Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Zara was in one of her 'naughty' mood this morning. I gave Zara her First 1000 words book to 'read', while Daddy and I were busy getting ready for work. She was happily flipping, pointing out to things she knew and uttering the words. "Ao" (Cat) "Dog" "Nai-yen" (Lion) "Eh-Bit" (Rabbit) and then "PIAAK..." she tore out one of the pages; she held the torn piece in her hand and looked at me. Since she learnt how to appreciate books, she had never torn any pages out of any books. I wonder what happened this time. I went over to her : Me : (stern voice) Zara, that's not nice! Why Zara tear the book? Zara : Tuck (Take)! (she gave me the torn piece) Me : (stern voice) Mummy don't want! Zara : (gave me a fake smile) Me : (lecture time) Zara likes this book right? Then why Zara naughty? Tear the book? Now you see (put the torn piece next to the page it was torn out), you cannot see Elephant any more. (Shouted to Daddy) Daddy, you see, Zara tore her book! Zara stood up, and started pulling her pajamas top up (a sign showing that she's nervous). I picked up the book, and wanted to put it back to the shelf. Zara immediately hugged my leg. At this time, Daddy stuck his head out from the bathroom, "What happened?". Before he could say anything else, Zara quickly let go of my leg, walked to daddy, and hugged his leg. This is probably her way of saying sorry, so I thought. I picked her up, and said tenderly, "Zara saying sorry is it? OK, next time don't tear your book any more ok?" I put her down, and continue dressing, while Zara walked to the shelf to pick another book. 5 seconds later, "PIAAK.." She did it again, this time she tore a page from her Nursery Rhyme book. I quickly went to her, smacked her hand, and told her sternly, "Zara cannot tear your book! Why Zara naughty?" Daddy chipped in, "Zara, you tear your book again huh? Why you naughty?" What happened next really caught us off guard. Zara looked at us (normally if I smacked her, she would fret a bit, but this time she didn't). Tossed the torn piece down at the book. Waved her hand in the air and said, "Bye" While walking towards the bed room door nonchalantly. What the.. ?? My jaw dropped! I asked, "And where is Zara going?" She just turned back and looked at us one more time, and tried to reach for the door knob, and said "Bye" again (of course she's not tall enough to actually open the door and get out) Cha-dou! (Cantonese : Being caught off guard) I can't help wondering what will happen when she gets older, she'll pack her bags and go to Mama's (Cantonese : Paternal Grandma) or YiYi's (Hokkien : Mum's sis) house? Or she would talk back like this kid when she knows how to speak better? Note: I normally used yai-yai (Cantonese: naughty in a mild form) instead of naughty, unless she's really badly behaved. As for smacking, I do it only when warning has been issued and she just ignored it.


Egghead said...

whoa... you are strict huh?
1000 word book? wah lau... I can't even finish it... LOL!

Mama BoK said...

Aiyoh..! talk about naughty ah..! my chloe 1000x more naughty than Zara lah..!! she tore her books even when she was a baby..!!! now even worst..!! tear calender . .tear magazines.. tear anything she can..!!


barely tall enuf to reach the door knob but decided to go rebellious alredi..ha..ha..

quite a girl you have there.

Helen said...

LOL...Zara will probably pack her bags and elope with her bf when she's older!! ** joking only **

This is the time to be stern with her. Having said that, I have confidence in you in keeping Zara in line. The important thing is to make sure you and daddy are united. Make sure either one of you dun go soft when the other is disciplining her!! :-)

Of course some mothers prefer the pujuk pujuk method.... Whatever works.

All the best to you. You sure got one fiesty little girl on your hand!! LOL (like mother like daughter??? )

Allyfeel said...

OMG, the mischevious side of her has surfaced.

Bb has behaved this way too, the moment he sees me, he will do the naughty things. Not sure if this is a way of getting attention or telling us that they are growing up and has their own thinking. :) *headache hor?*

michelle said...

That's why I buy thick card board books, cannot tear. Emily also hug my leg when she is naughty and kena scolded.

maria aka twinsmom said...

hahaha... fun leh? seeing your zara also got "character" wan OK, don't play play.

my girls will walk to the stair case : "I want to go down stair."

jazzmint said...

hehehe aiyo..tear book already wanna runaway when got scolded!! Mana dia belajar one

L B said...

That is such an endearing story! See wide grin on my face? So the cute!! As opposed to yesterday's comment, I wish I had some of such joy too, sometimes..

sesame said...

Haha...that part when she said Bye was LOL. She's really got a character, this young lady. Kind of spunky. Wow. If she's my daughter, I'll be quite scared leh. Like you said, what will happen when she grows older?

Greenapple said...

I could feel your chilliness while reading. Wow, what a ride!

Ahh, I dunno what to say/comment about your lil' Zara. HOpefully she won't misbehave like this in the near future.

(p/s: this is a well-written post.)

Sue said...

Wah, getting brave already... really makes you wonder what they'll be up to next :P

P said...

