her lah. :P

irene said...

fish is good for bb nvm lar. my daughter Jing jing want to share with us everytime i or her father eat i need to prepare bread or cake at home, if not, cham liao..

maria aka twinsmom said...

yap, 2 big 2 small. when ever we close by the pond, the fish swim away...

Zara's Mama said...

poor you.. but most of us do make some sacrifices huh? I used to love pork and beef, but I have not touched them since I knew hubby b'cos he doesn't take them.

farm salmon.. hmm.. not much choice huh?

you mean eater lah right?

haha.. you got to Aquaria, the fish all got swim to the other side of the aquarium or not? :P

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