Tuesday, January 03, 2006

End of Holidays

It's first day at work after such a long break *sob sob*. It was nice to spend more than a week at home with Zara, to be there to see some of her development, and to experience some of the funny or special moments. New Year's Eve Morning Zara woke up next to me and saw that Daddy's side was empty, she climbed down the bed and searched for Daddy Zara : *extend her palm up* Papa? Me : Papa in the bathroom Zara : *half squatted down* Sssssss Me : *tittering* No, Daddy is not in the toilet to she-she (Chinese: Pee), Daddy is in the toilet to take bath I think she knows how we adult 'she-she' by going into the toilet with me when she's in her clingy mood, and I told her I was sitting on an adult's potty to 'she-she' New Year's Morning Me : Zara, wakey wakey, sleepy baby! Zara : *stretched and smiled* Me : Call me, MUMMY. Zara : *smiled* Mi-na Me : MUM-MEE Zara : Mi-na Ok Ok, will just settle for Mi-na for now. Later the same day Me : Zara, call me, MUMMY Zara : Ah Mee Me : MUMMY Zara : Ah Mee Ah Mee sure sounds better than Mi-na. And yes, she started calling me Ah Mee since New Years Day!! Breakfast Me : Zara, what do you want to have for breakfast? Zara : Mum-mum! (Chinese for food) Daddy: Do you want bread? *gave her some* Zara ate and spit out, then shook her head Me : Mummy get you yogurt then Zara : Kng! (not sure if she's saying yogurt or just 'good') I opened a tub of Petite Miam for her and started feeding her. Half way through, Zara : *pointed to something* Moo-ner-mang! Moo-ner-mang! *excitedly* I followed her finger, and saw she was pointing to Daddy who's having a banana Me : You want a banana? Zara : *did her more sign by pointing her index finger to her palm* Moo-ner-mang! I peeled her one boomerang, I mean banana and offered it to her together with her yogurt. So, banana to her is a boomerang! Hair cutting at the salon (Zara sitting on my lap) Yen (the hairdresser) : *Put her hand on arm* So what hair style do you want? Zara pushed her arm away Yen : Eh, your daughter won't let me touch you Me : No la, where got? Yen : You see.. *she put her hand on my arm again* Zara pushed her arm away and stared at her Me : Yeah hor. I didn't realise. Do again. Yen put her hand on my arm one more time Zara pushed her arm away again. Haha, the little girl doesn't like strangers to touch me! She's started to be possessive! Nap time Me : *kissed her cheek* Mummy loves you, Zara. Do you love mummy? Zara : *stroke my face tenderly with her hand, and looked at me* Me : *kissed her cheek again* Yes, Mummy knows you love mummy too Zara : *laid her head on my shoulder* Huh Huh Me : *Tightened my arms around her* Mummy hug hug you too. She has been extremely loving these few days, always coming to me and wrapped her arms around my leg while I was standing; or laid her head on my lap if I was sitting; or just patting my shoulder, or stroking my face when I carried her.


blurblur said...

It's really abit "sian" to be back to work hor...:P

I'll be on leave from today until 9 Jan, not enjoying myself but mainly because my little prince is entering Nursery...haha..stressed man! *pulls hair*

Zara is getting more and more expressive, and it's good that she's so close to you!:))Oh, and finally she's calling you Ah-mee! Yeah!!

mom2ashley said...

mmmm so nice that zara is able to communicate more ...

Helen said...

I bet this is the best New Year present any mother could get!! Zara is actually calling you!! lol Wei, she's a smart girl, she knows pee pee means squatting eh?? (she dun know men have to do it differently yet...)

Zara is indeed possessive of her dear mama!! So, you can forget about meeting boyfriends.....:-P

Tracy said...

Ha, ha, ha, finally back to work? Been on such a long holiday and with Zara, now must be missing her and thinking of her lor hor? No mood to work leh?

Mi-na? Ah-Mee? Kekekekeke .... Zara's so cute. Never mind lar, Ah Mee pun boleh lar. Sounds better than Mi-na, maybe it was Mi-ah.

jazzmint said...

wah so nice....but why mi-na...sounds like she call u and say give u something :p..

Allyfeel said...

haha...ah mee definately sounds better than Mi-na.

May be because you spend more time at home, she knew it and be extra loving to you, wanted you to be around more. :)

L B said...

What's the Flintstones' little baby called? Pebbles? I am imagining Zara in cavebaby gear, with chicken bone earrings..

maria aka twinsmom said...

so dearing :)... 小小动作尤甚千言万语。

Vyvy said...

very heartwarming hor when they sayang us? :)

michelle said...

