Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Got Spanked

After reading JoeC's post where he got spanked by this group of ladies (although they call themselves bitches, I wouldn't use that to address them) whose blog is about giving blog reviews or bashings, I thought I'd submit mine for spanking too. I got mine reviewed on 1st January 2006. Wasn't I lucky? To read the content, go here, but basically, this is what they said. Recipe for Boredom 4 cups of baby pictures 3 tbsp of “what zara did” 1 default Blog template a dash of English 6 months of crap Combine all ingredients in a pot, mix until smooth, splatter across the internet. Serves 23,958,591. I give it 1 hand up. Oh well, I knew what I was into when I submitted it for review. Just have to take it lightly. Even if it was a big yawn, I'll still continue with my blog, I did warn in advance, it's ALL ABOUT ZARA, and not about anything scandulous. So if you want, you can submit yours for some bashing or spanking too, but just take it with a pinch of salt and not too personally. Like what JoeC said, "Mereka tak pernah makan nasi lemak." Blog on!!


mom2ashley said...

i didn't blog spanking's very subjective to the person who is reviewing it though...anyhow....their comments are pretty funny anyways - if you take it with a pinch of salt! what a good sport you are!

mom2ashley said...

forgot the "know" word in my sentence - i didn't (know) blog spanking existed

jazzmint said...

wow blog oso got spank!! First time I see hehe...well diff ppl got diff taste mah :)

sesame said...

Wow, u so brave ah, to want to get spanked. :P I'm sure you did it for sheer fun. Of course you will continue. What matters most is how you feel about your blog and what you want to write in it right?

chanelwong said...

anyway, we still enjoy reading your what jazzmint said diff ppl got diff taste plus view

geetha said...

Wah, this is fun. Of course, whatever they say, we will go on blogging, right?

Just for the fun, I think I'm gonna try it...

Fannie said...

whatever the reviews are...Zara will still be your precious and loves goes on HERE as well! :)

I love your blog! So, sit back and BLOG!!!

maria aka twinsmom said...

get spank once a while good what.
out of curiosity I sent my too, as long don't take it too seriously, it is quite fun.
but from their comment board, I saw poeple realy take thing too seriously lor, we should have expect what will coming.

Samm said...

I like your recipe very much, lol

L B said...

You did, didn't you?!! LOL, I must say you're pretty sadistic too! You actually submitted yourself for a spank?! Oooer.. I like! But I am way too kiasu for such stuff, so I stay sober and Just Say No! No to SALT!!

Zara's Mama said...

Now you know, and if you want some spanking, you know where to get it.
But if you read on (the comments), you can see that they don't really like M'sian bloggers for some reasons. (Maybe our writing style is very different).

Yeah. And hard for Ang Moh to appreciate our style.

Yeah, I blog for Zara, not to get raving review mah.

Chanel wong,
Thank you thank you.

Just take their reviews/spanking with a pinch of salt. And they seem not to like M'sian blog for whatever reason.

Thank you thank you. That makes my day.

Yeah, but hor the latest post they started bashing our country, so this fella called Malaysian trying to defend us.
Then started a 'war' on the comments.. aigh.
Bash the blog enough loh, why want to bash people's country leh.

When you have sleepless night, you know where to come loh. LOL

In your case, you'll probably get very good ratings. Because your English is very angmoh style, and your topic is suitable for a wide audiance.
So.. you can try yours.

JoMel said...

Zara, I can't believe I am buying it. I have submitted my blog for ruthless review. What to do? My curiosity is getting the better of me. If I get a review like yours, I won't run and cry in one corner, but I fear the worse. LOL ;)

King's wife said...

you are not alone, I bought it too. Seems like some of us want to be spanked.
I submitted mine...can't wait to see how painful the spank will be!

JoMel said...

king's wife, obviously people who comment in our blogs like our blog enough to continue reading our nonsense. But I am curious what do people who don't know about my blog think of it. That is what I want, some ruthless review. Not the 'ampu ampu' type. HEHE... ;)

Zara's Mama said...

Your blog is quite good. Not ampu ampu talk here. But serious. I actually went back and read most of your posts going back to 2004. So you may get very good rating and change their perception of Malaysian blogging style. :P

King's Wife,
Your KNN and CB and all sure they don't understand, then will sai our manglish again.
But let them spank la.. It's just for fun.

Cocka Doodle said...

Waaa....what's all this S&M talk about spanking ah? I'm getting all worked up and excited leh....
Got wear leather straps and nipple rings ah those spankers?

The Blog Critic said...

Why not submit to me for a more polite review instead? ;)

shoppingmum said...

Who cares about their spanking leh? Just write all about our kids if we like, right?

Helen said...

Oh my!! You are indeed brave... (i told Joe c the same thing!)

I dare not submit lar.... I dare not put in stats counter also!! I only put in recently but dare not display the numbers on my blog!! LOL

I know, I got no balls... wait, I'm not supposed to have balls !! LOL

blurblur said...

It's All about Zara, it's all about you, and it's all about your love towards Zara! We just love (to read) your blog...who cares about the spanking;p Jia You!:)


u are indeed a good sport..echoing LB, no guts to put myself out there for a spank..

well, the truth is "WE LIKE YOUR BLOG"... we keep coming back for it is a good evidence that we meant wht we say.

Allyfeel said...

No joke? haha...the comments are funny. What the heck! It's all abt Zara, we love Zara!!! :PpP

earthember said...

Well, actually, I like the recipe they provided.

Your spanking isn't bad. Well, their blog-review method is meant to be subjective, and supposedly "entertaining" at the expense of someone's blog. Yes, you do need more than a pinch of salt to stomach the comments. Ya they surely haven't smelled nasi lemak yet. ;)

Zara's Mama said...

Cocka Doodle,
don't get too easily excited.. Nothing SM here.

The blog critic,
Are you for real? No spanking? OK, submit mine for your review.

Shopping Mum,
Yes man!

Your blog also quite popular.. why dare not leh?
Anyway, popular or not, good review or not, who cares la.. blogging for the sake of blogging, not to gain popularity and it's not for income generating ler.

Blurblur, Two Little Fellas,
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Thank you. :P

yeah.. they really don't give face. But never mind la.. just for fun.

True. That's why they call themselves Bitches, and the review spanking.
Anyway, it was just for fun.

Anonymous said...

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