Wahhhh ... 1000 words books? I bet you planned in advance for her to have that book until she's finished college? Save money mah! LOL ...

and her character! ganas ...

i do agree with helen as at this age, it's best (but it does break your heart though) to be rather stern. my son does that when he was younger but now he likes the books and always kacau me to teach him what's the picture, what's the alphabet, what's the number,etc. in which i'm happy of course!

Zara's Mama said...

When it calls for it, I'm strict. Other occasions I'm very affectionate to her.
I always believe the saying : 慈母多败儿, and I'd seen lots of 败儿 b'cos of 慈母.

something about tearing which they like. Zara had not torn a book for a while now, she usually just tear tissues, but today.. don't know what happened.

Yeah man.. I'm getting a bit worried.

Aiyo, don't frigthen me please. I think by 3yrs old, she'll probably know how to pack her things and want to leave the house if I scolded her.
Have to be real careful with this one.

Zara normally only naughty with kakak b'cos she knows kakak will tolerate but not mummy. But today, I think she was just testing my patience.

Card board books more expensiver ler..
They very clever huh? Knows how to 'apologise' first.

How you handle it when they say they want to go down stairs?
Fiery character, my one.

I also don't know where she learnt. But I did before la, when she wants to continue to play in King's Wife's place, but it's time to go home, after calling a few times no response from her, I take my bag and pretend I want to go home and say Bye to her. Maybe that's how she picks it up.

And I thought only women are fickle minded? You changed my perception of men.
They are fun, honestly.

I must really read up more books how on to discipline toddlers liao so that she has good grounding, or else next time I'll have lots of headache.

Motherhood is like riding on a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs.
In this case, I was afraid of her future (or rather mine), but I find it funny too that she behaved this way.

Yes I really wonder.
Btw, when are you going to show Izac to the world?

The 1000 word book is to build a kids' vocabulary la. She won't be able to use in when she's in college.
Yes, I do believe in being stern when it calls for it.

JoMel said...

mommy, your Zara is a wise one. Go Zara Go!!! Hehehe... Talk about jaw-dropping moments, I have lots of them! Let me share them with you in my blog one of these days. ;)

Passerby A said...

Hahahaha... that's quite mild. Ophelia would "piak" the book and then - kick me before I can scold her! :P

King's wife said...

2 thumbs up for Zara!!! LOL

shiaulin said...

aiyo, sap-sap-sui lar, my Xuan even tore the thick card board book!! u see, so thick also he can tore it... unbelieveable.

1+2mom said...

haha, my children lagi worse they same like shiaulin xuan tore the thick cardboard book. Not 1 book only but 2 of it, and show me the happy face. They even laugh so loud because of they get each part of the book *sign*.

Tracy said...

Wow, 'piak' 'piak' twice - torn two pages on one day. Better watch out, she might be having fun and will be tearing more, kekekekeke.

When I read ur post and comments, I think I'm really blessed with a kid who doesn't tear her books. Really, Destinee has never torn a single bit out of her books except dat one book cover was torn not by her but was torn by one of her little frens.

She's very careful in handling her books too. If her little frens were to turn the page of a book in a little rough way, she'll quickly snatch the book back and 'scold' her frens - 'siew sum tit mar, book book lan lor' (Becareful, book book spoil lor).

earthember said...

I like Zara - she's gutsy! Quoting LB, she's "so the cute"! I even related her naughty act to my kids. :)

Erm, I wonder where she got this character trait from?

blurblur said...

Hmm..this is just small case, wait till she reached her teens...hehehe...;p

Jesslyn said...

I also smack Lyon little hand if she tear the book, hope she will not repeat again!
Last time also smack Wien, after that no longer dare to tear any!

maria aka twinsmom said...

tell them "no", unless they say sorry :P.

Zara's Mama said...

I'll wait for your 'jaw dropping' moments.

the diva,
Wow, Ophelia even more fierce huh?

King's wife,
must be all my pretending to leave your house without her when she refused to go home ler..

Xuan boy mah.. sure must be stronger.
Tearing of the book is ok, it's after tearing wanting to 'runaway' that makes me worry.

Carol and Carrie ah? Wah.. that's the thing about having twins is it?

Destinee so 'kwai'. Zara also never tear her book after she turned 7month. But yesterday don't know what happened la.

Must be Daddy's trait. *look innocent* :P

aiyo.. don't remind me.

Heehee, you also like me, believe in 慈母多败儿?

I must teach Zara to say sorry already. :P

geetha said...

Fuyoo! When will I be seeing this in my boyz? I am strict too..

But when my champion turn away from me, I tell him I don't friend him. He can't stand that. He will then come back and sayang me. Then I ask him back, "you my friend?" He says "Yes" and gives me a hug. I tell him "Amma friend you".

I normally try to not let him turn away from me. If he still does, I don't layan him until he comes back. but sometimes he gets distracted with other stuffs...

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