Mummy and daughter moments.

sesame said...

Moo-ner-mang for banana? LOL...She liked the banana with yogurt?

Ah mee, Ah mee...Soon, she'll be able to call you Mummy. One fine day. Btw, I call my own mum Mee ah since young till now. :p

Zara is definitely getting more aware by the day. There'll be more loving moments to come for sure!

Fannie said...

that's so sweeeet!!!

I guess when they grow older, they are more expressive and generous with their loves and hugs...

Have to work very sian hor? ;p

JoMel said...

Hahah... MINA!! ;)

Its way better than being called Nan-Nan! Way better.

Lazymama said...

Very soon Zara will call you mummy! :P

Don't know why, my girl who has calling me mummy for quite some times now decided to call me mama! Aighhh!

Zara's Mama said...

Yes finally!!
And I saw your post about Damien's first day.
Good that you took leave all the way till 9th.
If he settled earlier, you can go for retail therapy again! Haha.

I guess it'll only get better now. Soon it'll be Ashley's turn.

Yeah, she knows she-she needs to squat and sit on potty, but she is refusing to do it herself. Aigh.
And yes, finally calling me, what a good way to start the year.

Today still with her. Car battery flattened, so worked from home. Getting a bit tough to be in under the same roof as her but cannot jaga her. She was giving the kakak a tough time. Kept pointing to the study and cried out for Ah-Mee, Ah-Mee, with tears overflowing some more.
My maid had to keep distracting her. Tough.
Wonder if tomorrow she'll be ok while I'm far far away from her.

I also don't know why Mi-na. Maybe cannot pronounce properly kua. :P

Yeah, Ah Mee is better!
Maybe she wants me to stay at home permanantly to jaga her, and turn into wong-min-poh.. haha..
If only Daddy can afford.

You have a strong and rich Bam Bam to introduce to my little Pebbles?

Yeah. And such warm feeling knowing that they love us so much. Enjoy while it lasts.

Yeah. Better than the hubby sayang. Hubby sayang may have ulterior motive one. Baby sayang don't have. :P

Yes. Only during the holidays.

I think because banana looks like the shape of boomerang. But don't you think banana is easier to pronounce? Funny she always go the difficult way.
Aiyo, so maybe she'll call me Ah Mee till she becomes adult?

Yes, the older they are, the more expressive they are and more loving. However, I think until a certain time they will begin to feel shy and withhold their affection. Hopefully, it won't be so soon for Zara.

Yours call you Nan-nan? LOL?

Zara's Mama said...

Haha, now call you mama? Whatabout your mother in law? Doesn't Yee Ching call her mama?

Passerby A said...

Hahahahahh.... Hello Mi-na! Zara's really imaginative! Well, a banana does look like a boomerang...

wHOisBaBy said...

Hello Zara's Mommy,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I do visit yours from time to time. And I love reading all the posts you have. It helps me to get ready to become a Mommy myself. hehehee ... I am learning from the pro.

Again, Happy New Year to you and your family and may this 2006 brings you even more fun and joy growing up with your baby Zara.

Sabrina said...

So cute. My son will call me either ma or mi. Will not call me mummy. Well, at least it's a start for him. But he can call his dad "papa" the moment he sees him.
Keith is not the possessive kinda baby. He is the "I am not bothered kinda baby". He doesn't even react when I carry another baby. He just smiled. He's more a happy go lucky kinda baby. But he'll only bully me and not his dad.

geetha said...

A whole day with the kid, leave you wanting more time with them, isn't it? :)


yeah.. the holiday is too short. i was just warming up and now BANG- back to work with lots of backlog to clear :(

Zara is indeed an apple to the eye of the mom- who would not love such a cutie?
Btw, sorry for the late comments in your previous posts- have not login for the last couple of days.

Zara's Mama said...

The Diva,
Yes, banana does look like boomerang. But I just find that she likes to do the difficult words. Wouldn't Banana be easier to pronunce? She's funny.

Hope you'll join the bandwagon soon.

I guess Keith is a boy, so he's more happy-go-lucky. Zara is happy go lucky in most cases, but sometimes can see she starts to show some possesiveness.

Yes. But sometimes it's just not feasible, financially.

Two Little Fellas,
Yes, holidays are always too short.
No problem about late comments, I know you had uploading issue.
Hopefully it has been resolved.

Twin said...

hehe so cute. I remembered Denisha called me Mimi ... and Darien calls me Mama ... sigh .. dunno how to say Mimi yet.

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