Friday, January 06, 2006

Zara Dancing

A video capturing Zara dancing to the tune of her electronic keyboard. With her shaking her head like that, I'm always worried she may get dizzy; but then, she may just be creating a new dance move (Saturday Night Fever - 2006).


Anonymous said...

What a cutie, she looks so adorable dancing. Maybe she'll be a ballerina someday. Planning to send her for dancing classes?

Better watch out for the corner of the step though, in case she gets dizzy and falls down. Knock wood.

blurblur said...


She's such a dancer! I like the way she shakes her head, so engross in her dancing!

Ya, mummy must watch out for sharp corners since Zara is in a world of her own when she dance...:)

Allyfeel said... young know how to
"Feng tao" already. My son used to do that, wonder what wld happen if we put all kidz like to Feng Tao together???

.....what else? "A Feng tao Rave party lol" ....kekekeke!

maria aka twinsmom said...

LOL... she try to catch up with the rhythm leh, so funny.

Fannie said...


Besides the walking, my Ethyl dances like that too! LOL

I can imagine that...and she always shakes too hard and "thud" her butt falls!

Before I can ask her about how's her butt...she stood up and continues to dance! LOL

Thinks most kids dance like that yah? :) So cute, so cute!!!!!

mom2ashley said...

so cute! i feelt dizzy for her la!

Contented Mum said...

So cute!! :)
My Qi Ning also like to dance, my friend say nvm, is good for balancing woh!

sesame said...

Wow got very dizzy watching her shaking her head like that leh...

Sue said...

Haha... just what I thought too... so pandai feng tao... next time before you know it she'll be going to Rave Parties...

Jason said...

Hahahah! Macam eat feng tao yuen like that...

King's wife said...

I swear I did not give her the feng-tao-yuen, ok??

Jesslyn said...

wonder why all babies like to shake head ha? Lyon pun sama like Zara! :P
It's cute to see them like that hor!

Zara's Mama said...

Thank you for the warning. We are normally near by to cushion her fall, just in case.

Yeah, so engross until will fall one. But we're near by to catch her la.

Yeah hor, next toddler party we should suggest that.. Have a feng tao rave party together.

Yeah loh. She really followed the beat. When the tune changed, her style also change. We always have a good laugh when she dances.

When they fall while enjoying themselves, they will ignore the pain..
I saw Ethyl's shake her bum bum also.. their dancing really got style one. :P

Soon, it'll be Ashley's turn.. Get ready the panadol in case you get dizzy.. LOL

Contented Mom,
True also hor.. they learn lots of balancing when they dance like that. Even we can't do that, we'll probably fall flat on our face.


Next time we meet up, Ivan can be her feng tao partner ler. Kekeke.

Haha, yeah loh.

King's Wife,
Sure or not? Maybe Ally and Sam taught her how to feng tao.

Ok.. Lyon another dancing partner for Zara. One day, we shall have a feng tao rave party!
All toddlers get ready!

Samm said...

Waaah, Miss Sexy Legs. Eh, Zara's mama, why Zara not wearing skirt one....

But then, hoh, aiyo.... soooo cute...

Passerby A said...

I'm dizzy already...

Zara's Mama said...

She's just at home.. normally just a bumble bee panty and a top will do.

The Diva,
Got your panadol? :P

Helen said...

Ha Ha ha... next step is to get Samm to part some of her pole dancing tactics to Zara!! LOL

Helen said...

Ha Ha ha... next step is to get Samm to part some of her pole dancing tactics to Zara!! LOL

Tracy said...

Wua ha ha, Zara's so cute "finging" her head like dat and nearly "went out of position". Next round, teach her to shake her butt (kakaka).

Cocka Doodle said...

Quickly! Put her on the bartop. Got to start her young. I'm sending this clip to Coyote Ugly for her audition. She can come back 18yrs later for the job. LOL...she's so cute


that's a good one. luckily she has the maid nearby to hold on to...

Zara's Mama said...

Pole dancing?? Too soon kua? Unless you know of a Datuk or Tan Sri's son who's toddler whom Zara need to trap now?

Yeah, 'feng' until out of orbit.
Tried teaching her that, but she still hasn't mastered it yet.

Cocka Doodle,
Bar top? She 'feng' like that, sure will fall from the bar top already.

Two Little Fellas,
Yeah, maid == safety nets (only occasionally)

louyau-mike said...

Zara's mama ... i am linking you in my blog-idol site okay? i really like ur blog!

Zara's Mama said...

Wow, my daugther's dancing made you want to link me up??

Btw, it's my honour. I'll send you a photo of us for the listing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » »