Friday, January 13, 2006

After All She's a Girl

Zara's physical strength sometimes makes us wonder if she's going to grow up to be a tom boy. When she was 10months old, she would lift up an orange using 1 hand; At 13th month, she would try to lift up her tricycle, and drag it to wherever she wanted it to be. And once, she even carried a bag with 2 tins of formula (sample from her Paed) weighing 1Kg in total from the living room to the kitchen. Recently, however, she has shown some feminine interest. When she gets hold of a hair clip, she tries to clip it on herself. And when she spots my bracelet or spots hers, she would ask for it; and then attempts to put them on her wrist. To make her keep her hair clip on her hair, we tell her, "Zara looks pretty!". To encourage her to have the bracelet on, we tell her, "Wah, Zara's bracelet so pretty!". She would then happily have those pretty things on. When she puts on these 'pretty' accessories or put on a piece of clothing she thinks is beautiful, she point to those items or pull her clothes up to to show off when she sees familiar faces. She would like the person to comment that it's pretty before she walks off with a grin. After all, she's a girl; she likes pretty things, likes to look pretty and likes to be complimented.


blurblur said...

Your little princess is growing a pretty little girl!:)Damien likes it too when we said that he's a handsome boy, i guess all kids like to be complimented! :))


i just posted "boys are boys?"; Tracy's nest just posted "Barbie Dolls and stuff" and now, "after all she's a girl" from u.
are we into this blogging thingy too much and starts to think alike now?

shiaulin said...

after all she's a girl....

kekeke... very soon she will start to look for leng chai liao loh LOL

geetha said...

Girls will be girls :)

With girls, there more cute stuffs, beautiful dresses, cute hair clips, nice accessories...

With boys, soo boring.. nothing much.

kelly said...

Haha..Qianyi loves to be praised too..Whenever we dress her in new clothes, she would say "mei mei ah" before we get to say anything. :)

Jason said...

Should enrol her in Taekwondo classes since she got the strength. :P

Allyfeel said...

haha, luckily she showed interest in those girly thing.

Me and my colleague always got shocked by a tom boy entering the office toilet. She really looks like a man.

Twin said...

yes i agree .. you can dress girls up .. and they like it when you say they are pretty. There was once I was dressing up for a dinner and Denisha told me .. "Mommy so nice .... I also wear nice nice" .. then went over to her cupboard to choose her clothes. hehhe so cute. when i dress up my boy .. he doesn't show much interest .. dunno maybe not yet. Hehhe.

L B said...

too much spinach...

Fannie said...

they like to be complimented of course!

When we ask Ethyl "where mei mei?" She'll touch her hair!

If she's wearing a skirt, she'll pull up her dress/skirt and "show-off" to others that she's mei mei! LOL Girls!

Mama BoK said...

Chloe is the same way too.. carrying heavy stuff.. and not wanting to wear dresses.. nor hairbands or hair clips.. or anything on her hair.

seetmui said...

now they are still kids maaa.... dun worry... ever heard of this cantonese saying: lui dai 18 bin... hehe...

Zara's Mama said...

Haha, Damien likes to look good too huh?
Maybe it's just human's nature? To be praise and to look good?

Yeah yeah. I just saw your post and Tracy's. Such a coincidence!

Haha, Shiaolin ah-yi can introduce Xuan lengjai to her soon!!

ahem, time to try for a girl?

Wah, cute! Does she choose her own clothings?

Karate, taekwando, kickboxing, everything man! Especially nowadays all the men mou-liong-sum one, should learn how to kick their butts!

Yeah, some tom boys very scarry one. We have this friend's daugther, who's very tomboy, every thing she touches, will be spoilt one. Imagine she stamped on Zara's teether (those filled with water), and the teether bocor! She's already 11yrs old, very boyish, and also naughty. We always say we just hope Zara will not turn into somebody like her. *biting fingers*

Maybe Darien doesn't know how to show appreciation for beautiful things yet, but probably soon.

You think she's Popeye?

haha, Zara and Ethyl so alike.. all like to be pretty, mei mei, born in the same month ma :P

Really? What happens if you dressed her up in girlish clothes?

Welcome! Yeah.. Lui dai 18pin! Hope she'll pin foong wong!

avila said...

two words.

so cute!

mom2ashley said...

ya i think girls are like that..when you tell them they look pretty in something, they'd naturally like the sound of it...

Passerby A said...

Don't worry about Zara becoming a tomboy - most tomboys I knew became feminine (or at last try) when they start getting interested in boys...

Cocka Doodle said...

Wow! she's indeed a strong girl. I think it runs in the family.
Her aunt just chop down a tree in her own backyard single-handedly, right?

*ducking from King's wife red wooden clogs*

wHOisBaBy said...

Baby Zara so strong - must be all the fish that she ate. provides her with a lot of protein!!

Baby also likes to be pretty mar - boys or girls the same. just tell them they look pretty and they will wear it.

i remember longlong time ago, when my neighbor's son wore my mom's sunglasses (huge one) and we kept telling him so cute/pretty/nice/handsome. then everytime he came over, he would take the sunglasses and put it on and showcased to us.

sesame said...

Zara sounds like she's balancing it well at the moment. At least she likes pretty things and don't mind wearing dresses. Having some tomboy characteristics maybe good in the sense that she will not be easily bullied ;).

Mother Superior said...

My "tomboy" Grace insists on wearing dresses and gowns nowadays when she goes out. A total change from before. She was, and still is, very strong physically. And even more so now with gym training.

Helen said...

OK... I got the tip. If I ever bump into Zara, I'll remember to compliment her on her whatever...LOL (you bagi tips lar...... hair clip, new shoes, King's wife's lipstick...)

jazzmint said...

hehe...time for u to *pan leng leng* with her :)

Tracy said...

U need not worry about Zara being tomboyish now. Destinee used to be like dat and had us worried for some time.

As u said, after all, she's a girl. As she grows up, she'll understand words like beautiful, pretty, nice and she'll even choose the clothes she likes to wear. Girls like to be praised, don't they?

yvy said... cute to see that bracelet on her. :) amazing she can keep it on too. how often a day u have to tell her her bracelet is pretty on her? ;)

Zara's Mama said...


Yeah, even when they get as old as me.. Pretty still sounds pretty good. :P

The Diva,
Haha.. you are right on that.

Cocka Doodle,
Wah.. come to my blog to 'chat' another person ah? Tsk tsk tsk.

Haha, your neighbour's son so cute and vain. :P

Yeah, we realised she seems to be not the 'siau jie' type of feminine, but her character is rather strong.. I don't mind that as long as she doesn't become a full blast tom boy.

Mother Superior,
Aah, that's nice!! But like what Diva said, could it be she has started showing interest in boys? Oh O.

King's Wife's lipstick you have to compliment King's wife. :P

Yeah, but sometimes she gets so impatient when we try to dress her up.. Aigh.

Thanks Tracy.. I shouldn't worry. :P

Just once, luckily.. and she'll show it to everybody if she remembers it. :P

irene said...

i also feel the same way and afraid my little Jing jing is going to grow up to be a tom boy ..she can turn over her body before 3 months, sit and crawl about 5 months, and now start to walk few steps (she is just 9 months)..she same as Zara, she like those pretty things like bracelet or watch very much...